Wednesday, 29 August 2012

FACE PRIMER REVIEW: Etude House Moistfull Collagen Essence-In Primer

Hi there! Welcome to today's review post~

I'm pretty excited about this review, because it's on a product I haven't tried before - a spray on primer! Being a rather lazy person I'm all about make-up that not only works well, but which is also hassle-free to use ^_^

I'm on a face primer kick lately - bb cream works wonders for my skin, but it tends to look about twice as good if I've got a good primer underneath. Since it's wintertime, my skin is in dire need of more hydration than usual, which is where this spritz primer comes in. 

Infused with Baobab Tree extract and Collagen, the Etude House Moistfull Collagen Essence-in primer works to moisten complexion, improve foundation adherence, and prevent fading of make-up.

It looks half empty, but the top layer is clear

Friday, 24 August 2012

Random Filler Post 07 *image heavy*

There's something really satisfying about cleaning and re-organising one's dressing table, don't you think? Everything looks so neat and clean...but I wonder how long that'll last >_<

Sunday, 19 August 2012

SKINCARE REVIEW - SKIN79 White Reviving Skin Radiance Emulsion

Description - click to enlarge

After my June/July haul post, this SKIN79 emulsion was the one most of you wanted to see a review on first, so here it is ^_^

There aren't many products which I love right away, but this emulsion was love at first sight, and at first use, for me. An emulsion is similar to a moisturiser, but generally is a bit thinner, runnier and lighter than typical creamy moisturisers. Normal, oily, or slightly dry skin types would be fine with just an emulsion in their skin regime, but for a very dry skin type a moisturiser may be needed, before following with an emulsion. 

I purchased this off Cosmetic Love, but it's no longer being sold there - I think I paid about $17AUD for it. It has 150ml worth of product.

The claims (as found on the SKIN79 American website, here)

  • "transparent whitening lotion helps skin be clear and transparent!"
  • easy on the skin (suitable for sensitive, dry and dull, blemished, or stressed skin)
  • free from mineral oil, parabens
  • controls the balance of oil and moisture of the skin
  • provides rich moisture, for smoother skin and a brighter complexion

Monday, 13 August 2012

SKINCARE REVIEW: My Beauty Diary - Apple Polyphenol Sheet Masks

Brand: My Beauty Diary, Apple Polyphenol 
Function/s: pore tightening, hydration
Best suits skin type/s: all skin types, but especially skin with visible pores
Price: about $13 on Sasa (10 sheets)

The Apple Polyphenol sheet masks have a refreshing green apple scent, that's perfect for summer use. Nano mild Hibiscus acid tightens pores, while Alpha Hydroxy Acid prevents and corrects pores.

Chill the sheets in the fridge beforehand, for an extra cooling sensation in the summer time. 

Sunday, 12 August 2012

Pho Quang Temple - Marangaroo Buddhist Cultural Centre

So, my Grandfather's funeral was yesterday morning. Even though he'd been ill for several years, and even though I thought I was prepared, it still hurt so much when he passed away. He was a constant presence in my life - his wide grin, his love of animals and nature, and the way he doted on us grandkids are what I will always think of, when I remember him. 

I'll even remember that one time when I was little, when he dropped bright pink bubble gum  he was chewing, into my hair while I was sitting on his lap, fondly. Luckily we were able to remove it without chopping off a hunk of my hair - but it was a close call >_<

The funeral was as emotionally difficult as I thought it would be, especially when we had to finally close the coffin, and I realised it would be the last time I would ever see him again. But there was an incredible moment, when a bird flew into the chapel, swooping and chirping. My Grandpa loved birds - we've raised pigeons, canaries (he even domesticated a willy wag tail once), and all sorts of other birds all through my childhood. I think we all believed it was some sort of sign from him. 

When we are able to collect his ashes from the funeral parlour, he'll be laid to rest at Pho Quang Temple. Before now, I had no idea this temple even existed, quietly and unassumingly tucked away, in the northern suburbs of Perth. It is a really beautiful place - I could feel the tranquillity the moment I stepped foot on the grounds. For my Grandpa, who loved his garden and nature, I think this will be the perfect resting place. 

Monday, 6 August 2012

June & July's Beauty & Clothes Haul Post *image heavy*

Hi lovely people! Today I'm going to do a big beauty and fashion haul post for June and July~

Anyway, I won't be going into too much detail for the following beauty products (I've yet to use some of them!) - you'll just have to wait for the product reviews :)

Etude House - Aloha V-line Slim Maker 01

Etude's v-line highlighter and contour came onto my radar shortly after I dropped my old highlighter :( 

I was attracted by the 2 in 1 product - a lovely pale gold highlighter, plus a contour. Since getting into make-up I've yet to tackle the skill of face contouring, so I'm looking forward to learning!

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