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Shopping Asian Cosmetics in Perth (plus, follow me on bloglovin)

Love Asian branded cosmetics? Me too! But it can be frustrating to get access to these brands, especially all the way here in Perth T_T

Luckily I've got a Paypal account :P

But! If you can't buy online (or won't), and you can't travel overseas to get them, then here's a list of a few stores in Perth I've come across that do stock some Asian cosmetics. 

*Disclaimer - the majority of these stores only sell a small selection of beauty stuff, and they're not really 'popular' brands, so don't get overexcited! I haven't personally bought from every store listed, so I can't comment on customer service, product quality, or returns/refunds policies - and I'm not affiliated with any of these stores in any way. 

This is an unfinished list - you might not believe it but I'm not that much of a shopaholic, so there may indeed be more hidden gems throughout the city that I'm not yet aware of :) Perth girls, feel free to contact me if you have a store you'd like to contribute to the list!*


A franchise store selling a mish-mash of various house-goods, health foods and beauty stuff sourced from Asia. Registered members pay a discounted price for purchases - and keep an eye out for their monthly specials!

They seem to mostly sell Taiwanese brand beauty products (only seen Bioglow and LĂ©lan Vital make-up products), and a few different cleansers/body washes. 

Northbridge, Perth City
311 William Street

Rockingham Shopping Centre, Rockingham
Read Street

Stockland Riverton, Riverton
Crnr High Road & Willeri Drive

Westfield Carousel, Cannington
1382 Albany Highway

Maruyu *Closed down*

*Actually, I'm not sure if it's still there?*

But it is a teeny-tiny, easy to miss while walking down the street, Japanese supermarket which also sells a small selection of *presumably budget-branded* Japanese beauty products. They mostly sell Japanese snacks and food stuffs, cutlery, plastic cups and bowls, and other random gadgets. And they also have a $2.80 section. 

2/33 Barrack Street, Perth

*it's seriously easy to miss it walking pass - it shares a doorway entrance with a corporate looking office, so keep an eye out for it!*

Morning Glory

A South Korean franchise store that is jam-packed with anything and everything kawaii - plush toys, stationery, backpacks, K-pop related merchandise (mugs, posters, calenders). 

Their stuff is not cheap, but Morning Glory pretty much has a monopoly in Perth as the provider of cute Asian stuffs ^_^

I'm adding this to the list because I saw some Tony Moly (popular Korean cosmetic brand) products in store - the cute rabbit shaped lip glosses, the face mist, eyeliner and lipbalms. 

Shop 39 Carilion City, Perth
Hay Street


My local Korean super-market! And surprisingly Perth's sole, B&M provider of Missha products. You can buy your bb cream while you stock up on Korean snacks :)

They've got the highly prolific Perfect Cover bb creams as well as false lashes, sheet masks, eyeshadows, make-up tools etc

Southlands Boulevard Shopping Centre, Willetton 
45 Burrendah Boulevard
*store opposite Gilbert's Fruit & Veg*

The Face Shop

Oh my goodness, I was surprised and stoked to see this store while I wandering down Picadilly Arcade. Who knew us Perth girls would ever get to see a Korean cosmetics store pop up in our little city ^0^

They sell cleansers, bb creams, foundations, mascaras, sheet masks etc, etc - basically I just never want to leave the store...

I'll be honest, you can get these products cheaper on-line - for example the foam cleansers selling on Sasa for about $5-$10 cost $12.90 in store, and one of the bb creams cost $49+, while it retails about $21 on Cosmetic Love. Given the prime location though, and the fact everything has to be shipped from Korea, wages need to be paid, etc, etc, it's expected that there'll be higher prices. Plus, the store has products I haven't yet seen on-line.

Shop 8, Picadilly Arcade, Perth 
700-704 Hay Street

Lakeside Shopping City, Joondalup
420 Joondalup Drive

As expected, the prices are a little (or a lot) more inflated, but think of the advantages that brick and mortar stores can offer...

  • you get the experience to touch, smell, test/swatch the products you're interested in - it can be a nightmare trying to get your closest skin shade when shopping online for foundations/bb creams!
  • you can support Australian jobs by buying local
  • it's easier to return a product if it's faulty or breaks you out (way easier, quicker & cheaper than shipping an item back overseas!)
  • you can get one-on-one customer service, in real time rather than playing email tag over the internet

That's all for now - will update if new shops pop up ^^


  1. thanks for the advice and tips you got here..i was also thinking of getting those cure natural aqua gel,what you think about that product?

  2. Thanks for sharing some of these places! I should definitely forward this to my sister who is in intense wedding planning. She is currently planning on getting her makeup in Perth for her big day so this was really useful.

  3. Woohoo! Another Perth beauty blogger! Followed! Thanks for this post- I only knew of the Face shop and Morning Glory although I have never purchased anything from there. I guess I just prefer online shopping ^^
    My blog is keep in touch?xx

  4. Wow, thank you so so much for this list me and my bestie are sure to get into a shopping rush soon. I'm new to perth, from mokpo in korea and I miss all my fashionable makeup and bears lipglosses. Just like to say ^^ morning glory has recently closed down and is no longer in business other than that I'm sure everything else is fine :)))) <3

  5. Ooh thanks for the info! I think I remember my sis telling me about Morning Glory, can't remember if they were relocating or closing down...I'll update this post ^^

  6. Hi, what beauty products do they sell at ecosway? Thanks

  7. The range will vary store to store, but last time I was there I saw a shampoos, body washes, body lotions, a few eyeshadow palettes, eyeliners, cleansers, creams, hair dye. Not sure if the brands are well known or not, but they were all brands I'd never heard of before.

  8. Morning Glory hasn't closed down (yay) it just moved to 580 Hay Street (next to mcdonalds)!! ^.^


Aww, thanks for your comment! I'll be replying or visiting your blog soon ^.^

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