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FALSE EYELASH REVIEW: Diamond Lash - Dolly Eye

Hi lovely people, I've got a long overdue false eyelash review for you today~

These were actually my first Japanese branded lashes ever! Before this I had only ever worn false lashes once before *0* 

Anyway, Diamond Beauty/Diamond Lash is a Japanese brand which sells affordable, yet good quality and on-trend gyaru-type, false lashes. They have many, many styles to choose from - all vary in length, volume and overall dramatic impact. 

From what I've seen, these styles are not very natural, and are indeed targeted towards girls who follow gyaru style - or girls who want dramatic party/clubbing lashes!

Today's review is on the Dolly Eye set - one of the more 'natural' looking lashes by this brand. They are also one of the top sellers - and often featured in make-up tutorials in popular Japanese fashion magazines.

Where to get them: unless you live in Japan, you gotta get them on-line. I purchased this set from a Hong Kong seller on ebay, but Sasa recently started stocking this brand, and their prices are very good (well worth it during free shipping promotions). I've seen Diamond Lash selling on various circle lens shops as well. 

Pricing: of course they are much more affordable in Japan, but for us on-line shoppers we have to pay a little higher. Pricing will range from $13.50 (on Sasa), but I've seen them selling over $20 on eBay as this brand is not that widely distributed (yet).

Each set comes with 5 pairs of (re-usable) false lashes - and they do have a right and left side.

The packaging is extremely simple - just a plastic tray with a clear, removable lid. 

NOTE: these lashes are made in China, so don't worry about receiving a fake good if you look at the label and see that it's not actually made in Japan. 

They look so long and pretty here!

  • gives a cute dolly look - probably a good choice for beginners
  • the lash band retains its 'u' shape but is flexible enough to work with, moulding to the eye shape without any irritating stiffness
  • long and short spiky style gives great length and some volume, doesn't look overwhelmingly fake 
  • each pair is re-usable - probably 10 separate uses, as long as you are careful with removal and cleaning
  • affordable gyaru style for a girl on a budget

  • mostly only accessible on-line
  • lashes have a black lashband, so some eyeliner is a must (some Diamond Lash styles have an invisible band)
  • each set comes with 5 pairs of the same style - might be wasteful if you pick a style that you end up not liking
  • Dolly Eye might not be dramatic enough, or lush enough, for some girls/gyarus

Selca time ^_^

Look how slimming lying down photos can be! I wish my face did have that nice 'v' shape in reality~

And I'm wearing my new leopard print usamimi here. I think it's so fun and cute - I want to go buy some more of these type of headbands!

Update: Here's more piccies to show off these lashes - this time, I made sure to apply them more 'lifted' up, for a more dramatic look~

I also paired them with the Diamond Lash lower eye lashes in Feminine Eye

>_< OMG did my face get chubbier?! 

Anyway, months later and I'm still loving these lashes - I've only got two more pairs left! Will definitely be repurchasing~

Thank you for reading! 


  1. I think the lashes look natural and perfect for daily basis. Some fake lashes might look a bit too dramatic for everyday use.:/

  2. these look really natural and dolly. nice! keep in touch <3


  3. Ooh, they're cute lashes! I really want to try Diamond Lashes! ^u^
    Your leopard headband is so cute! >w<

  4. Ahhh~ They look so nice on you! ^__^ <3

  5. You are so so so cute!!! XD
    Those lashes look great on you!

  6. Wow these are really nice!
    You look so cute :)

  7. the lashes really suit you! :)

  8. These are pretty :) I love all diamond lash lashes but have never owned any yet D: omggg what's wrong with me lol

  9. Thankyou for the review. ^^ They're gorgeous lashes!

  10. Those lashes look pretty promising :D Ever think of doing a lash tutorial? I'm really good at putting lashes on other people but can't seem to do the same for myself. Pathetic, right?

    Thanks for sharing!


  11. Yes, these are quite nice for a day look - but maybe a bit too long for anyone who works in a conservative office ^^
    Thanks for reading!

  12. Yep, that's why I quite like them ^_^

  13. I adore the Diamond Lashes range -so many styles to choose from!
    Hehe, it's a really fun and cheerful headband to wear <3

  14. Aww, thanks Amyboo!
    I reckon the Dolly eye lashes would suit most girls - not too long or voluminous~

  15. Yep, they're not too thick or long - just right :)
    Thank you!

  16. From what I've seen, all DL lashes are super pretty! I want them all...
    Ooh, you should get some ^_^

  17. They're nice because they're not too overwhelming, yet still dolly ^^
    Hmm, never thought of a tutorial before, since I'm still learning with my makeup!
    I think it's cool you can do other people's make-up!~
    And I guess you just need a little practice for yourself - it took me like 2 hours to put on my 1st ever false lashes and it still looked awful, lol.

  18. Cathleah_eraldo2 July 2012 at 23:58

    Looks good on you. I would love to wear one. Thank you for sharing. =)

  19. I love it!
    Love your blog, i'm following you now follow back?
    Love, Melissa.

  20. wow these lashes look amazing! the give your eyes such a pretty brightening effect! so cute =)

  21. I actually really like these lashes on you! they don't need to be too dramatic. they look really natural and open your eyes up so much :D

  22. They definitely give you a dolly look! <3 They're beautiful!

  23. I keep seeing this everytime I give Sasa a visit. Are the lash bands stiff when applied? Like can you feel it there? Sorry for asking so many questions but I'm interested by your review :D It looks really nice on you.^^

  24. I bought a bunch of these the last time I went to Japan and I really like them. I always wear eyeliner when I put on makeup so the black band is not much of an issue for me. What I love about these lashes is that they last for ages. If I clean them properly, I can wear the same pair over and over, so 5 pairs can last for ages.

    Love your selca pictures. So pretty!!


  25. Thank you ^^
    They're really great for opening the eyes~

  26. Thanks :)
    I'm beginning to prefer less dramatic lashes lately~!

  27. Thanks! I agree, they're really lovely lashes to have ^_^

  28. I would say these lashes have a stiffer band then some other styles, but I don't feel them on my eyes! Applied correctly they won't poke, and they don't feel heavy. The comfort is good in my opinion :)

  29. Ooh, lucky! I really want to collect all the styles ^^
    Yep, I wear eyeliner with falsies anyway, but when I was still a beginner it was so difficult for me to apply the lashes as well as do the eyeliner >_<

    Thanks Liz!

  30. One of my fave lashes! Love them!

  31. I recently bought some Asian eyelashes, too. These do look really dramatic in the package, but on you, they look quite natural. I really like how it looks when it's on.

  32. I also brought diamond lashes but it's fairy eyes! Dolly eyes also look good !!! Really love diamond lashes >3< great review!

  33. devorelebeaumonstre.9 July 2012 at 04:55


    p.s. I'm having a giveaway from Dahlia if you'd like to check it out. xx

  34. looking cute! :)

  35. Seeing this makes me want to buy more lashes <3 I like natural looking ones, but since I hardly ever use falsies I don't need to buy new ones n_n; Your pics are so cute, espech the winking one~

    p.s. gaah, the capthas are getting harder and harder to read x_x why do they make it so hard :']

  36. I have a box of the voluminous ones. I just find that the spine is too wide for my eye, so they aren't as comfortable and hang past where I'd like them to. I don't really like cutting up lashes either, because they are more prone to fall apart that way. I really like the ones I have though xD I just don't reach for them as often as Ardell lashes.


Aww, thanks for your comment! I'll be replying or visiting your blog soon ^.^

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