Monday, 23 July 2012

FACE POWDER REVIEW: Naris Up - Acmedica Oil Control Powder DX (Clear)

Boy, I'm getting tired of all these super long product names!

Especially for 'simple' products like this translucent powder compact, lol. Today's review is on the Naris Up face powder that I've been using for several months now~

It's special claims are (according to Sasa website)

  • perfectly and naturally conceal acne and pores
  • contains sebum absorption power to soak up oiliness, therefore preventing make-up sliding off the face
  • can be applied before sleep (*disclaimer* I have no idea why anyone would do this though!)
  • suitable for all skin types, especially oily and acne prone skin

Very small, compact and cute
It's about the size of a cookie?

This is my first pressed powder (I'm used to using loose powder), and I have to say it's become a regular part to my beauty routine. The result is a matte-looking effect, and applies 'clear' as promised. It can be applied with the soft blue sponge provided or a brush. 

I switch between the both - I find that the sponge is really great for even application on the face, but because the powder is clear it can become really easy to over powder. I would recommend just lightly patting the sponge on the powder, and if you can clearly see white powder on the sponge then you've probably picked up too much!

I use a powder brush when I'm feeling lazy or in a rush, but I find that the powder settles into fine lines or large pores which doesn't look flattering up close. But my brush is not the best quality so you may get better results with a better brush. 

The packaging is very functional - it is very small so it won't take up much space in a handbag, and it has a mirror and a separate compartment to store the sponge. 

It retails for $6.40 USD on Sasa. They also have this compact in a yellow colour tone, which may be better for the redness coverage factor. 

A swatch - I had to rub hard to get it to look chalky

Regarding its claims of perfectly concealing acne and pores - umm, it's a clear powder, how is it supposed to conceal?! I put it over bb cream anyway, so the bb cream will pretty much reduce the redness and any blemishes for me. I just use this to set the bb cream. 

The original packaging - so fun and cute!

It's a lifesaver for me during Summer because my Etude bb cream, which gives the skin a slightly 'dewy' effect, suddenly turns into a 'sticky' effect in the heat. Patting a little bit of this on and my face no longer looks oily or feels sticky. I don't have to reapply either, although oilier skin types may have to. 


  • small and compact
  • a little goes a long way
  • oil absorption is great - face is quite touchable afterwards (though I would recommend you avoid touching your face too much, lol)
  • gives a matte effect
  • doesn't irritate skin (no itchiness, doesn't feel cakey or heavy on the face)
  • sets my bb cream nicely - it stays set pretty much all day for me (but I don't have oily skin - just a slightly oily t-zone in the height of Summer)
  • really affordable


  • easy to overpowder since the powder is quite fine and translucent
  • due to small size of sponge, it takes some time to pat all over the face
  • wouldn't say it has much visible effect on concealing/helping with large pores or acne

All in all, I like this compact powder because it works well to set my bb cream (especially when it's hot out), preventing oiliness, stickiness, or slipping off of make-up. Those looking for a compact that conceals redness/acne/large pores won't find this much help, but I'd certainly recommend it to those who need a normal compact for oil control, or to set their base make-up without making it cakey or over powdery.

Thanks for reading! Do you prefer pressed or loose powders? Translucent or coloured? I think I'd like to try one with a yellow tone next time, to see if it helps with covering redness~


  1. Oh I have never heard of this brand before, but the packaging with the baby face is soooooooo cute! I am actually not a fan of small packaging because I tend to lose it, lol.
    I prefer loose powder when I do make up at home, but pressed powder for on the way touch up ;D

  2. I want to try this out! It looks so cute and it seems to do all the things that my makeup forever setting powder does and its way cheaper.

  3. The baby face packaging is so adorable! Haha, yeah I guess that's one con to small packaging! I think I prefer loose powder normally too, but I'm eager to try out other pressed powders cos it seems harder to over powder~

  4. It's a simple compact but I think it performs so well with oil control and setting makeup - and yep it's really affordable!

  5. love this!
    the only products ive ever tried from naris up is their eyebrow mascara xD
    this product looks like such a lifesaver on top of bb creams <3

  6. It definitely works well for setting my bb cream in the summer! thanks for reading ^^

  7. At the moment I do not have to use it

  8. Difficult how powders made out of talc powder can set on the skin and create layers that go from greasy-dewy-put a little more on-hmm it doesn't look quite right yet-omg I'm a cake-melon pan

    I've tried the wake up bourjois powder thing and it's really good! for as long as it lasts, for me is alright in a dry climate, mixed skin.

    Reviews of this and more, very soon!


Aww, thanks for your comment! I'll be replying or visiting your blog soon ^.^

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