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EYELINER REVIEW: Tony Moly Backstage Gel Eye Liner (black)

Lately I've taken to wearing eye liner almost daily. It's fast becoming my most important beauty must-have after bb cream and face highlight!

I've always relied on circle lenses and falsies to make my small eyes look much bigger in the past - but it's impossible to wear circle lenses and falsies everyday. Extending the liner past the outer corner, or having a little wing really makes a difference! It might not be as enlarging as circle lenses, but it's a good start.

Anyway, there are different types of eye liners to choose from - pencils, felt tip pens, liquid liners, and gel liners. I've found that I prefer gel eye liners, and this Tony Moly liner is my current one.

The brush can retract a little bit further, so it is a bit longer than pictured here

It is a very sleek looking product - all smooth, shiny curves. And I give bonus points for it's compact design, which allows brush and gel pot to be stored together. The brush clicks into the 'lid' of the gel pot. Not only convenient, but it saves space too, as well as eliminating the risk of losing the brush. 

It should come with a seal to let you know it is a brand new, untampered product
There are 4 components - gel pot, pot cover, screw top lid, brush
The total weight is 4 grams

It can be a bit fiddly as there are a few things that need to be unscrewed, removed, in order to use it. But I like that the pot comes with a mini cover - it'll keep the gel 'fresh'. 4 grams doesn't sound like a lot, but due to it's rich, creamy texture a little goes a long way, and I think it will last a good amount of time. 

The brush is very soft, so it won't feel prickly on the eyes. It isn't an angled brush, but you can make thick or thinner lines by angling the position of the brush itself. But don't expect very thin lines, the brush probably won't cooperate since it's shape at the tip is a bit wider. 

Personally I thought the brush handle was a little smaller, and thicker than I prefer. But I suppose I had just gotten used to my previous liner's brush. 

My old gel liner brush vs the Tony Moly brush
Don't forget that eye liner brushes should be cleansed after every use to prevent hardening and damage 

Performance-wise, the gel liner is indeed very creamy and velvety so it goes onto the skin smoothly - almost glides on, in fact! The colour is a satisfactory dark black from the first stroke. 

The liner doesn't dry as quickly as other liners I've used, but I'm not saying that's a problem - it dries quick enough before any smudging from blinking can occur, just don't rub! It finishes with a matte-look result. I like that it doesn't look wet and shiny like some liquid liners do. And I didn't experience any dry, crumbly flakes either. It claims to be smudge-proof and waterproof. 

It will smudge if you rub the gel shortly after you apply it. If you rub at it a few hours later it will stay in place so yes, I would agree that it is relatively smudge-proof. 

Personally, on me I did find some amounts of smudging on the outer corner of my eye after a few hours of wear - but I don't use an eyelid primer, and I do have oily lids, so that may be why. 

With regards to it's claims of being waterproof - I don't think it's completely waterproof. Rubbing at the eye liner with wet hands does make it start to flake and come off, so I think those with watery eyes might not like this. If you're just worried about getting caught in the rain, I don't think a few raindrops will cause it to run or come off. 

It removes quite easily with a good make-up remover - well, the majority of it will come off with one wipe, but I still need to carefully remove the remaining residues. It won't cling to your eyes, so no harsh wiping or scrubbing necessary!

  • long wearing and long lasting
  • velvety formula, easy to create nice, thick lines
  • a satisfactory black colour and matte-look result
  • doesn't sting the sensitive skin on the eyelid when being applied
  • removes very easily with make-up remover

  • very thin lines are not possible with the brush (but you can always use your own)
  • some slight smudging is expected if you often rub at watery eyes, don't use a primer, or have oily eyelids 

Grandpa glasses!
 I liked these so much I got an extra pair for my giveaway!

Overall, a really nice gel eye liner that I'm happy to add to my make-up collection. This was my first Tony Moly product and I'm really pleased with it, so I'm looking forward to trying more TM products in the future ^^

So, what kind of eye liners do you like to use? 

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  1. hii ^^,
    thanks for sharing! I've also this one , i use it everyday since i'm a asian and my eyes are so small xd I love tony moly products! You should try more of these products ;D, I also use gel eye liner, from l'oreal paris n.n


  2. I used to love gel eyeliners but have gotten lazy since then. Now I tend to go for the pen type of liquid eyeliners :D or gel eyeliners in a pencil form like milani or clio :)

    this review is very thorough, thanks for sharing!:)

  3. The packaging of this is so cute haha! :D Eyeliner is becoming a big big product for me too.
    The black lines look nice, but too bad it smudges a bit!

  4. :3 you look so adorable! i have hooded lids that i gave up putting eyeliner on my top lash line haha! thank you for the comment by the way. glad to know that i'm not the only who doesn't like salad as much. hehe. they're really not so bad. i just like variety on my salad. but like you, i would much rather prefer steamed or blanched veggies :D

  5. you look so cute in those pictures >w< and the eyeliner looks good on you! i love eyeliner myself, can't do a makeup look without it.. and i also prefer gel, it's much easier and gives the best outcome imo! ^^

  6. you're so cute in the pictures above! thankyou for the review :p

  7. wow this one is dark enough and
    long lasting ! <3 nice review thank you:)

  8. hi you do your lines pretty well. love your blog. now following. hope you can follow back :)

  9. Thanks for reading ^^
    Haha, yep I love how eyeliner can make asian eyes bigger! I think I want to try Tony Moly makeup primers next~

  10. Thanks for reading! I don't like pencil eye liners because they tend to smudge on me :( Liquid eye liners are nice, but I'm more used to gel eyeliners now~

  11. Yeah, it's a bit of a novelty! Hehe, curse my oily eyelids - this eyeliner would be perfect otherwise ^^

  12. Wow, your eyes look huggeee! :) The eyeliner flick is really cute and definitely makes your eyes appear larger and rounder.

  13. Aww, thanks Donna!
    Hehe, I'm certainly a meat lover, but I'm starting to enjoy salads more now - I just need to find the right dressings or certain ingredients that I like to eat~

  14. Thanks Alex ^^
    I'm new to the wonders of eyeliner (having uneven eyelid creases), but I'm fast beginning to regard it as a must have item!

  15. oh is that so? i used to have uneven eyelids too.. made me look really tired and retarded XD.. the best things to fix them are indeed eyeliner and maybe eyelid tape if it's too big a problem ^^

  16. Oh! That sounds pretty great. I do prefer thinner lines though because I like to look as natural as possible since my family always reacts to make-up. You're right though, I can use my own brush. I have been using a Sephora liquid eyeliner and I love it, but I just ran out and I just might try something new!

  17. very nice eyeliner and what a nice bottle!
    would you like to follow each other?

  18. Thanks for reading!
    I like thinner lines too, but it just seems my eyes pop more with thicker lines so I stick with that :)
    Hmm, hope one day Sephora will come down under!

  19. Yep, I really like it so far!
    Thanks for reading ^^

  20. Wow that eyeliner looks really cool thanks for the review.

  21. Oh wow that eyeliner look so cool! And it looks so good on you. I like how smooth the color looks!

  22. Thanks for the review! :D so nice of you to host a giveaway :)

  23. I just love the design of
    this eyeliner! I think you
    did a great job making
    a 'cat eye' c:


  24. Congratulations on having nearly 200 followers now!! Your blog is lovely and keep up the good work ^-^

    This eyeliner looks pretty good. You look really pretty with the cat-eye liner look.


  25. eyeliner has been one of my go to products for YEARS to make my eyes look bigger but i am finally starting to like a really natural look too. i have found that no eyeliner but tons of mascara and curled lashes work too! although asian lashes are so short so i understand why you have been wearing falsies! looks like a great product though, thanks so much for sharing and girl! your eyes are HUGE!

    xx rae

    p.s. i would love for you to stop by:
    i am also hosting a 500+ reader giveaway i think you might like! <3

  26. great you have to try

  27. hi! can you explain how to extend the brush? I bought one from your review, but can't seem to extend it. thanks!

  28. From memory it only extended a little bit - just by twisting or tugging near the brush tip. Sorry, it's been ages since I last used this liner so I can't really recall!


Aww, thanks for your comment! I'll be replying or visiting your blog soon ^.^

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