Monday, 9 July 2012

CIRCLE LENS REVIEW: Princess Mimi Almond Brown

Hey everyone! Today's post is a circle lens review ~ it's been a while since I last did one *0*

Generally, I like my circle lenses to have a more obvious design, but every now and then it's nice to have a more subtle look! 

These are the ever popular Princess Mimi Almond Browns - lenses that offer a sweet dolly look, while still having a very, almost-natural design. 

Natural indoors lighting
With flash
Natural, bright sunlight

I find these lenses quite comfortable - though I would suggest anyone prone to dry or tired eyes should consider putting in some eyedrops somewhere around the 4 or 6 hour mark, just to maintain that level of comfort. 

I could go up to 6 - 8 hours of wearing these without any discomfort. 

These are certainly one of the more 'toned down' looking lenses I've tried.  

Whereas other lenses are mostly patterned, with a small pupil hole, the Almond browns are the opposite - with only the outer edges having a printed design. 

First, there is dark brown limbal ring, which gives the wearer a sweet, dolly look. And that is then followed by an almond? coloured design - it's quite subtle when worn on brown eyes. 

On my darker eyes, these lenses appear very dark in natural indoors lighting. In that regards, it does have a more 'natural' effect while still looking quite dolly-eyed!

The colour blends in well, and only the limbal ring tends to stand out when worn. The pale brown pattern only tends to show up in much brighter lightings, or with camera flash. On lighter brown eyes, maybe the pattern will be more obvious. 

Interestingly, the pale almond coloured section could be mistaken for the 'halo' effect when worn!

The almond design is obvious here - but it could look like a halo effect!

I'm not certain how these lenses will look on wearers who don't have brown eyes, because these lenses only have a design on the outer edges. 

The Almond Browns have a diameter of 14.5mm. So, not too small, not too big - just right!

Actually I think I'm more partial to 14.8mm - 15mm diameters, but I have to say I do think these lenses have a great enlarging effect. If it didn't see the diameter on the vial I would've thought these lenses had a bigger diameter, because I really like how big they make my eyes look~

On a side note, I think these lenses look best with more natural make-up, and less dramatic false lashes. When I wear these, I don't feel like wearing too much make-up, but I still feel dressed-up anyway ^_^

  • comfort is quite good
  • toned down design that still offers a very sweet, dolly-eyed appearance
  • enlargement is great, considering the 14.5mm diameter

  • might be too natural or too boring for some

Thanks for reading! 

Until next time, keep safe and healthy ^^


  1. Ireally like these for natural looks :) like you I dont have many that are toned down x)

  2. These look so natural and great on you! :D I was into the natural circle lenses for awhile, but now I'm back into crazy colors and designs lol. I want to give these a go though. Thanks for sharing. ^_^

  3. I really love the natural look they have! ^3^
    I really wanna try circle lens one day! ^^

  4. cute. i think i am really allergic to these type of lenses

  5. Ooo I like how they look on you! They really do look quite natural!

  6. I like the natural look of these lenses, great for everyday!

    re: I will try clasping my arms behind my back next time to avoid arm fat hahaha but I think it may only work on one angle. Where is your top destination to visit right now?

  7. I really like how these look on you! They look so natural, but enlarge your eyes to make them look all dolly. I think you're right about them looking best with natural eye makeup :D

  8. I think the lenses looks natural on you! :)

  9. Don't worry I love natural
    looking lenses! These look
    great on you ^___^


  10. They're so wearable! They're the only pair I'm wearing right now :)

  11. Thank you ^^
    Hehe, I started off with obvious designs, and then I started craving natural ones!

  12. They're a really wearable pair for sure ^^
    Hehe, you'll have trouble deciding which pair to try first! There's so many to choose from...

  13. Thanks :)
    Oh, that's too bad - but yep, circle lenses can be very irritating for some people!

  14. Thank you ^_^
    Yep, they're so wearable!

  15. Yes, I like that they're more wearable than some designs~
    Hehe, it's not the best pose but I just do it automatically sometimes :)
    Mm, right now probably Tokyo or Seoul!

  16. Thank you Rinny ^^
    I love how wearable they are - and yep, it takes less time to do make-up when I where these so that's another plus!

  17. I'm starting to like natural lenses more and more ^^
    Thank you!

  18. You look pretty like a natural doll ^^
    Love your ribbon lots~ so cute <3


Aww, thanks for your comment! I'll be replying or visiting your blog soon ^.^

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