Monday, 23 July 2012

Another pair of HK glasses! And slightly new hair~

My Hello Kitty glasses recently arrived in the mail - I love them so much already! And I dyed my hair - but it didn't come out as expected. But not bad for a lone, DIY attempt. Will try to go a bit more lighter in a few months.

Just a super short update - will have a more *substantial* post up next time

Hope everyone had/is having a great weekend!



  1. We have the same Hello
    Kitty glasses! I bought
    mine when I was in Taipei

    I think you did a great job
    with the hair!


  2. yay to hairdying :) I also do the same since i prefer brown hair .

    keep in touch :)

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    We're holding a giveaway @

  3. Cathleah_eraldo23 July 2012 at 02:22

    I have the same glasses as well! Mine is white. And It's so cute. =)

  4. Another pair ;) And I like short posts once in a while, it's better for my attention span =)

  5. Such cute glasses. :3 I wish I could actually put frames in them though so that they're helpful...
    Your hair color looks fine! What did you use to dye it?

  6. Your hair is absolutely gorgeous. I love the glasses, too!
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  7. Hehe so cute! Do they have frames in them?

  8. Aren't the glasses cute?!
    Thank you :)

  9. They're adorable, aren't they? Thanks ^^

  10. Yep, I liked the other ones so much that I had to get this version too!
    Lol, sometimes I just don't want to write too much~

  11. SO CUTE! love the eyeglasses!
    Sandra @

  12. I saw your blog because we are friends on poupeegirl! You have a cute sense of style, so I decided to follow your blog!

    Your frames are so cute! I love Hello Kitty! I have a similar pair too!

  13. That would be cool! Cute yet functional ^^
    I used a Loreal hair dye since it was on sale

  14. Agreed! No, they're just fashion glasses - hehe but at least this way I can comfortably wear false lashes with these ^^

  15. Oh cool! Thanks ^^
    Yep, aren't the glasses so adorable and fun?! I kind of want to collect all the different colours!


Aww, thanks for your comment! I'll be replying or visiting your blog soon ^.^

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