Tuesday, 5 June 2012

SKINCARE REVIEW: Etude Happy Teatime Cleansing Foam - Peach Tea

Hi everyone, I've got another review today!

After a rather disappointing experience with the Rosette Hello Kitty Cleansing Wash, I've since switched to a new cleanser from Etude House. 

This is the Peach Tea Cleansing Foam, from Etude's deliriously cute-looking Happy Teatime range. I bought it off Cosmetic Love, and I've been using it as my night cleanser for about 3 weeks now. 

The description says that it "supplies abundant foam and refreshing tea scent to cleanse and nourish complexion."

There are 5 varieties in this range 

  • aloe tea
  • lemon tea
  • green tea
  • peach tea
  • milk tea

It was a difficult choice, faced with 5 very adorable looking cleansers, but I finally went with  Peach Tea simply because I really like the Lipton's Peach Tea drink ^_^

Anyway, apparently each type has a specific function. The peach tea type claims to have a brightening effect. Actually, the second time I used this, I did think my skin looked unusually bright and nice! And then I read the description on the back of the tube and saw this in the description - "contains peach tea extract for brightening"

And then I was like 'Wow! It really does work!"

But after that I didn't really notice any specific change to my skin any more. It was probably just due to the effects of using a new product on my skin, rather than the tea extract. 

One of the pros of this I think, is the scent. I honestly think the scent is AH-MAZING! It really does smell like peach tea, and it's quite lovely and makes me think of summer, as well as crave a nice glass of cold peach tea each time I use it~

The scent is most noticeable as you lather it up, but it's mostly gone after you wash it off so no need to worry about clashing scents with other face products.

Another pro - one of the reasons that I didn't hesitate to buy and try this cleanser was the price. It retails on Cosmetic Love for a very reasonable $7.59, and also similar prices on eBay that I could see. I think most cleansers from Western brands tend to sell more from $10 upwards so I think this is quite good value, and would be easy to throw out if it didn't work satisfactorily. It's massive too - with 150 ml (5.07 fl.oz.) worth of product. It looks a bit small in my photos so here's another one to show the size. 

Does it look bigger now? :)

Seriously, this will take me months to use up! And a little goes a long way as it does lather up quite nicely. I do like foamy cleansers and this one certainly performs well in that regard. It feels almost deceptively lightweight and gentle on the skin, but is quite effective in removing make up like bb cream. 

However I was a bit surprised to find that this cleanser does give that 'squeaky clean' feeling after rinsing off, that I don't particularly like. Luckily this 'too clean' feeling can be quickly dealt with by putting on moisturiser, so that's not even a big con~

But sadly, I don't think I'd recommend this to people with dry skin types. It's not a harsh product, but it probably wouldn't suit those with dry skin since the lather is quite effective in stripping oils from the face, and that squeaky clean feeling may be uncomfortable on already dry skin. Those within normal to oily skin types might like this.


  • great value in terms of price (super affordable), and size
  • lathers and foams up easily
  • effective in removal of dirt, oil and most make-up
  • amazing scent
  • cute packaging


  • may leave skin with a 'squeaky clean' sensation that some people don't like (but I should stress that it's temporary - and moisturiser will take care of it)
  • might possibly be too drying for those prone to dry skin
  • may be hard pressed to choose which tea type you'd like to try- they all look cute!

And that's the end of my review - thanks for reading!


  1. ooh the packaging is really nice plus it's really cheap!
    If I didn't have extremely dry skin, I would totally use this product :D

  2. First of all, I really like the packaging! so cute, typical asian cosmetics which I like so much :D
    this product seems to be perfect for me since I have oily skin, I dont mind squeaky clean feeling esp in Summer when it's so warm here -.-

  3. I want this so much after reading your review...It sounds so nice! *___* I really want something for brightening up my skin from all the scars I got, but you say it's not a big effect? :<~ I will need to check out this range!!!
    Thanks for sharing! ^_^

  4. have you tried the milk tea one that comes in a little tub? i've seen a review on it, but this one looks a bit better since its in a squeeze type tube hehe.

  5. Cathleah_eraldo5 June 2012 at 16:31

    Wow, thanks for posting this. I'm going to try this one out. =)


  6. Yeah, it's surprisingly affordable!
    Thanks for reading ^_^

  7. This cleanser does tick a lot of boxes - packaging, prices, effectiveness ^^

  8. It's so affordable that it's no problem to just give it a try ^^
    No, I don't think the brightening effect is that noticeable, but the skin does feel pretty refreshed~

    Maybe some exfoliators or gel peels will help with brightening the skin better?

  9. I haven't tried that, but it looks quite gentle since it's more creamy rather than foamy :)
    But it does seem that the pot type packaging is not as hygienic.

  10. Thanks for reading! Hope it works good for you :)

  11. The packaging is cute and I like that there's a lot of content and takes months to use up :D :D I will look into buying a cleansing foam! I heard that the Shiseido 'perfect whip' one is good

  12. Awesome review!! Love reading it :)


  13. thanks for sharing, this sounds great! your teacup is s cute haha

  14. Milk and peach tea?! Omg that must smell/feel amazing!!!!


  15. Hehe, yeah it smells really good when you lather it up ^_^

  16. Thanks for reading ^^
    Lol, thanks~

  17. This sounds like a very effective cleanser. I have really dry skin so it probably would be TOO effective for me. I need all the oil I can or else my skin will probably start to crack lol.

  18. Thanks for the review! I really want to pick this up now hahaha Sometimes I dislike huge portions of products because I want to try new ones but at the same time used up my old one >< I'll definitively have to try this if I ever get my hands on it!

  19. Now I know what to choose from 5 flavors, coz i have an oily skin type..thanks!

  20. Thanks! I also heard the lemon tea flavour is good for oily skin too :)

  21. thanks for sharing, this sounds great!

  22. I love your reviews !! Im adding Your page to my favourites !! And we both got it for rhe same reason !! Lipton ice tea peach :)

  23. Comment left by 'Maryam' on 14/09/2012 *sorry, I don't know why the comment disappeared, so I'll just post it your behalf for now - and yay! Lipton peach tea is the best ^^*

    I love your reviews !! Im adding Your page to my favourites !! And we both got it for rhe same reason !! Lipton ice tea peach :)

  24. I got this in the green tea type, and I love it so much too! I have been cleansing my face with it every day in the shower now for the past NINE MONTHS and it has just begun to take effort for me to squeeze out the last in the tube, because you only need about a 1cm long squeeze of this product, it has really lasted me that long, even with an application each day! I also highly recommend this! (oh and I have combination skin, oily t-zone btw, it does give the squeaky clean but you're right about moisturizer fixing it) <3


Aww, thanks for your comment! I'll be replying or visiting your blog soon ^.^

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