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REVIEW: Etude House, Tear Drop Eye Liner - White Tear

Hello! Here's my review on my Etude Tear Drop Eye Liner, in White Tear. 

I hadn't been using it until I decided I needed to get the review done, and I was pleasantly surprised at how much I liked it. When I first bought it, I was eager to try this liner out - attracted by the thought of brighter, bigger, and sparkling eyes~

It's meant to be used under the lower eyelid (below the waterline), and gives a similar effect of brightening and enlarging the eyes as white eyeshadow or eyeliner.

I bought this off Cosmetic Love, and it cost $8.09 for 8g of product. It retails for similar prices on eBay, and there are other coloured varieties available.

To apply the liner, there is a long, and thin, pointed brush. The bristles are very fine and soft, and do not irritate my eyes during application. The size and shape of the brush allows for  easy navigation under the lower lashes. And it also allows for both thin or thicker lines to be drawn.

The eye liner is of a liquid format, and is actually quite sheer for a glitter liner. I find that the texture feels quite thick, but not to worry - that doesn't equate to a crazy amount of tacky glitter. The effect is very much sheer and subtle - unless you go crazy with layering applications @_@

I think 8g is quite a good amount of product too. It'll take a while to use up. 

You can spread it out to layer over the eyelid too, on it's own or over eyeshadow
Due to the thicker texture do give it a minute or two to dry

I like that you can have a few different effects with this liner - it can be used just along the inner corner of your eye, all along the eyeliner, or even just along the middle section. It's really up to you how to apply it, because it'll still look quite nice. I definitely felt like my eyes seem brighter and more noticeable! I like to just line along the middle section and leave a small space at the inner and outer corners. 

I don't recommend using it to line the inner section/tear duct area. Because the first time I did, my grandma told me to wash my face, because it looked like my eyes were dirty (still gritty from sleep), lol. 

Best to just keep the liner under the lower eye area. You'll still get that energised, brighter effect with this, even if you don't line the tear duct area. 

It looks really subtle here, which was what I was after.
I dabbed it with a cotton bud to spread the line out a bit, and it became more sheer

One other challenge with this liner is getting the effect to look the same on both eyes. I find it difficult to get the same brightness level because with the small brush, the amount I use is different on each eye. One may end up brighter than the other side, so it's a bit tricky to add some glitter to the other one to match. 

You don't need to layer a lot - the sheerness is what makes it naturally pretty, and the fine glitters will reflect off the light very nicely. That said, it's probably not an appropriate look for the workplace. 

  • less harsher/obvious than some white eyeliners/eyeshadows
  • long, thin brush allows precise application
  • not tacky looking
  • appearance of brighter, prettier eyes

  • brightness effect tends to be different on each eye - needs readjustment (but it could just be me, lol)
  • looks unsuitable on its own - will need eyeliner or mascara on upper lid - unless you already have naturally pretty eyes/thick lashes!
  • you can get a similar effect using a shimmery pearlescent eyeshadow

Thanks for reading!


  1. Hi! The 1st thing I recognized is that u have such a nice high nose! *envy* Mine is pathetic. lol
    to the product, it looks pretty ! But I don't think this is a must product as we can achieve the same look with shimmery white pearl eye shadow, right? But it's pretty though! ;)

  2. You are so cute! :D~~
    The packaging of this product is really pretty! The swatch is also very nice...I feel like I have so many pearly eyeshadows that I probably won't need this though. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Wow it's really subtle but still beautiful :)
    Thank you for reviewing~~

  4. Ooh, I saw this product but didn't buy it because i thought it would be too glittery.
    But I love the effect! Your eye looks so bright and it doesn't look tacky at all :D
    Thanks for the review

  5. Ooh, this product seems so interesting and handy - I'm always looking for ways to make myself appear more awake! Haha~
    I just love my white liner! >U<

    I also awarded you with the Liebster Blog Award!
    Here :

  6. Looks like a great product and you're so pretty! Your bangle is really nice too!

  7. thankyou for the review ^___^

  8. Ahaha, thank you! I always felt my nose was a bit big but I'll take the compliment~
    Yes I agree, it's not a must need thing, and I think I prefer eyeshadow as well. Thanks for reading ^^

  9. Thanks, Amyboo! It's cute, but yeah, it's not a must-have product~ Thanks for visiting ^^

  10. Yes, I quite like the sheerness of this ^^
    Thanks for reading!

  11. Hehe, I love glitter so I wasn't too worried when I got it. If you dab at it, it becomes quite subtle ^^
    Thanks for reading!

  12. Aww, thank you ^^
    Hehe, I wanted to add some bling to the photo, thanks!

  13. Not a problem! Thanks for reading :)

  14. Yep it's handy and simple but white liner or eyeshadow does the job just as good :)
    Thanks so much!

  15. Thanks for the review! The cons don't look that great for me since I don't use much eye make-up but it looks like a great product (:

  16. thanks for the review...i've been wanting to get this one too. =)

  17. An interesting looking
    It does make your eyes
    noticeable c; I like the
    props that you've used
    in your photograph!


  18. wow!! that's cute!! :D I love using tear drop eye liner because I find it pops my eyes even more. :) It really gives you that pretty asian look that I really love! :D

  19. You're sooo pretty!!! I've never actually tried anything like this before but I love Etude House products! So must try!

  20. I have this too! And it's super awesome. You look so pretty in the photo ^^

  21. Thanks Anna ^^
    Even though I love Etude products too, I think shimmery white eyeshadow works just as well!

  22. super love etude house! i havent tried that one. i better make a stop soon! -Loving Sunshine

  23. I have this and I super love it! It just spark up the eyes nicely ^_~


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