Monday, 18 June 2012

OOTD - Sometimes I wanna be tough

Just a short OOTD post today!

Despite being a big girlie-girl, I do happen to have a huge weakness for anything military or utilitarian inspired. And sometimes I just want to shove all my girlie prints and florals to the back of my closet, in favour of something more simpler, cooler, and tougher. 

Aviator sunnies - City Beach
Tribal bangle - Diva
Shirtdress - Sportsgirl
Suede buckle boots - Lipstik

This shirtdress/jacket immediately reminded me of a green army trench-coat, and I love the little German flag patched on one of the sleeves - though I have no idea what the reference is. 

Continuing with that 'tough' look are these buckle detail boots, which I do so adore! Anything with buckles, I'll tend to love as well, lol. 

And I finished the look off with a tribal bangle that has the same colour tones as the flag, and Aviator sunglasses (my brother's). Sunnies are very handy for those no make-up days :)

Do you have anything utilitarian or military inspired in your closet? 

And here are a few give-aways I've entered recently. There's some super cute stuff, so do take a look if you're interested!


  1. you are so fair! i'm so tanned right now in the wrong places. hahaha love this look!

  2. Your shoes are sooooo cuuuute....:D Envious!

  3. Rowena Rolala Loves19 June 2012 at 06:24

    This outfit has just the right amount of edgy chic. Your buckled boots are too cool. I have a military inspired jacket that I recently rediscovered in my closet :)
    Rowena @ rolala loves

  4. You look really cool! I love the outfit!
    Hehe, I love the pairing of clothes! >U<

  5. Cathleah_eraldo19 June 2012 at 20:34

    Love your outfit dear,. You look stunning, =)

  6. You look so cute! love your shoes girl! soo many buckles on them!

  7. The tough military look suits you really well too!! I really like your boots!!


  8. Your military style dress is so cute! I love it :D

    Thanks so much for posting about the giveaway too! Good luck!

  9. Hehe, I guess I'm not really an outdoors person :)

  10. Thanks, they're one of my faves - though the heels are a bit high...

  11. Thanks! Oooh, I love jackets with a bit of a military edge!

  12. Thank you ^^
    The buckle details were what attracted me to buy them!

  13. i love this utilitarian look :) you look so pretty~ it's gettting hot in nyc so i think i'll have to wait til fall weather to wear something like that. keep in touch <3


  14. I don't think I have anything like this in my closet but I know what you mean about having weakness for a different style =) and I think it's fun to try things that you normally wouldn't wear!


Aww, thanks for your comment! I'll be replying or visiting your blog soon ^.^

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