Wednesday, 13 June 2012

REVIEW: FITS - Attention Please Make Up Base

Hi all, I've a new make-up base/primer review for you today~

This primer is from my last Sasa haul, and is produced by Japanese cosmetics company FITS. It is a rather cutely packaged thing, tapping into a retro, air hostess concept. Basically this primer promises to keep skin moisturised, and make-up on, even thousands of miles up in the air! 

The main points
  • 30 grams of product
  • free from mineral oil & silicone
  • contains Shea Butter, Beeswax and Squalene (vegetable oils from plant sources) to moisturise skin, without being sticky 
  • suitable for all skin types - even dry or sensitive skin
  • it's multifunctional - it can also be used as a night cream

Click to enlarge - it's all in Japanese, but hey it's cute~

The outer packaging is cute, but it's a shame that it's a part that has no use, and ends up being thrown out. The tube in comparison is very simple and plain, but hygienic and functional. 

The primer is a white cream that sets invisibly into the skin. It's a nice creamy texture, and sinks into the skin nicely. At first it may seem a bit shiny on the skin, but that'll disappear after a few minutes. 

Even though only a pea sized amount is sufficient per use, I still wish it came in a bigger size, just to get that value for money feeling.

  • will suit most skin types 
  • gentle on the skin
  • make up does go on smoother and stay on longer
  • doesn't take too long to set
  • nice creamy texture that dryer skin types might like

  • doesn't really cover up pores as claimed
  • doesn't help fill in indents from pock marks/scarring
  • no SPF (no mention of it on the packaging that I could see)
  • wish it came in a bigger size

For those looking for a primer that will cover pores or fill in indents for a completely smooth canvas, this probably won't be the one for you. But overall, I think it's a nice enough primer that's good for daily use. 

It has a nice creamy texture that will suit all skin types. It's gentle, and not fussy at all to use. And I'm liking it as my Winter primer since my skin is starting to feel a little 'thirstier' as it gets colder. 

Hope this was helpful - thanks for reading :)


  1. Ooooh. Too bad it doesn't cover the pores! Otherwise, I'd be sold! =w= It still sounds quite nice though!

  2. Ahhhh that sucks. I was about to buy this. I need to cover some of my pores.
    It still sounds pretty good, tho.

  3. Ooh, ever since I saw this in your SaSa haul, I've been wanting to see a review on it :D
    It's too bad that it isn't as great as it seems.
    Still it looks like a great primer

  4. great review! now if i can only konw where to find this!

    Glass of Fashion

  5. always amazed by the cute packaging of japanese makeup lol
    just a pity it doesnt do a good job :/

  6. Yep, it'd be perfect if it could do that! But anyway it's still a pretty nice, lightweight primer to use :)

  7. I'd love it a lot more if it filled in pores and indents! But I still like it quite a bit :)

  8. Yeah - it almost ticks all the boxes so its still a really nice primer! Just wish it filled in pores and indents a little better~

  9. Thanks!
    Yeah it's not too easily findable. I got it off :)

  10. Yes, the packaging is always cute and fun ^_^
    It almost ticks all the boxes so I still like it quite a bit~ I guess I just get to shop for another primer to use <3

  11. I'm thinking about trying it out :)

  12. I love the packaging! The cartoon girl is so cute!

  13. hi! just found your blog. how much did this cost you? i can only get it online?

  14. Vivien Schönherr19 June 2012 at 02:20

    i love the package of it:) i have a bb cream in a similar package, it is from beauty angel, a korean brand XD but it doesnt cover well*sobbing*
    ur blog is so cute :) i followed u ♥ would be nice if u take a look at my blog too ^o^



Aww, thanks for your comment! I'll be replying or visiting your blog soon ^.^

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