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SKINCARE REVIEW - Rosette Hello Kitty Cleansing Wash

Any Hello Kitty fans here? Well, today I have a review in the form of a Hello Kitty Cleansing Wash. 

This cute little thing is sold by Japanese cosmetics brand Rosette, and comes in the following varieties 
  • apple gommage (gel peel)
  • apple cleansing wash
  • collagen face wash
  • sweet peach wash
  • acne face wash
Now, I picked the apple cleansing wash because I do like fruity scents, and also because the Hello Kitty face on the packaging was too cute to resist - it just beckoned me to buy it!

Here's some basic facts
  • tube is 120 grams
  • price is $7.90AUD on Sasa
  • no artificial colours or mineral oil
  • smells like green apples 

Unfortunately there is no English on the packaging so the full ingredients list is unknown

To start off with, for $8.00, the size of the cleanser was bigger than I expected. It's a decent size and will take a while to get through as only about 1-2cm of cleanser is required with each use. 

The packaging is a simple, plastic squeeze tube with a cap - but is still ultra cute. 

With a little bit of water
It also has a grainy texture

The cleanser has a pleasant, tarty, green apple scent, which I really like. But in my opinion,  this resembles a face scrub more than a 'cleansing wash' in texture and function. 

It's texture is quite thick and grainy, but will become thinner and a bit more foamy with the addition of more water. 

There are grainy, micro bead bits in the cleanser, which will definitely aid in the removal of make-up, dirt and oil. 

Generally I really do like cleansers that can be lathered and foamy, but which are a bit scrub-like too - but in this case I have to say I'm not too happy with this product. 

The description on Sasa describes contains phrases such as "rich, soft harmless lather" and "leaving skin moisturised and elastic", but I have to say it feels like the opposite.

This cleanser is extremely drying! I don't know the ingredients, but this gives a very similar sensation to soap or overtly soap-based cleansers that strip the face of all oils (the bad, but also the natural oils), and gives skin that very 'squeaky clean' feeling on the skin.

A little bit of a 'squeaky clean' feeling is ok, but this felt really harsh on my face. The one good thing was that there was no tightness of the skin, just an uncomfortable dryness. I do tend to touch my face a bit, so it wasn't nice not to be able to feel any smoothness afterwards. 

I would say I have normal combination skin, but my cheeks and mouth area are prone to flakiness if I use too harsh a product. Within one week my cheek had started flaking, despite having switched to using this only once a day about 3 days in. 

I've stopped using it for now but I might consider using this, limited to 2-3 times a week instead as a face scrub - not a cleanser. 

To be honest, I would not recommend this to anyone, I imagine that since it does such a good job of stripping the face of all oils, not only would it dry the skin out, but it may encourage the face to produce more oils that may clog the skin, leading to break-outs. For me, it's a no for re-purchasing.

Wow, my first negative product review! 

*throws imaginary confetti to mark the occasion*

Ok, now I'll recap the pros and cons~

  • affordable - good price and size
  • cute packaging - it's Hello Kitty after all
  • nice scent
  • can control the texture - more water = foamy lather, less water = scrub-like

  • misleading description - acts more like a scrub than a cleanser
  • harsh on the skin - extremely drying, therefore not suitable for daily use
  • extreme squeaky clean sensation

A total disappointment, but at least it wasn't pricey at all!

Thank you for reading. I'll be adding this to my Beauty Reviews Page where you can check out other reviews I've done, or plan to do, so far. 


  1. PinkOrchidsSteph25 May 2012 at 00:27

    Thanks for the great review. I understand what you mean by stripping off all the oil will lead to your skin producing more! I still love the packaging though, I'm a huge Hello Kitty fan even at my age! It sucks when a product misleads you, why couldn't they be clear that it was more of a scrub! xX

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  3. despite having oily skin, i too agree that it's not good to use any cleanser that totally strips the natural oils of the skin :/.

    the packaging is very cute indeed ;), if only the product itself worked well :(

  4. awwww i love the packaging! i'm so hello kitty addicted:)
    lots of love xx

  5. Ohh I've seen these in the drugstores here!
    Thank you for the review :3

    I really love the packaging, but too bad it's drying

  6. Awww too bad it's too drying! :( I agree, this is probably suited for oily-out-of-control skin lol!

  7. Yeah, the cleanser looks super cute in my bathroom ^^
    I wish it were more gentle on the skin...

  8. oh the apple and peach scent sounds yummy ^.^

  9. Yes, it certainly seems too harsh, even for oily skin~
    Haha, I was blinded by the packaging - I need to learn not to buy products just based on appearance :)

  10. As a Hello Kitty admirer too, the packaging captured my attention at once ^^

  11. Thanks for reading ^^

    Yeah I was so surprised at how drying it was - such a pity :(

  12. Yeah, I wish it wasn't so harsh! Hehe, at least it looks cute on my bathroom shelf~

  13. OMG! >< I just put this product into my giveaway =( I didn't think it'd be so bad, I should test runned it before popping it in.

  14. I've got the apple gommage one!
    For a gel peel, I think it's very
    gentle to the skin and the apple
    smell is very yummy!!

    I'm not sure, but I thought there
    was a grape scent as well...
    Going to ask my aunt from HK
    to get one for me!


  15. Don't worry! I just checked and the one you're giving away is a different type! I think it's a gel peel, not a cleanser like mine~

  16. I wanted to try the gommage one too! But it was out of stock when I wanted to buy it, so I didn't end up getting it :(
    Nice to know that one is gentle, I'll have to try it some time ^^

  17. Thank you so much for taking the time out to check for me! ><

  18. A lot of products tied in with popular characters tend to not perform well unfortunately! Thanks for the review, I'll know to steer away from this product next time, though it's so adorable!

  19. Lolliepop_pinkicon29 May 2012 at 03:52

    i'm following you now :D
    mind to follow back? :)


  20. Too bad it is so drying, I get flaky around the mouth too when using something this drying >__< Maybe you should only use this when your skin is very oily. In the meanwhile, it makes your vanity or whereever you store this product, look a bit cuter ^-^

  21. Haha, yep at least it looks cute sitting in the bathroom ^_^


Aww, thanks for your comment! I'll be replying or visiting your blog soon ^.^

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