Friday, 11 May 2012

Short Post - Jay Jays Haul

This week I finally fixed the astonishing lack of two piece co-ordinates in my closet by picking up some cute 'n cheap skirts, and a top, at Jay Jays. 

Winter's a bit hit and miss with me regarding fashion. I start off with good intentions - putting some thought into outfits, thinking about layering stylishly, thinking about additional accessories I don't get to wear any other time of the year (knit scarves, beanies, stockings), but more often then not I just run out of steam. And then the rest of the winter sees me shuffling around in oversized cardigans and basic black leggings >_<

Here's to hoping these cute buys can inject some excitement back into my wardrobe!

I love baggy casual tees- if I'm not wearing a dress I'll be wearing something like this with tights or jeggings. And that's why I rarely do outfit posts, aside from not having a tripod, I've just been dressing so casually lately >_<
This one was from Kmart - couldn't resist the cute starry pattern!
It looks quite cute paired with the red skirt above <3

That's the end, just a quickie post today! Thanks for reading, and have a great weekend :)


  1. Cute haul c: love the


  2. Cute haul! I really like the starry patterened top <3

  3. Cathleah_eraldo12 May 2012 at 10:34

    Great find! I love to wear baggy shirts sometimes. =)

  4. Cute skirts! Jay Jays is always good for some cute cheap clothing.

  5. Very cute skirts :)
    I love the top too <3

  6. I love baggy casual tees too. I'm in them ALL the time which is why I don't do OOTDs too! hehe. Cute buys, thanks for sharing ^^

  7. They're all so cute! Great spring clothing :)

  8. nice haul..
    btw just tagged you in my blog.. :)

  9. i love the polka dot skirt! so cute!

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