Monday, 28 May 2012

Random Filler Post 06 - Recent buys & random

*image heavy*
Face of Australia Lip Quench - Lychee Crush & Iced Almond
Equip - Faux pearl ribbon necklace
Equip - Chair and ribbon pendant necklace
Dessert - Lemon Cheesecake
Fresh crab that my Uncle bought for us
Fried fishball kebabs
Black ear muffs from Equip <3
Essence - Sun Club bronzer
My new navy coat from Dotti
Double breasted wool/viscose, detachable collar, cute pom poms <3
Down to $39.95 from $129.95, in a weekend flash sale~
Starburst fruity lollipops <3
Looks like the scene of a horror movie, lol
Took this pic as I was walking my dog Mickey outside a local highschool
Homemade Chinese Rice Wine 
Mickey snuggling under my brother's backpack?


  1. Oooh the lipstick looks pretty!
    Hehe Mickey is really cute :)

  2. OMG the pear necklace is so adorable!! and I loooooove fried fishballs! :9

  3. I absolutely love the pearl necklace. :D Great random pics and your dog is cute.

  4. I love those necklaces! So delicate!!

  5. omg that lemon cheesecake looks delicious!

    Glass of Fashion

  6. Cathleah_eraldo29 May 2012 at 20:03

    I really love the things you bought. That cheescake looks delish. Yummy! =D

  7. The lipsticks are quite nice - I had trouble deciding which shades to get!
    Thanks :)

  8. Thanks, I love the ribbon tie ^^
    Yeah they were so tasty!

  9. It was on sale so I just had to grab it :)
    Hehe, thanks!

  10. Hehe, it was pretty good :)

  11. Garhhhhhh!! The dotti jacket looks super super cute!! I was planning on getting that jacket during the flash sale but I didn't make it. =( I'm totally regretting not making time for the sale!

    I feel like eating cheesecake now! =P

    ♡ M.May

  12. The high school is a prison xD
    Also really like those nude shades of lipstick.
    and yumm lemon cheesecake *_*

  13. Aww no :( I actually made myself get up early to get to Dotti since it was sold out online~
    But I'm sure that Dotti will have another sale soon since Winter is here now ^^

  14. I like your new buys, and I've never seen cheesecake in a little box before! The coat is such a good find! Why do I never see a cute coat like that in stores.... with over 50% discount *o*


Aww, thanks for your comment! I'll be replying or visiting your blog soon ^.^

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