Wednesday, 9 May 2012

On-line Purchases 2: Cosmetic Love. Plus hanging out @ Freo

Hey there, how is everyone?

My Cosmetic Love order arrived today! It's only a small order, but I'm really looking forward to trying these Etude products out~

The first product is a rather unusually packaged, baking powder-based, face scrub. Isn't it quite interesting that the scrub comes in individual sachets? 

And the second product is a Peach Tea cleansing foam, part of Etude House's Happy Teatime cleanser range. Well, there were many different varieties and I had a hard time picking, but I eventually decided on the Peach Tea because I love Lipton's Ice Peach Tea, haha.

I'll be adding these two products to my list of skincare products to review, so look forward to those in the future ^^

Now just some random pictures from a little outing I took. My brother had to go to Fremantle to take some photographs for an assignment and asked if I wanted to tag along ^^

We collected our sis outside her school and off we went~

While my brother was off doing his thing my sis and I just walked around until we saw a playground and decided to go play.

The Carriage Café - apparently around since 1912~
You can see how gloomy the weather was today

In the background you can just barely see some buildings - there are some extremely popular restaurants, cafés and other eateries. And it's built on a fishing boat harbour, so the seafood they serve is uber fresh! Any time we have friends/relatives come from overseas, taking them here is usually near the top of our list 

Just realised I've never been on a Ferris Wheel before! One day...
Went to play at the playground - that's my sis in the corner ^^
There were swings, slides, monkey bars and even flying foxes
We decided to climb this rope obstacle
I got exactly halfway up and then got too scared to go any higher, lol
I don't know how kids can do it...
Been wearing these Hello Kitty glasses heaps
Wish the frames were a bit smaller but oh well, still fun to wear
Saw a rainbow on the drive back!
I still have some more beauty purchases to show you guys, but more of that some other time. 

For now, thanks for reading <3


  1. That rope thingy! It looks so scary >__< I never climbed that thing higher than three meters Orz I got too scared... I remember while playing a girl went all the way up but when trying to get down again she started to cry and couldn't get out T_T The baking powder scrub sounds interesting! Can't wait til the review~

  2. The weather really does look gloomy. We had a lot of that around here yesterday!
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  3. I can't wait to hear your opinions on the baking powder face scrub! I've been searching for reviews on them, but cant seem to find any. D:
    Cute pictures & the glasses look adorable! Do they have lenses in them or just.. what do you say.. hollow, empty, lens-less? Haha, I think you know what I mean!

  4. pretty nice Etude's hauls!! =) the baking powder packaging is quite and interesting ^_^~

  5. can't wait to see the skincare reviews :) the packaging on the peach tea foam is soooo cute....wouldn't expect anything less from Etude House lol. you're so cute in the HK glasses btw! <3

  6. Haha, I thought I'd have no problem getting to the top but I was wrong...
    Aww, the poor girl~

  7. I couldn't find much on them either so my curiosity was piqued ^^
    Thanks! And they came as sunglasses so I popped the lenses out to wear as geek glasses~

  8. I think Etude's becoming my fave Asian beauty brand <3
    Yeah, it's certainly different and eyecatching!

  9. Great ^^
    The packaging is really sweet, Etude's definitely one of my fave's when it comes to packaging!
    Thank you!

  10. That baking powder scrub is interesting! I can't wait for the review~
    Those HK frames are so cute!

  11. Oooo I'm reall curious about these Etude products! (Never tried the brand!)
    I've been on Ferris Wheels a few times. They're really nice because the view is pretty. :)

  12. Yep, I was so curious to try it!
    Hehe, I'm really loving those frames <3

  13. I think Etude's got the cutest looking products so I want to try everything :D
    I'll have to see if I can ride the Ferris wheel next time I go to a show or fair...

  14. You and I have so many similar things!!! I bought the Etude House baking powder scrub thing and I have been wearing my kitty frame lots too ^.^

    I will post the Naked palette review some time next week.


  15. Hehe, great minds think alike? ^_^

    Looking forward to it!

  16. The products look great and I'm sooo interested in the baking powder one! That rope obstacle looks crazy, kids are so adventurous these days!


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