Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Lunch @ Mikasa, and OOTD

Hello all, how are you? 

I wanted to have a beauty review up today, but I've been pretty slack so that'll have to be pushed back a bit...

But I do have a sort of OOTD post today. I actually made an effort since I was going out for lunch ^^

We were going to get some Yum Cha, but then decided to check out the new cafés and restaurants that had popped up after recent renovations at the shopping centre in Karawara. 

Decided to try the food at Mikasa Café. It was quite busy since it was the lunch hour (and also because it's located about 5 minutes away from Curtin University), but the waiting period wasn't long at all so I guess they have a lot of the food pre-prepared. 

I ordered the Katsu Chicken bento box ($10.80), which also came with Miso soup. It was pretty filling and I didn't even end up eating much of the rice. 

Also noticed with some excitement that a Theobroma Chocolate Lounge franchise had set up shop there too, so I might have to go back soon!

Below is the outfit I wore. I was dying to wear my new polka dot skirt from Jay Jays, so I paired it with a pretty pink blouse since I could not locate my fave black knit top T_T

The result was a bit lady-like but still youthful thanks to the polka dot print~

Faux pearl necklace - Equip
Blouse - Temt
Skirt - Jay Jays
Clutch bag - Mollini
Bow flats - unbranded 

I've decided to grow out my fringe! While I like the straight across fringe very much, it seems it's not suited to me, because it always ends up separating in the middle. It's ok though since I like the idea of a side fringe.

My newest, favouritist beauty buy is the FOA Lip Quench lippie, in Iced Almond

Moving on, and I just wanted to share my latest beauty favourite. I've seen these Face of Australia Lip Quench lipsticks pop up on a blog or two, and since they are quite affordable I decided to give them a try.

I've said this a few times before - I'm a bit scared of lipsticks! I don't like my lips so I hate to emphasise them. But lately it seems a shame to just have an incompletely made-up face. 

I wanted a lighter colour to hide the pinkness of my lips, and Iced Almond is a really pretty pale pink/peachy colour <3

Even though I've only used it a few times I'm already pretty sure I will re-buy this one again :)

How about you? Do you like nice nudes, pretty pinks or bright colours for lipsticks?

Thanks for reading!


  1. yummy *Q*
    Omona! So pretty! I love the OOTD!

    I'm having my first giveaway :)

  2. love your pearl necklace! and yumm Katsu chicken bento!! :D

  3. mMMmm delicious!!!! I love bento boxes .. healthy and very well portion controlled =) love the skirt !!!

  4. Love your outfit!
    Simple and cute~~

  5. Mmm, that bento looks yummo! I am starving!
    I like your polka dot skirt Tulip! I hardly see people sport polka dots, and I think that everyone should :3
    That peachy almond color is nice! I like that it is natural! I have a thing for brown and nude shades.

  6. Aww, thanks :)

    Yay, the lashes are so cute - I joined!

  7. Hehe, even though the pearls are fake, it still makes me feel grown up :)
    The Katsu chicken was pretty yummy~

  8. Me too, they look cute and are really filling. Thanks!

  9. Maybe because I'm a bit childish, but I love polka dot prints :)
    I really love natural nude lips since I like to keep the make-up focus on the eyes~

  10. mmmm, that bento box looks so delicious! :D

  11. I really want that bento! ^^ Looks so yummy

  12. That's such a cute outfit of the day :)
    I love the sheer shirt with the pink undershirt
    pretty <3

  13. Ooooh the bento box looks too yummy!!!

  14. I like pretty pinks & coral like shades for lipsticks.
    I love your outfit. So cute & feminine.
    The food looks delicious! ^_^

  15. Claireterressa21 May 2012 at 20:48

    Just found your blog.
    really love it.
    following you now
    mind to follow back my blog?thanks


  16. I really love your girly outfit here! <3

  17. The lace top is adorale <3 and the bento box looks exactly like what I just had haha.

    I've followed you, if you don't mind.

    Care to follow back? :D


Aww, thanks for your comment! I'll be replying or visiting your blog soon ^.^

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