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EYE MAKE UP REVIEW - Chi Chi Mineral Eyeshadows

These are the Chi Chi mineral eyeshadow pots that I recently picked up at Target for a lovely $3.50 each. They were on clearance, so they normally cost quite a bit more. 

Chi Chi is an Australian-owned cosmetics brand that is sold in-store at Target & Myers.

They're marketed towards the teenage and young adult demographics, and sell everything from foundations to nail polishes, eyeshadows, fake tans, and false eyelashes. 

I really like that this particular line of mineral eyeshadows are free of
  • oil 
  • parabens 
  • preservatives 
  • fragrance
  • talc
  • bismuth 
  • koalin

I can be a bit lax when it comes to checking ingredients in cosmetics so I like that the lid pretty much spells out its benefits. 

Each pot contains 4 different shades, which complement each other, and it weighs 8.5 grams. 

These are the pots I picked - Cool Browns (because I'm a neutral's girl at heart), Smokey Eyes (because I'd like to try a smexy and mature look some time), and Pinks/Purples (because these are my fave colours).

Ok, I think the packaging is quite cute, but I have to say I dislike the functionality of it. The shadow has to be tipped onto a separate surface (ie, the lid or some other container), when I would prefer something like a removable flap or lid to allow the brush to be directly dipped into. 

One other thing I noticed is that the pot surface should be cleaned afterwards, or risk darker powders falling into the compartments of the lighter powders, potentially mixing colours. 

The top lid easily twists to allow selection of desired colour - but be careful of powders getting stuck under the lid and getting dragged into compartments they don't belong in 

The twist lid can be removed and then I just run a fluffy brush around to clear away stray powder, to prevent it falling into the compartments and compromising the original colour. 
You would want to put the twist lid back on because if you don't and you drop the pot, powder will go everywhere...

Applied dry, the colours are quite soft, though shimmery under certain lightings. I think they're quite suitable for people who prefer very subtle colours on their eyelids. The eyeshadows can be built up - but if it's highly pigmented colour you're after, then the best way to go would be to apply the mineral powder wet.

Applied wet, the colours are beautifully vibrant, with some pretty shimmer, particularly under flash photography. I used water to dampen my applicator for these swatches, but visine eye drops apparently work better, and last longer too. 

Since I'm new to using mineral eyeshadows I found that it takes some practice to get the right 'consistency'. Too much water and you get a watery paste, too little and the powder clumps. 

*click pic to enlarge, or go to my photobucket album here where you can zoom in*
natural lighting - applied dry
ignore the erased bit, I made a bit of a boo-boo ^^
natural lighting - applied wet
flash lighting - applied wet
applied a little too much water, so its lost that 'creamy' texture I prefer

natural lighting - applied dry
little disappointed with the initial colour pigmentation here 
flash lighting - applied wet
too much water for the white shade, you can see some clumps there

 natural lighting - applied dry
natural lighting - applied wet
flash lighting - applied wet

  • good size, should last a while
  • seems like a 2-in-1 deal, you can have soft, subtle shimmer (dry) or pigmented and vibrant colours (wet)
  • Chi Chi do not test on animals (but they do test on family & friends! haha)
  • locally owned brand
  • free from lots of nasty ingredients including - talc, oil, parabens etc
  • packaging is a bit inconvenient - need a separate container in order to tip out the shadow
  • mineral eyeshadow applied as is needs a few swipes for better colour pay-off

Overall, there are some really pretty colours and the quality is nice - hopefully these will tempt me to be a little more adventurous with my make-up ^_^

Do you have mineral eyeshadows in your beauty bag? Do you prefer to apply them as is, or wet? I love the look of them wet, but I'm not used to such dramatic colours~

Thanks for reading, and hope everyone's enjoying their weekend! 


  1. Oh! Nice review :)

    I love how pigmented they are in the swatches! I will definitely find these and buy them!

  2. The packaging does seem a bit inconvenient like you noted but the cool brown one looks nice! Neutral colours are love!

  3. the packaging has always been a problem for mineral products, they're a bit messy . But the pigmentation esp when applied wet is amazing! I actually really like the cachy name! Chi Chi sounds cute!

  4. Thanks Kai ^^
    Yep, the pigmentation is so nice, I wasn't expecting such vivid colours <3

  5. Yeah, luckily the pigmentation and the colours make up for the inconvenience ^^
    Yes, totally agree - neutrals are love!

  6. Hehe, I'm a bit of a klutz so it does get quite messy ^^
    Yes, I love the pigmentation! It makes me want to try more bolder colours for my make-up!

  7. Chi Chi reminds me of
    a character of Dragon
    Ball Z :P

    Anyway, great to hear
    that the product is
    free from tons of
    chemical stuff!
    Bummer about the


  8. Such beautiful colors and great review as always! I'm so admire that you try so many makeup products. I usually find one good item, keep using'em for a looong time (I'm too lazy to try new things).. Great post :) xo akiko
    Style Imported

  9. These look very nice. The packaging is not the best idea though..


  10. Ahaha, that's such an old show, how nostalgic ^^

    Yeah, that's definitely one of it's strong points, and makes up for the cons.

  11. Yes, really pretty colours!
    Haha, I've a very short attention span I guess, I love trying lots of different things (as long as my budget can stand it!)
    Thank you :)

  12. I love the shimmer on those colors!!

  13. Very nice review dear. Now, I've learned a new one by reading your post. =)

  14. Me too, definitely feel like it was a good buy ^^


Aww, thanks for your comment! I'll be replying or visiting your blog soon ^.^

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