Friday, 27 April 2012

Target beauty haul - Chi Chi, Essence & Australis

Did a little bit of retail therapy yesterday ^^

There were some good markdowns so I took the chance to try out some unfamiliar brands. 

Chi Chi - Step to the beat girl metallic eyeliner $6.96
RRP $9.95

I've been on the hunt for a glittery goldish eyeliner for a few weeks now, and I only just stumbled over this by chance. It's more of a rusty gold, rather than the yellow gold I was after  - but it's still a pretty colour. It was 30% off, so I'm glad I got it on sale!

I've always walked past the Chi Chi display and never really gave it too much attention, because it seems to target the teenage & night-clubbers' demographics with it's bright, loud and sparkly products. But the clearance bins will never fail to sway me and I decided to pick up a pot of the mineral eyeshadows in Cool Browns, because I love neutrals, and I love a good bargain. 

It was a further bonus to read on the label that Chi Chi is an Australian owned brand (even if the products are actually made in China), do not test on animals, and also the eyeshadows are talc free, oil free, paraben free etc, etc. 

Chi Chi real minerals eyeshadow $3.50
RRP apparently around $16.95

When I came home and looked at the receipt I saw it had been actually reduced to $3.50. Pretty good for 4 shades, and it's quite a big size too, so of course I went back today to pick up a few more pots. These were in the bargain bins, and not on the shelf with the rest of Chi Chi stuff so I'm not sure if that means these pots are being discontinued, or if they are simply getting rid of older stock. 

Chi Chi mineral eyeshadow in Cool Browns, Smokey Eyes & Pinks/Purples
Quickie swatches of the Cool Browns pot, with flash
This was applied wet, and it looks so pretty I could cry
Better swatches will be up next weekish, it was too cloudy today to get clear shots
Australis lip & cheek tint in Portrait Pink $2.99
RRP $10.95

This was an impulse buy since it was so cheap. You have to click it like a ballpoint pen, to get the tint to come through the brush. I'm not sure I like it since it doesn't seem so hygienic, but we shall see. 

Essence Smokey Eyes mascara $2.50
Essence mascaras RRP around $5-$7 mark

I used to be a bit of a mascara-holic but when I still couldn't find a good one for my stubborn stick straight lashes I gave up and moved onto falsies instead ^^

I still need a mascara to use before applying falsies but now I just prefer a simple cheap one, so I got these mascaras when I saw they were reduced.

Essence Sun Club mascara $3.00

As expected, this one failed to keep my stubborn lashes curled. It coats my lashes nicely though, and adds some length. I don't have to feel disappointed in it's performance because it was so cheap~

And that's my haul for the day :) 

I'll hopefully have some swatches/reviews on some of these products up soon. Anyone else tried these products before? Do let me know what you think!

Thanks for reading, have a great weekend <3


  1. Nice haul :P
    Seems like 'Chi Chi' is more
    than just a teenager brand :P


  2. Woah, a very big haul!
    And those swatches of the Cool Browns pot looks amazing. They appear to be really pigmented.
    :) Can't wait for your reviews, Tulip!

  3. Nice haul! I didn't know Target sold Essence products. I've been wanting to try their products since they seem to be pretty good quality for the price. The mineral shadows look really nice in your swatches!

  4. Nice haul~!
    I've never seen Chi Chi before...the shades look soooooooooooooooo nice...I'm a sucker for neutrals myself *o*

  5. Oooo I am loving the Chi Chi cool browns! Can't go wrong with brown eye shadow! The mascaras are so cheap! I want to get some cheap mascaras cos apparently all mascaras do the same thing. Plus we're meant to throw em out every 3 months! (SO LAME!) >:\

  6. Oooh nice haul! The first metallic eyeliner looks so cool!

  7. Thanks ^^
    Yeah, hmm I shouldn't judge a product by it's packaging I guess!

  8. Yeah, luckily everything was on sale!
    The colours are quite pretty - I'm super pleased I decided to get them ^^

  9. Thanks :)
    It seems Essence is available at Target here in Australia, but I'm not sure about internationally. I think I might have to try more of their products too~
    Yep, the mineral shadows were surprisingly pretty!

  10. Thanks ^^
    Yeah, I think Chi Chi's limited to Australia, and even then they only appear in Target and one other department store that I know of. I'm so glad I picked these eyeshadows up, they are definitely pretty~!

  11. The mineral eyeshadow was surprisingly nicely pigmented and shimmery :)
    Yeah, the mascaras already cheap and then marked down further *o*
    It's good because I can go weeks without using mascara, so it's best to use cheaper brands~

  12. Thanks Sue. Yep, I haven't tried metallic eyeliner before so I'm excited to try it :)

  13. great haul and great info on the products. i want to try the metallic eyeliner! :)

    have a great wknd!


  14. Sweet_Cherry_Cola29 April 2012 at 11:28

    Ooo nice haul!! Me like! :D

  15. I always noticed Chi Chi display but have never paid much attention to it either. The eyeshadows look very nice!!


  16. The Chi Chi are really pretty and nice packaging <3

  17. ahh such a bargain for the Chi Chi eyeshadows! And yeah I know what you mean about Chi Chi products, they were popular back in my teenage days but it never seemed like they appealed to the older market haha. The eyeshadows are soooo pretty though >_< I need to go to Target to find some Chi Chi products!!

  18. Yep the packaging's quite cute, but inconvenient to use >_<

  19. Yep they were! Hehe, I wasn't into makeup as a teen so Chi Chi wouldn't have even been on my radar.
    They are really pretty, esp applied wet ^^


Aww, thanks for your comment! I'll be replying or visiting your blog soon ^.^

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