Thursday, 12 April 2012

SKINCARE REVIEW - My Beauty Diary Strawberry Yogurt Sheet Mask Set

Brand: My Beauty Diary, Strawberry Yogurt 
Function: whitens skin, controls sebum secretion, hydrates
Best suits skin type: normal or combination skin
Price: ~$11.30 AUD at Sasa, 10 sheets

I have to say this right off, these masks smell divine <3

From Sasa
"Natural strawberry extract contains AHA, minerals and enzyme to leave skin clean, fair and fresh. Yogurt extract balances sebum secretion and tightens pores. Arbutin leaves skin luminous."

Ingredients list - click to enlarge

Leave the mask on for 20-30 minutes 

I find that this mask does tend to temporarily exaggerate the red post acne blemishes on my skin (same as how my blemishes redden after a hot shower), so that's why I always use the mask at night before bedtime. There's a definite brightening/whitening effect but that seems to only last through the next day or so. 

The masks fit great except for the mouth part which is a bit too low, so I cut up from the cupid's bow, then fold at the dotted lines so I don't get any serum on my lips.

  • definite whitening/brightening effect after treatment
  • noticeable skin tightening effect
  • generous amount of serum
  • smells amazing
  • skin feels soft and smooth afterwards
  • super cute packaging
  • good value

  • might temporarily redden old acne scars (therefore only use before bedtime)
  • whitening/brightening effect seems temporary, will need constant usage over time for a more noticeable/permanent change

I've been using this and the Chocolate Truffle masks over the last 2 months, and I would say this one performs slightly better. The brightening effect is more noticeable, and my skin feels just as smooth and hydrated. 

Overall a nice sheet mask, but I'm eager to try out other types in the range!

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  1. Oh yayy MBD!
    That's what I noticed about their masks.. They tend to redden my acne and sometimes it even makes me break out.. I have to be careful. But other than that the masks do their job.
    & the scent is strawberry? Lovely!

    Great review<3

  2. I want to try this one next time :D

  3. One of my favorite masks! I especially love the smell xD

  4. nice review, dear!

    Anyway, please join my blog giveaway if you haven't yet!

  5. yay, more masks! strawberry yoghurt does sound very yummy haha. I've found that a lot of the masks that are supposed to be whitening and brightening, don't really have any long-term effects. at least it is still hydrating! :D

  6. I want to get this just because the strawberry design is cute HAHA! I have the Black Pearl one. Check out my review here:


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