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SKINCARE REVIEW - My Beauty Diary Chocolate Truffle Sheet Mask

Brand: My Beauty Diary
'Flavour' & function: Chocolate Truffle - promises to moisturise and soften the face after 20 minutes. 
Best suited to: It is targeted towards normal skin types, and dry skin types in particular. 
Price: currently $11.30 AUD at Sasa, 10 sheets

Ingredients - click to enlarge

According to the Sasa website description, all the main ingredients in this mask aim to mosturise, hydrate, nourish and promote skin elasticity. MBD reccomends to leave the mask on for 20-30 minutes, but sometimes I go longer to get that extra boost of hydration. Of course if you have sensitive skin, you should just go the 20 minutes.

You can choose to rinse the serum off after the treatment, or like me you can let it absorb into the skin. I always use the masks before bed, and the next morning my skin feels so soft and smooth~

Isn't the packaging is adorable? Each mask sheet is individually packaged in foil packets. Some people like to put their packets in the fridge before using, for an extra cooling and refreshing sensation. 

There's quite a generous amount of serum on the mask, so I always use the excess to apply to my neck and elbows. 

Here's a pic of what a sheet mask is shaped like, for those who don't know. I already used the mask though, this is just the template. 

The shape should be a good fit for the majority of people. Not too small, nor big. I did find the lip area too low, so I often snip from the cupid's bow towards the nose, and fold the sheet so I don't have to constantly have serum smear on my lips. 

  • generous amount of serum
  • good value
  • super soft and smooth skin over the next day or so
  • some brightening effect 
  • adorable packaging

  • other masks in the MBD range will offer multiple benefits, while this one just focuses on hydrating
  • scent is a bit artificial
  • can't eat without dislodging the mask - can that count as a con?

If you're only after a mask that will hydrate the skin, you might like this. If you're after hydration plus other benefits such as whitening/brightening, pore tightening, blemish reducing etc, then it's worth checking out other masks in the MBD range. I've also been using the Strawberry Yogurt type so I'll review that shortly, too.

Since this box is nearly finished I'm going to be ordering more MBD masks soon. The only problem is deciding which to try first since there are so many different types! I heard the black pearl one is good, so I'll probably try that, but any other recommendations?

Hope everyone has a good Easter break ^^
My family will be gathering on Good Friday for dinner, but I don't think we have any other special plans. How bout everyone else?


  1. Oooh I'm using my first MBD box of masks atm - macarons and earl grey tea! I'll admit I bought it because it sounds delicious haha. I do like them a lot, I am definitely going to be trying out some of their other masks!!

  2. Sweet_Cherry_Cola5 April 2012 at 23:44

    I love this mask! It smells like chocolate milk. o^-^o

  3. The mask seems interesting. It sounds super moisturizing. The packaging is super cute!
    Do you have a particular website that you recommend where they sell Asian beauty products?

  4. Hey this doesn't sound bad at all :) hmm chocolate!! <3

  5. Nice review! :]
    When I saw chocolate I just had to see it; I love the smell of it. I'll definitely add this to my wish list! MBD has such a variety it's difficult choosing which masks to get though..

  6. hahaha~I would also considered the last bullet as a con as well! Beauty Diary has a lot of variants and its just so tempting to try them all ︿_︿~

  7. Chocolate masks? That is something I haven't heard of :O Definitely something I would like to try hehe.
    The mask doesn't look wet surprisingly!

  8. The mask looks so yummy :)
    Chocolate truffles <33 I bet it smells really good.
    I hear the Strawberry Yogurt one is the best...?

  9. No dear, you can't eat the mask lols~
    Abit shame about the artificial scent!
    I want to try the one with strawberry


  10. The macarons and early grey tea sounds so cute! Haha, it's the same reason I bought this Choc truffle one!

  11. Hehe, I have to say I prefer the Strawberry Yogurt scent more :)

  12. Yeah, it's quite hydrating - definitely They always have great promotions whether it's discounts on products or free shipping, and they're reliable and sell authentic brands :)

  13. Thank you :)
    Haha I was hoping for a more bitter chocolate smell but it's more like milk chocolate, oh well~
    I know, they have way too many to choose between and I tell myself I need to pace myself so I don't buy all at once...

  14. Lol, that's good. It's hard not to snack while wearing it :)
    Yes I want to try them all too!

  15. I much prefer sheet masks over the normal mud/creamy masks! Much cleaner & less irritating for me anyway.

  16. They smell pretty good :)
    Hehe it smells sweet while I was hoping for a bitter dark chocolate smell for some reason...
    That one's good for brightening and pore tightening, in my opinion. It smells so delicious too!

  17. haha, but they smell so good!
    Hehe, I think because I wanted it to smell like dark chocolate that I didn't like this smell as much...
    Oh that one smells really good, and the effects are ok too :)

  18. ooh the name really caught my eye! the packaging on the front of the box looks so delicious >_< it's good to hear that the mask is hydrating at least and not completely useless. your post has just reminded me of all the mbd masks I've hoarded over the past few yrs and totally neglected haha! think I've got the pearl one as well. most of the ones I got were pretty so-so, so unfortunately I don't really have any recommendations!

  19. Oh, gotta be kidding me, this blog (I mean your blog) is awesome. following you ^^ I like Mask ^^

    Latest, post me comment so that i can link you ^^: HPV and Gardasil

  20. PinkOrchidsSteph9 April 2012 at 06:56

    Lol the last con is so funny because that's something I would think is a con too! I dislike maskes that smell a little artificial :( xX

  21. i love my beauty diary masks. i use them a lot. they're definitely very hydrating and renew my skin condition after stress from school and sleep deprivation :p i like the white pearl one or the aloe one!


  22. Yeah, but I wish it did more than hydrate like some of the other masks claim to do :)
    Well, looks like I'll have fun trying to test out the whole MBD range!

  23. Haha, yeah it's no good if I can't have a snack while wearing the mask :)
    Oh, me too~

  24. Cool, thanks for the recs! The aloe sounds really soothing and refreshing~

  25. Nice review! I don't like the lip area on these masks either. I think that I want to try the 2 Step Autumn Repair Pack - Snail Mask next. I’m not sure if you like doing tags, but I tagged you in my 11 Question Tag :)

  26. Thanks :)
    A 2 part treatment process sounds really interesting!

    Aww, thanks!

  27. Thanks! I've heard of the site before but I have never ordered from there. I'm very cautious about ordering things online. I want to make sure the sites are reputable. Sasa has so many things on their site. I get a little overwhelm, haha.

  28. Wow, chocolate truffle mask sounds delicious=D


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  30. Yeah, I can't resist beauty stuff named after desserts!

  31. Turtle's things26 April 2012 at 20:19

    I love the product ! Chocolate <3
    Turtle <3

  32. looks cool! followed u. ^-*

  33. My friend gave this to me as a birthday present! My response was....hmmm chocolate truffles but then she told me it was a face mask I was like oooohhh haha I'm wearing the mask on right now :D

  34. Hehe, it might not be edible but at least it smells sweet ^_^

  35. I bought a pack today :) It was my first time trying on a mask so I was a little concerned about it so I looked up some reviews. The product was really good and smelled awesomee. :DD Thanks so much :)))


Aww, thanks for your comment! I'll be replying or visiting your blog soon ^.^

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