Monday, 9 April 2012

Random Filler Post 05 + Priceline Deals worth checking out

Got these cute pencil holders for only 0.50c each~
This day's cloud patterns were interesting to look at
Yum yum, something sweet but not terribly sugary
Tuesday is Cheap Pizza Day~
Waiting for the pizza - here's my sparkly sequin heart tee
Eyeing these HK frames on eBay - so cute, should I get them?
Nail polish haul - to add to my growing collection~
One of last week's OOTD - top & skirt from Cotton On
It's getting cold, so I brought out my sexy leopard print blanket :)
Hope everyone had a nice Easter break. I got some nice chocolates <3
Casual family dinner on Good Friday
A mish-mash of Asian and Western dishes + Tiramisu for dessert
These trees weird me out, those cone things look dangerous...
Don't they look like they would hurt if it fell on your head?!
Mickey found a golf ball in the park
Pretty trees 
Bought some cheap headbands
A refreshing grass jelly drink 

Priceline addicts may have seen this catalogue already, but for those who haven't they're having a 2 day only 20% off sale on ALL cosmetics & skincare products - it's only from April 10th til the 11th.

Plus, between 12th April til the 23rd, spend $60 or more at once and get this jam-packed bag full of freebies!

Kinda sad how you can't take advantage of the 20% off sale AND get the gift bag...haha, I'm so stingy  0_o

And I can't believe this, but how did I not know that Priceline has been selling Hello Kitty cosmetics since last year?!!! Turns out my local store does not carry it.

I'm still planning on going to the next nearest store that carries the range to check it out. Prices go from $9.95 to $14.95. Not too sure of the quality, but I might get something just to have it in my make-up collection.

Here's a link to the stores that do carry the HK line, but you probably don't need it cos I seem to be the last one in the know :)

And a link to the $5 voucher - you need to use your clubcard in conjunction with the voucher. Or you could just take advantage of the 20% off flash sale instead.

Hope everyone's having a great Easter break! Thanks for reading~


  1. I love your heart shaped T-shirt :) looks so sparkly

  2. Haha I was just about to comment on how you can't take advantage of both the sale and the gift!! :P
    Will definitely drop by tomorrow to check it out hehe naughty me :D

  3. Karina Dinda Rachmawati9 April 2012 at 22:48

    I love your glasses dear! :) Great post!

    Join my International Giveaway, win Goodie Bags with a total value of IDR 500,000.- (USD 55). Click here ˆ⌣ˆ
    Karina Dinda R. ♥

  4. I love NYC nail polishes (I believe they're the same as Ulta3?). Such good quality, huge shade selection and so cheap! I've been looking forward to that Priceline free sample bag promotion for a while :p Agreed with you though, it's clear they made it so you couldn't take advantage of the 20% off AND the bag.

  5. Didn't know about that Priceline sale - thanks for the heads up! I find it a bit random that they have Hello Kitty cosmetics - I don't know how good they are but they do look mighty adorable C: And that aside, those cone things DO look like they'd hurt quite a bit if they fell off and hit you on the head ._.

  6. yummy food pics too :9

    i've never seen a tree with leathal spiny cone lol :O

  7. All of these photos are perfect! I'm so hungry now!

    Missing Amsie Blog

  8. so many lovely photos! I want cute pencil holders too, I think that would cute up my desk a bit more~ In fact, I'd love to cutify all the basic items in life (^^)v HK makeup looks nice, but I wonder if the actual products are good too? Ahh, sales... they tempt me to buy things I'd normally never buy. I'm a sucker for low prices :'D

  9. That Good Friday meal looks delicious. *___* !!!
    & those glasses are really adorable haha~ So cuuute!
    Thanks for following me. I am following back. ^_^

  10. Those Hello Kitty frames are perfect!

  11. Thank you, lol yeah it is! I love wearing it :)

  12. The people at Priceline are very clever ;)
    Hope you pick up some nice things!

  13. Yeah, they're quite similar in price and quality :) But this is the first time I've seen the NYC polishes around, and I found them at Woolworths of all places!
    I'm still thinking about whether I want the bag or not - well I do want it, but the total of all the things I need to buy only comes up to about $45 at the moment...

  14. Yes, I was totally surprised to find out about Priceline's HK cosmetics! But HK seems to be making a comeback down under, Valleygirl recently brought out a range of HK tees and tops :)

  15. Thank you :)
    Hehe, it's so unusual isn't it? Like those spiky medieval club things...

  16. Thank you :)
    Yeah, my desk is such a mess, so these should motivate me to tidy up!
    I don't know what to expect on the quality since reviews I've read differ in opinion...HK fans will buy them regardless I guess - and I might just be one of them 0_o

  17. Yeah, it was so good!
    They are, I'm going to get them off eBay soon I think~
    Thanks, have a great day <3

  18. They are so cute! Can't wait to get them :)

  19. I have the Hello Kitty frames and I didn't know that they make it in leopard print >___< Get them get them!!!

    I love natural confectionary lollies. I love snacking on gummies and they make me feel a teensy bit less guilty.


  20. Haha, "Sexy leopard print" & cute outfit by the way!

    I think you should get those Hello Kitty frames, they could add some flare to a "nerd" outfit! And look at all that food.. they look so good..

  21. They're so cute, right? I only came across them as I was looking for the black frames with the red bow, I like this one better!

  22. Haha, it was this print or a plain blue one~ Thanks :)

    Yeah, I'm on eBay right now, gonna get them!

    The hols are the best times for eating lots of good food ^^

  23. Ooooh love your dress outfit! Sooo pretty! And the pencil holders look so cute! I can't believe you got them for that price! <3

  24. Thanks Anna :)
    Yeah, they were a real bargain!


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