Saturday, 14 April 2012

Markets, Markets, Aquarium

This is how I spent my Easter Monday :)

*image heavy* 

Love the circus top inspired roof

I hadn't been to the Stock Road Markets since I was little so I was excited to re-visit! Sadly the place is not as lively as I remembered it to be...there were only a handful of shops (literally). We walked the place in 10 minutes. 

This spectacularly glowing fountain was situated right in the middle of the marketplace, so I decided to mosey over and take a 'tourist' photo amongst the fake plastic plants :)

OOTD - tank top: Jay Jays, cardigan: Dotti, shorts - unbranded, flats: Target
Too lazy to wear eye make-up today...
There were koi fish
And goldfish. I gave my sis 50c to throw in and make a wish
Went to the 2nd hand bookstore across the road.
We didn't want to leave without buying anything so we bought this for $1

Since we didn't spend too much time at the Stock Road Markets we decided to go to Fremantle's markets too. Actually traffic was quite congested in the area due to an Arts Festival taking place on the streets. I really would have loved to go, but there seriously was no parking so we just headed to the E-Shed Markets instead. The markets are right by the waterside, and is right in the middle of a working harbour/port.

Lots of typical Aussie souvenirs for tourists to look at 
My sis bought this sheep hat thing!

After we left the Fremantle markets we stopped by a local Aquarium shop, since my Dad promised his friend he'd check out the prices on glass aquariums. I love looking at all the tropical/exotic fish and corals. I was hoping they had seahorses (I think they did last time I went) but I didn't see any. 

This little fish was playing peek-a-boo in the coral
This anemone thing is awesome! A bright highlighter yellow!
Blue and orange starfish!
Cute yellow fish
Well, the fishies were cute but the customer service was pretty cruddy.  I won't say any more. 

Stopped by Hungry Jacks on the way home
This one has a retro diner's vibe going on - very fun!

Just saw in my inbox that Dotti's opened an online store for outlet shopping! There are bargains to be had, including some cute $9.95 dresses BUT there seems to be a lot of broken links so I'm having problems navigating around >_<


  1. Such a nice day ! I the yellow fishes are so cute xd I want to spent my holiday out for a trip or....doing some outdoor activities like you :(

  2. Nice pictures of your adventurous day!
    I thought you went to a circus, after
    spotting the first picture :P
    Anyway you look cute and love the


  3. Looks like you had fun! ^^
    Haha, that sheep hat thing is cute! >u<

  4. Cute outfit :)

    koi fish<3 and so many fishes. Haha, that yellow anemone thing is so cute! It reminds me of a luffa sponge. Is that what they're called?

  5. Sweet_Cherry_Cola14 April 2012 at 05:55

    I love aquariums... and btw that sheep hat is totally awesome. I tagged you in an 11 questions tag Tulip! :D

  6. So cute, looks like a great day! The highlighter yellow anemone is so awesome haha!

  7. The fish are really cute and so are you ^_^
    I love that polka dotted top (and the sheep hat of course haha)
    Now I'm going to look at Dotti's online store and try to find some good deals
    Thanks for sharing the link <3

  8. your sheep hat is cute!! I love the sea creatures pictures you took :)

  9. Yeah, the weather was so nice!
    I love the brightly coloured fish the most :)

  10. Lol, it does have that circus tent look :)
    At least that part of the markets was interesting...
    Thank you <3

  11. Yeah, it was such a nice day that it was nice to be out and about :)
    It is! There were a lot of other cute ones too, like penguins and pandas <3

  12. Thanks Kai :)

    Yeah, there were heaps of fish and other cute sea animals to look at! Haha, that yellow anemone thing sort of looked like a funky night-light to me ^^

  13. Yeah, they're always filled with such interesting marine life to look at~
    It is, I'm tempted to borrow it from my sis often :)
    Ooh, thanks! Gonna go check it out~

  14. Yeah, the weather was so nice, it was good to go out :)
    It was so mesmerising to look at, lol.

  15. Thanks :)
    I've been wearing that polka dot top way too much >_<
    Sure, have fun <3

  16. Yeah, it's cuddly and cute :)

  17. cute sheep hat!! and LOL at being a tourist. i love being a tourist! it's so much fun ahaha!

    looks like you had lots of fun! love your polka dot shirt! and aquariums are always fun! i love the bright vibrant colors of the fish and sea creatures! it's really amazing because these are natural organisms...or maybe i'm just easily fascinated lol

  18. Ahhh it all looks so fun! I love that sheep hat, and the fish are beautiful!

  19. chelseathetraveler15 April 2012 at 18:19

    Looks like so much fun ^.^ That anemone thing looks so cool!

    <3 chels

  20. I need to go out and do more tourist-like things :)
    Thanks, and yeah marine life is so fascinating to look at!


Aww, thanks for your comment! I'll be replying or visiting your blog soon ^.^

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