Wednesday, 25 April 2012

FACE PRIMER REVIEW - SANA Nameraka Honpo Make Up Base

I wanted to do a review on this make-up base that I purchased from Sasa, but it looks like this product has been re-vamped in the past few months. The only difference I can see is the SPF factor has increased from SPF19 PA++ to SPF25 PA++, so I hope this review will still be accurate.

Brand: Sana
Product: Nameraka Honpo Make Up Base
Skin type: all
Special features: contains Soybean extract and vegetable collagen, which apparantly leaves skin moisturised and feeling soft

Only Japanese, unfortunately

Sana is a Japanese cosmetics brand and I find it so interesting how much this product differs from their others in terms of packaging. They have a whole range of Soya bean-based products, and this range's packaging is quite plain and simple, along the same vein as those super gentle, sensitive skin friendly products such as Dove or Cetaphil. On the other hand, Sana's other beauty products look super cute, all pink and sparkly ^^

Some English on the packaging - click to enlarge
Absorbs quickly, without colour

  • SPF protection
  • non-greasy - I think it'd be particularly great for combination or oily skin tones 
  • no mineral oil 
  • make-up lasts longer, perfect to hold dewy bb creams/foundations, particularly in Summer
  • absorbs quickly, without any colour
  • gentle
  • 40g may not seem like a lot, but I've been using it nearly daily for 3 months and am yet to finish it up
  • bb cream applies smoother overall
  • hygienic packaging

  • won't completely fill in uneven skin/indents in the skin (which is fine for daily use but not good enough for special occasions where I want skin to look as flawless as possible)
  • might accentuate dry, flaky skin, so moisturise well beforehand!
  • though suitable for all skin types, as above, I probably wouldn't recommend it to those with flaky skin
  • packaging does not provide a complete list of ingredients in English
  • seems to be available on eBay or Sasa only

Overall I think this primer is great for day to day use as it's quite gentle, and helps make-up last longer without budging. 

However I think it doesn't help fill in indents in my skin from past acne scarring, and if I don't moisturise well, my nose area looks a bit dry - but only if I look closely into the mirror. 

Personally I think it'd be good for normal to oily skin types, who don't have uneven skin to worry about, who'd like this primer. People with good skin, who like very gentle products might like this too. 

*Btw, this primer is part of a complete skincare range with the soyabean extract, so perhaps the primer works with optimal performance when used with the complementing products - cleanser, toner, moisturiser etc* 

As always, thanks for reading.


  1. This primer sounds very nice! I have been looking for a new one since my e.l.f. primer ran out! This seems pretty nice for my oily skin hehe. Thanks for sharing!

  2. sometimes my skin gets kinda flakey do i dont think this one would be for me! shame it is limited to ebay and sasa!

  3. I was looking for a makeup base :) I think I should give this one a try. Do you know any that's more moisturizing? Thanks for the great review ^^

  4. Thanks for the review! I've always wanted to try SANA as I've heard some great feedback on this brand. This seems like a nice primer as I have oily skin so I hope this might suits well on my skin. ^_^~

  5. I have been wanting to try out products from the Sans Tonyu (soy milk) range. This makeup base looks good since I have oily skin.


  6. Yeah, it's quite a nice product, but not hydrating enough for me. Thanks for reading ^^

  7. Yeah, I wish Japanese cosmetics would become more mainstream and accessible, lol.

  8. Thanks for reading~
    Hmm, the only primers I've used so far don't have that very rich, moisturising feel so I don't have any to recommend >_<
    I'm still on the hunt for a good one!

  9. Thanks for reading :)
    Yeah, I heard it was quite good and gentle for all skin types so I was tempted to try it! It definitely helped my bb cream stay during the hot summer~

  10. Yeah, it's quite nice and gentle! It definitely worked for me during summer to keep my bb cream from just sliding off my face ^^

  11. I've never used a face primer before, but maybe, I will look into it if I ever decide to try out some BB creams. I really want to start using products that contain all natural ingredients. :D

  12. Really like your blog, thanks for your infor. xx

    Latest: 22 years old [Happy Birthday]

  13. Yeah, I only started using primers because I heard they help keep foundations and bb cream on the face longer ^^
    All natural beauty products sound really good for the skin, but they tend to cost more too!~


Aww, thanks for your comment! I'll be replying or visiting your blog soon ^.^

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