Monday, 30 April 2012

BB CREAM REVIEW: SKIN79 (Hot Pink) Super Plus Beblish Balm

Today's bb cream review is on the quite popular SKIN79 Super Plus Beblesh Balm (sometimes referred to as the Hot Pink bb cream).
Like most bb creams on the market the Super+ has three primary functions - whitening, UV protection and anti-wrinkle properties. 

The beblesh balm contains Arbutin - which supposedly promotes skin whitening, and improves wrinkles. The SPF25 PA ++ also protects skin from harmful sun rays which can cause early wrinkles, and other ingredients such as sunflower, rice bran and ivy extracts add additional skin protection to 'cultivate more bright and elastic skin'. 

Due to the popularity of this product be very wary of fake products from China. Here is one blog that has helpful tips comparing real from fake. If buying from ebay (like I did), stick to South Korean sellers as they are more likely to have the real deal.

  • I really like SKIN79's bb cream packaging overall. Though they're quite affordable, their packaging seems high quality and tend to look quite attractive. 
  • the boxed packaging has detailed instructions on how to apply the cream on the inside flaps

  • the cream itself is an unattractive pinkish-greyish shade, but should oxidise after applied to the face (it should look more natural within 30 mins, and continue to adjust further throughout the day) 
  • the texture is quite nice, it's a bit thick but feels incredibly lightweight once applied 
  • there is a faint perfume scent in the cream, but I didn't find it bothersome

  • coverage is lightweight but buildable to not-quite medium coverage
  • I find using a primer beforehand, and applying with a foundation brush gives me that almost medium coverage
  • this bb cream makes skin reasonably even, and will reduce redness and blemishes - but not completely
  • I can't wear this in Summer because it gave my face an ashy tone. I started trying this again and it looks a lot better now, whether because I've gotten paler from wearing bb creams and/or using whitening face masks or what I don't know

Natural indoors lighting - no highlighter or powder applied
It didn't cover my freckle-spots but my acne scarring is practically invisible
A bit of an ashy tone, but not too noticeable - a bit of bronzer would help
White bulb lighting
Bright, natural light
Outdoors, in my car. My imperfections are a bit more obvious now 

  • nice packaging
  • feels lightweight on skin while providing relatively good coverage
  • affordable, available from a multitude of online sellers

  • beware of fakes
  • can make skin look ashy or grey
Thanks for reading, and you can find other bb cream reviews via the Beauty Reviews Page.


  1. I like how your skin looks :D And I personally do not mind the grey/white cast since it makes you look lighter xD and it will set to your skin tone in a few minutes after application anyways :P

  2. Oh cool! Thank you for the review :) it seems like a food BBBcream, minus the oxidizing time. Thank you very much for including info on fakes too, will def take a look~

  3. Roar, I mean good BB cream. It wouldnt let me edit A^^;

  4. I just got this BB cream recently and it really is ashy toned! but with blush, it'll be fine :) Adds colour hehe ~

  5. i always thought about getting this, but too afraid it will turn my skin grey, which i won''t like :P but you look great with it, makes your skin look flawless! ^^

  6. I love it!!! Amazing! :)


  7. BBcream<3 I love how it makes my face have a nice dewy look!
    Great review!

  8. Envy your clear and
    super pale skin ^^

    Ugh, I hate fake
    products by China.
    It makes me abit
    ashamed what
    Chinese are doing
    these days, just
    for money...

    Anyway great
    review c:


  9. Great review as always! You have such a beautiful skin :)) xo akiko

    Style Imported

  10. Sweet_Cherry_Cola1 May 2012 at 11:00

    Really good review! I like this BB cream a lot :)

  11. thanks for the review! this seems like a nice bb cream ^_^~ your skin look super duper flawless =)

  12. Thanks, yeah I like that it makes my skin lighter but I always worry that it won't match my neck/chest, lol.

  13. Thanks for reading ^^
    Yep, that blog's fake bb cream guide is very useful - def worth a quick look~

  14. Yep, it looks like the perfect excuse to go shopping for a nice blush or bronzer now XD

  15. It's so popular I thought it would work for me, but yeah I'm not loving it as much as some people do :)
    Thanks! It does look good photo-wise~

  16. I didn't like it at first, but maybe leaving it for a few months improved the formula or something! I've been using it as my main bb cream since writing this review XD

  17. Haha I wish I had clear skin! But it's just good bb cream and lighting XD
    Yeah, it kinda frustrates me as well, esp when creating fake make-up which can harm sensitive peoples' skin.
    Thanks for reading!

  18. Thanks for reading - haha I wish it looked that good in reality but it's just good bb cream coverage~

  19. Thanks! I only started really liking this after trialling it for the review, I didn't like it when I first bought it~

  20. Thanks for reading ^^
    Yeah, it's not for everybody and I thought I disliked it at first but after leaving it for a few months it seems to work better on my skin now~
    Haha it's the bb cream magic, wish my skin was like that naturally!

  21. This looks really nice~! I have the Orange label from Skin79, but I've been wanting to try the Hot Pink one too. Looks great on your skin. :D

  22. Now I must try the popular BB Cream, I been always hestitating to try or not as I am a long time Etude House BB Cream user. :)

    Love your review Babe <3

  23. Oh I think I might like to try the orange one - it seems to have a more yellow tone, I think?
    Thank you ^^

  24. I use the Etude bb cream too! I think the Etude one has slightly better coverage, but the Hot Pink one has better oil control~
    Thanks for reading ^^

  25. nice opinion.. thanks for sharing.

  26. Nice review! This hot pink bb cream is indeed a super popular among bb cream lovers. Im currently eyeing the vital bb cream (the orange one). Heard that this vital bb cream is great too ^^

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  28. Hye i would love to buy skin79 but im afraid that it would be a fake one. Im frm malaysia. Any recommendation ononline website? Help pls

  29. Comment left by 'Anonymous' 17/10/2012 *sorry, don't know where the comment disappeared to - I'll post it on your behalf for now*

    "Hye i would love to buy skin79 but im afraid that it would be a fake one. Im frm malaysia. Any recommendation ononline website? Help pls"

    A: I bought mine from ebay seller ideaseller kr - and found the product and service quite good

    My tips would be to pay via paypal for maximum customer protection, buy Korean products from Korean sellers, and always check their rating (best to stick with sellers with at least 99.4% rating)


Aww, thanks for your comment! I'll be replying or visiting your blog soon ^.^

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