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BB CREAM REVIEW: Fairy Drops Candy Bar BB Cream - Light Ochre

Today's post is a review on the Fairy Drops Candy bar bb cream. Yep, it's that Fairy Drops, the Japanese cosmetics brand renowned for its mascaras. 

From the Pretty & Cute webpage

"Fairydrops Candy Bar BB Cream was produced by Mayumi Yasutomo, a newscaster, who desired to have a product that made her skin look flawless while on camera. This shine-free, oil-free and waterproof product was the perfect solution. The product itself is a lightweight formula allowing you to apply the amount of layer you would like without feeling like your skin is being weighed down. Micro- gold pearl hides scars and freckles. Soft focus powder uses light diffusion not to show wrinkles and makes skin smooth. Cover with thin film, and protect from dry and rough skin." 

Brand: Fairy Drops, shade light ochre (the lightest of two)
Store & Price: purchased from Pretty & Cute, retails for $39.99, and paid about $6.50 for shipping. I used a 5% discount code I found on the web.

*image heavy*

  • squeeze tube that is vaguely bullet shaped
  • has a twist cap with two compartments - it can be taken apart depending on whether you want to use the sponge applicator or not
  • to be honest, I'm not crazy about the packaging - for it's price it could have been prettier? 

  • the cap has a flat surface so that the tube can stand up on your dresser
  • the applicator has a narrow hole so there's no wastage when squeezing the product out
  • overall I think it's quite hygienic 
  • also comes with a firm sponge applicator, which if used, will need to be cleaned often to prevent bacteria transference from sponge to face (which can cause break-outs!)
  • tube contains 35 grams of product (not a lot, really). It would be nicer if the price reflected the amount of the product. But since I am saving this for special occasions only, it's not a huge deal
  • if you want to use this as your daily bb cream, don't forget to put on SPF protection first!

I prefer to apply with fingers, or with a foundation brush over the sponge
So, anyone want to be a Hollywood star? 


  • the texture of this product is thin and a little bit runny
  • can be easily applied with fingers, or with the sponge - if applying with fingers, do make sure to pat the product onto the skin to avoid streaks
  • the product absorbs quickly and feels quite lightweight on the skin
  • the finishing effect is matte (could be dewy for combination/oily skin)
  • no feeling of stickiness or oiliness
  • pressing powder on top is optional

A definite yellow tone, not pink/grey or white so common in bb creams

There are only two shades - Light Ochre and Ochre. Check this beauty blogger's vid to have a look at the darker Ochre shade (about 16.45 minutes in). 

Candy Bar bb cream promises to make skin look flawless on camera, aided by micro gold pearls in the product. Due to the thinness of the product I really wasn't expecting anything better than light coverage at most. So I was really pleased with the final result~

  • this bb cream can easily provide medium coverage

Before shot - actually I didn't want to put my blemished, nakey skin up for everyone to see - but for the sake of the review I will.

Indoor lighting

  • this was applied by fingers, and coverage is pretty good
  • actually it almost looks like I'm wearing foundation - it has that flawless coverage look
  • definitely doesn't feel heavy or cake-like on the skin at all

Natural indoor lighting 
With flash, no flashback or white cast effect!
The shiny parts are from my highlighter~

I love that this has no SPF in it, because now I can use this to wear to those occasions where I'm certain to be posing for pictures at social outings etc, and not have to worry about ghastly white flash back from the camera's flash function. 

PROS Recap
  • best suited for yellow skin tones
  • feels comfortable and lightweight
  • good coverage - good substitute for foundation
  • no SPF, so no whitecast when taking pics with flash on
  • water resistant
  • applies easily with fingers, as well as with brush or sponge - whatever you like!

CONS Recap
  • will be a bit pricey for some people (eg students), considering the small amount of product
  • hard to find online
  • 2 shades only (those with very fair skin, or pink-toned skin will miss out)
  • not suitable for daily wear unless wearing sunblock first
  • even though it's marketed as a bb cream, it doesn't have the skin healing properties other bb creams claim to have

Thanks for reading, and you can find other bb cream reviews by on my beauty review page <3

*disclosure - one or more of the links within this review contains an affiliate link - which means I may earn a small commission if you choose to click and purchase*


  1. The coverage looks amazing! I've seen a few reviews on this BB cream and I want it more and more...but the price really makes me hesitant. :(

  2. Ooh, such good coverage! ^^
    Thank you for the review - it has a cute name as well! >u<

  3. Such great details and tips! You look so pretty :) xo akiko

  4. This product seems to be amazinggg! I would like to try it :3

  5. WOW it looks great! My friend has told me about BB cream and now I think I def want to try it! have an amazing day XO

  6. Cute picture~ :3
    I've heard of this product and heard really good reviews about it. Thank you for your review!
    The coverage is amazing.. and left your skin nice and dewy looking! I really want to get this, but it's so expensive.. No dinero..
    I heard there isn't much inside? Is that true? :o

  7. wow nice dewy finish! really gorgeous!! I'm so tempted to buy one also!! thanks for the review =)

  8. The coverage is nearly on par to foundation :)
    Yeah, I also hesitated at first due to the price! It might be good to wait for a sale~

  9. Yeah, I'm pretty pleased with the coverage it gives :)
    You're welcome, and thanks for reading!

  10. Thank you for reading Akiko ^^

  11. Yeah, the illustrated cap is cute :)

  12. Yes, so far it does seem to live up to its claims ^^
    Let me know how you like it if you do end up trying it~

  13. Thanks for reading, hope you find a bb cream to suit you ^^

  14. Thanks~
    Yeah, it was the good reviews that convinced me to get it...but the cost is a real pain for those on a budget >_<
    It's 35g worth of product, so I've been only using it sparingly, since I feel like if I use it everyday it'd be gone within a month! Definitely not a daily bb cream unless you're rolling in cash XD

  15. It does look good in photos, doesn't it :)
    Thanks for reading!

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  18. you look awsome! your skin looks flawless:)
    have a good day <33


  19. Aw you look so pretty <3
    That's amazing coverage!
    I've heard about this product before but am hesitant to buy it because of it's high costs. Seems really worth it though to me.

  20. Looks like a really good colour match for your skin! Very nice coverage and I like the slight dewiness in the finish :)

  21. haha I know you said you didn't really like the packaging, but I think it's so adorable! oh man I am so obsessed with finding new BB creams. thanks for the review of this! will be checking this out <3 I think this did a great job on covering blemishes!


Aww, thanks for your comment! I'll be replying or visiting your blog soon ^.^

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