Saturday, 17 March 2012

Random filler post 004

Cute Mary-Janes I wore last week

Hmm, this last week or two has mainly been about me deciding to get off my butt and start exercising a bit more. Still need some motivation to eat healthier, or at least scale back on the junk food, though >_< 

Some outdoorsy pics, 2 obscure pics of me without make-up or circle lenses *gasp*, and just a lot of random, unrelated things!

Also, a big thank you to Donna and Anna for nominating me with the Versatile Blogger Award, and also a belated thanks to Jill who also nominated me back last month :)

*image heavy*

Exercise is more fun with cute shoes!
A hat is a must when walking! Even if it makes your head look weird :)
A side-ways tree? The poor thing is split, but it seems to be surviving?
This tree got shaved in half to make way for construction
I really like this pic! It's my lil bro walking Mickey 
Shadow Me & Mickey :)
The sun seemed to be bathing this tree in golden light
Practising selca's while walking! Lol, I get bored
I've been wearing eyelid tape to bed since my crease changed again
The perfect meal for hot Summer days
Mmm, Grandma bought dim sum! 
Egg pudding jelly mountain
Funky car pics taken @ night - don't worry, lil bro's driving :)
Broody black & white pic - Yep I wear glasses! I have terrible vision.
Ebay nail art supplies!
Finally sorted my lashes - upper & lower - too many, yet not enough...
MASSIVE bunny @ Big W - wanna hug it & take it home!
Okay, so I was reading one of Akiko's blog posts where she talks about loving reading blogs where one can feel the atmosphere of where the blogger lives, and I thought 'hmm, I should try and do that for my blog too!', so without further ado, I reckon this pic below epitomises the very essence of my home city, Perth.

Tah-dah ~ can you feel the hip, bustling vibe of Perth coming through???

...Aww, just joking, I'm being mean. It is a Sunday afternoon after all, of course there's not much activity...Well, I'll try really hard to demonstrate a nicer Perth atmosphere for you in future posts :)

So, if you could use only one photo to epitomise the very essence of your own home city/country, what would the photo be of?

*Also, please take a look at a small poll I'm running. I'm thinking about changing my blog title, so let me know what you think! It's underneath my profile pic* 


  1. wow i didnt realise you were in aus! Ive never been to perth before but heard it is a lot more quieter compared to melb or syd.

  2. You have such cute shoes! & Good idea, it's time to work out xD Spring is here & summer is on its way.
    Food & Lashes in one post? Awesome. You have so much!

  3. Love these random filler posts haha :)
    Yay yummy food!!!
    Ooh I see your lash storage method :) very neat.
    Perth seems so quiet and far away.... the time zone is the same as China which I find crazy cos we're all in the same country!!! Haha :)

  4. I was reading your post and unexpectedly found my name.. Thank you for mentioning about my post! I enjoyed reading yours and definitely felt the atmosphere around your place :) The flower shoes is so pretty and dim sum looks so yummy, by the way! xo akiko
    Style Imported

  5. Ohhh I love those Mary-Janes! They look lovely!
    That's a lot of nail supplies and lashes~ And that's one big Lindt bunny :DDD

  6. does going to bed with eyelid tapes helps? if yes i would try,my eyelids are so uneven,most of the time with 1 side with double parallel eyelid and the other single and tucked in -__-

  7. Haha, where I live doesn't really come up in my blog :)
    I visited Melb about 3 years ago and it is so much more vibrant than Perth~

  8. Yep, it's a good time to be more active :)
    Lol, it's kind of frightening how quickly my lashes collection has grown in just a few months! But it's a cheaper addiction than say, designer heels!

  9. Lol, the lashes boxes may seem neat now, but if I get even just a few more pairs, everything will be overflowing again!
    Yeah, it's so weird with the time difference/daylight savings times!

  10. It only seemed polite as it was your post that made me want to do something similar :)
    Thanks for reading and commenting <3

  11. Thanks, they're definitely one of my faves!
    Yeah, I'm into nail art recently! And lol, I can't believe how lashes I've accumulated in recent months...
    The Lindt bunny is sooo cute - but kind of randomly just sitting there too 0_o

  12. I'd say it depends on the thickness of the eyelid, but after a few nights mine have changed from tucked in to parallel (my eyelid changes between the 2), and my two eyes are more evenly matched now.
    I don't know if it's permanent so I still use tape every night/every few nights to 'encourage' or 'train' the eyelid to remember the the crease :)

  13. the mary-jane heels are so cute. vintage looking and doll-like :)
    which ebay seller did you get your nail art supplies from?? I need to buy some nail art supplies!

  14. Love those Mary Janes! And those Rubi shoes are real pretty, totally suitable for spring.

  15. Rocketfashionista18 March 2012 at 18:22

    Love the shoes in the first pic! And I just want to tell you that you're so so so pretty! :) x

  16. thanks for the lovely comment on my blog sweetie :) it's relieving knowing someone else has been in the same boat.
    your Mary Jane shoes are just so cute!! I'm also trying to eat healthier and exercise more lately. it's a bit difficult when you're studying and stressing out sometimes, but let's motivate each other! :) and ooh all your nail supplies from ebay look so lovely! so envious of your false eyelashes collection too :D

  17. Thanks, they're one of most fave pairs :)

    I bought everything from different sellers according to price and variety, here's a list of the sellers-

  18. Thanks, they're def one of my fave pairs :)
    Yeah, I'm a fan of floral prints!

  19. Thank you for visiting and commenting :)

  20. Glad you were able to work through it :)
    Yeah, it's so tempting and too easy to just turn to your fave junk foods and skip exercising after a while. I'm sure we can (mostly) stay on the right track!
    Thank you and thanks for dropping by!

  21. Wow! You have so much lashes! And yay for food pics! <3

  22. I always love your pictures! You should do a post on your nail art!

  23. You have a lot of lashes. xD Can I borrow some? Jk.
    The big bunny reminds me of a chocolate bunny that I've been seeing in stores lately. It is exactly shaped & positioned like it, haha. It's cute.

    Btw, what is that dish that is perfect for summer days? It looks so familiar. O_o

    I would choose a picture of a sunset at the beach. I live in such a warm climate. The sun is usually always shining & the beaches are beautiful with really nice sand.

  24. great selection of photos, the dim sum looks yummy!

    Hope you had a great weekend!

  25. Lol yeah, it seems lashes are a weakness for me :)

  26. Thank you! I hope to do so soon :)

  27. Hehe, the bunny's a promotion for Lindt chocs so it must be around since Easter is coming up!

    Actually I'm not sure what it's called, but it's from Vietnamese cuisine...

    Ooh, sounds lovely. Actually Western Australia also has a reputation for nice beaches too :)

  28. Thanks Thu!

    I did, thanks, catch you around ^_^

  29. I love those floral shoes!! so spring!

  30. That saladlookalike with sliced
    fishballs looking nice! And that
    eggpudding dessert are so
    yummy :3

    My way of exercise is dancing
    for hours on my favorite music!


  31. I have the same pair of shoes (from sasha, right?)!! Normally my feet fail when walking in heels, but these shoes walk quite comfortable ^^

    I really like your lashes collection, I need more of them NAU! The ones I have look a bit drag queenie~ <3

    Those sesame balls look yum, gimme!

  32. Poor tree!!! Awww those puddings look so yummy and hmm, I'm not too sure what I'd take a photo of to represent my city but perhaps the airport =)

  33. Ooh, that sounds like a good form of exercise for when it's cold or rainy outside!

  34. Hmm, these are Isabella Brown, but they probably came from the same manufacturer :)
    These are surprisingly easy to walk in compared to most of my other heels!

    Thanks :)

  35. Yes agreed, it'll take some months for it to grow back its branches!
    Haha, the airport? Interesting choice ^_^

  36. Cute shoes. I love your lash collection. So many.

  37. Cathleah_eraldo22 March 2012 at 13:58

    Those were cute shoes. Love them. You still look pretty wearing glasses. I also wear glasses but I wear them if I can feel stigmatism. =)

  38. Love the photos! Ebay is my favorite place for nail art supplies too - everything is so cheap. Perth looks like a beautiful place!


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