Saturday, 3 March 2012

Pretty & Cute package, My Winter Hitlist + Shopping Loot

Hello all, I've got another shopping haul to show you ^_^

My Pretty&Cute package arrived yesterday, and I went shopping with my sis today - since she needed a new backpack for school. 

From Pretty&Cute I only bought one thing - the Fairy Drops Candy Bar bb cream. I was searching for a bb cream that had a more yellow undertone, and that had no SPF in it, and this was the about the only product that popped up on Google.

I love my Etude bb cream to death, but due to it's high SPF it can't be worn for occasions to take pictures with the flash on, as there'll be a scary, shiny white cast on the face. 

I'm super nervous about this because it's quite pricey (more than double the amount I pay for my Etude one) and I hate wasting money, so I hope it suits my skin tone. I'll do a review on it after I try it a couple times.

I got a cute hair bow clip as a gift too~

My sister asked me to take her shopping to buy a new backpack so we went to Garden City today. We walked around for nearly three hours, but didn't find any she liked/could afford. But it was nice to see winter fashion starting to take over the clothing racks. I definitely spotted some things I would like to get this winter.

Messing around in City Beach ~ we spent several minutes trying on all the different animal hats/scarves. This leopard one is going onto my Winter Wish List XD

Love at first sight. I walked into Forever New and this beautiful blue coat was the first thing to catch my eye. It's going at the top of my Wish List.

I didn't leave Forever New empty handed! Since they were having a sale on already reduced sale items (an additional 40% off), I was able to pick up this cute shoulder bag. I think it's so girlie and pretty, and I can almost never resist anything embellished with a bow ^_^

Bought some more nail polishes since many of my eBay nail art purchases have arrived. Had a total brain blank and ended up buying this pale pink colour, got home and realised I had already bought a similar colour last week *sigh*

My sis and I had pretty much gone into every shop that sold bags by lunchtime so we went to the food court to buy some sushi. While lining up a huge cockroach scuttled from under the counter, so we high-tailed it out of there and went to another sushi place located at the opposite side of the shopping centre. 

I tried the soft shell crab, and the teriyaki salmon sushi rolls. The crab one was really good <3

On the way home we decided to go to our local shopping centre where my sis actually ended up finding a backpack at the Korean supermarket. All in all, a very productive day!

~Hope everyone has a great weekend~


  1. oh the navy coat is super cute!! you have to get it >.<

  2. I saw the coat on another blogger and it is indeed very cute! But the bag you got is really adorable as well. And I agree the ├ętude house bb cream has such a grey cast to it that I probably won't be using mine a lot, let us know how the fairy drops bb cream works out for you.

  3. i loove your choices:) the coat is super pretty!!


  4. Mhmmm soft shell crab sushi <3 one of my favorites.
    Omg that cute handbag is soooo cute *0*
    I hope your new bb cream works great on your skin!


  5. looking forward to the review on the bb cream ~ *__*
    and the bag you bought is super cute and girly! ^w^

  6. Love the haul. Pretty & Cute is an awesome store. LOVe them.
    Very cute shoulder bag from Forever.

  7. The Forever New bag is so cute! I love how it opens like a briefcase. The coat is super cute too! You should definitely get it!

  8. I love that bag!! I used to shop in Forever new all the time when I was living in Melbourne, I miss it so much. Looking forward to your review on the bb cream, I have only tried on Japanese bb cream and I didn't quite like it so I haven't tried others since.


  9. I love haul posts hehe my favourite kind :D
    Omg that Forever New bag is so awesome! How much was it after the discount? Great buy :)
    Eewwww cockroach :S yuckkk.

  10. Ooh and yes I've seen one eCosway store in Melbourne, but I've never been in!! Next time I'm there, I'll make sure to have a look around :) thanks!

  11. Thank you, the coat is pretty much all I'm obsessing over atm!

  12. It was really yummy~
    Yeah, it's super pretty, can't wait to use it <3
    Oh, me too!
    Thanks for dropping by!

  13. Thanks, I hope it'll work out nicely~
    Yeah, I was so happy to get it at a good price too!

  14. This is my first purchase from P&C and I'm pretty pleased with the service ^^

  15. Yep, I thought that feature was pretty cute too~
    The coat has been constantly on my mind since I saw it! Gonna have to cut back on frivolous spending to be able to get this for winter :)

  16. Thanks! FN has the most prettiest things! I wish I could shop there more often~
    It's so hard finding the right bb cream amongst the dozens of brands out there - hope this one works out!

  17. I love looking at other people's hauls too!
    It was a really good buy, after discount it was $20.95 <3
    I rarely go to eCosway, but at the time it was the only way for me to access Asian cosmetics - luckily I have a paypal account now and shop online instead~

  18. Sunnydaysandstarrynights5 March 2012 at 01:56

    Everything looks so cute. I love those nail polish colors.

    P.S. We are having a giveaway on our blog for a personalized necklace. If you get a chance please stop by and enter.

  19. Eva_Chic_Professional5 March 2012 at 03:36

    Your purse looks soooo chic! I like it!

  20. the purse is so adorable!! omg i wanna get one too!!!

  21. Omg so cheap!!!!! Going to Forever New tomorrow LOL

  22. I love that it's cute but a grown-up too :)
    Thanks for dropping by!

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  24. gosh~! the shoulder bag is very cute! i like it^^

  25. OMG. <3 You are very sweet! <3333 i have this cream bb :))
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  26. It is! I'm desperately saving up for it now ^^

  27. Thanks! So glad I got it on sale <3


Aww, thanks for your comment! I'll be replying or visiting your blog soon ^.^

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