Monday, 12 March 2012

My happy place (origin of Tulip Love)

I guess it's no surprise that I love tulips. I like many flowers in general, but of all of them, Tulips are my absolute number one favourites. I love the bright, cheery colours, the cup-like shapes, and the way they look spread out in rows and rows in an explosion of colour, gently swaying in the just strikes a chord of happiness within me!

I was looking through some photos on my computer and came across these photos, which were taken on a family day trip a few years ago. I think it was the first time I had seen so many tulips, and it was probably the moment that I fell in love with this flower~

You know the phrase that some people say, "close your eyes and think of your happy place"? 

Well, any field full of Tulips is my happy place <3

I thought I'd share these pretty pictures, because it's a shame to have them languish on my computer. 

These photos were taken at Araluen Botanical Park (it's in the Perth Hills)~ 

*image heavy*

Totally decided, if I ever get married it'd be here, at Araluen!
Sooo pretty!
These flowers are cute too, they have butterfly shapes!
These look like Japanese cherry blossom trees~
A bright burst of happiness <3
I'm sad I don't have more photos! Well, I do have a few more, but I had a chubbier face back then, plus bad acne, so I'll skip sharing those pics! I'm gonna try and plan to visit this Spring though~

So now I'd like to know - what, or where, is your happy place?

*Also, please take a look at a small poll I'm running. I'm thinking about changing my blog title, so let me know what you think! It's underneath my profile pic*

*And look forward to a shopping haul post next update!*


  1. Lovely pics! That field of tulips does look great! I'm a boring person so my happy place is home. I suffer from mild hayfever so going to botanical places is almost like suicide. And a reply to your comment - cake is serious business!

  2. lovely pics, i think in vic they have a tulip festival but i cant remember what time of the yeaar it is..planning on going this yr!

  3. Lovely pics! The tulips look gorgeous. I've not seen a field full of tulips, just the occasional ones in gardens and parks. I'd love to see these one day.
    Voted for your poll :)

  4. I've been wanting to go to Araluen but haven't had the chance yet. I hope to go there soon though ^__^ Pretty images hun <3

  5. Sweet_Cherry_Cola13 March 2012 at 02:27

    My family used to grow tulips in our backyard and they were one of my favorite flowers :3

  6. oh My God! I really love TULIP..
    i hope someday i will take pict of tulip like this post.
    I'm really jealous of you
    Nice Post babe.. ^^

  7. You should visit my country ^___^ tulips are our landmark!

  8. such beautiful photos:) i think tulips are amazing flowers.
    thanks so much for the comment <33


  9. OH man, those are beautiful! I must find a tulip garden now!

    My happy place is.. under a willow tree :)

  10. wow i can't find such awesome flowers anywhere in singapore. awww.... i want to go there now ~

  11. Aww, yep home would be my second happy place for sure ^^

  12. Ooh, a tulip festival sounds awesome!

  13. SO gorgeous!! I wish I wasn't allergic to pollen :( Flowers are sooo beautiful, I'd love to lay in a field of tulips with a book... awww.
    Also in reply to your question on my blog - I just store my lashes in the drawer in the original boxes (exactly like you saw in my pic, I just shove them in my drawer LOL) so yeah not a very helpful answer unfortunately :P but you definitely sound like you have way more than me!!! Hmm maybe buy some sort of container with levels/mini drawers so you can put them in compartments or something? I dunno, it kinda makes sense in my mind haha :)

  14. Thank you ^^
    They look so stunning spread out in rows and rows when it's the right season <3
    Great! Thank you~

  15. Thank you :)
    You should definitely go when you can!

  16. Aww, I want to try growing tulips in the yard too! Maybe I will try, but I wonder if it's difficult?

  17. Thank you, and thanks for dropping by :)

  18. Holland? Yes, I can imagine your tulips will be even more spectacular!

  19. Thanks so much Nee :)

    Have a great day!

  20. Yeah, even prettier in real life! Oh, willow trees are really beautiful too! A bit mysterious as well...

  21. these flowers look lovely, ahh love that spring is here!!

  22. Such a beautiful flower post! I felt spring here :) xo akiko
    Style Imported

  23. Pretty pictures. Tulips are so beautiful. I also love orchids.

    Umm.. My happy place is my home/house, haha. :)

    I like fields of tulips, but I see that you already changed it. Tulips & me is good too.

  24. The garden of tulips really remind me of Canberra. There's a tulip garden there too~ Oh and this post really related to your blog's name hehehe xD

  25. I love tulips too! I tried planting some in the yard a few years's takes so much effort & time to make it bloom!

  26. Aww, too bad about your allergy.
    Haha, yep I do have a lot of lashes, I went to The Reject Shop a few days ago and bought 2 plastic containers to put them in - they just barely fit! No new lashes for me for a while :)

  27. Thanks :)
    Ooh Orchids are really exotic, aren't they~
    No not yet, field of tulips is the current title, but the url is tulipsandme :)

  28. Hehe yep! When I first made this blog I had no idea what title/username to use so I thought, well I like tulips so lets use that!

  29. Yay :)
    Oh, I was thinking I should try to plant some, but now it sounds really difficult, and I don't even have a green thumb in the first place...


Aww, thanks for your comment! I'll be replying or visiting your blog soon ^.^

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