Saturday, 31 March 2012

LIP TINT REVIEW - Etude House Follow Me Tint #1 Pink

This is a review for the Etude House lip tint I purchased and blogged about in this haul post~

It is called the Follow Me tint in shade #1 pink follower, and it was purchased off Cosmetic Love. It retails at $7.98 AUD

Click to enlarge

Quite fun and cute, though it's a bit more edgier than Etude's usual super-girlie packaging. 

It's a product endorsed by Korean girl band 2NE1, known for their bold and cool fashion styles, hence the bright and funky outer packaging. I think the lip tube is really cute too, with it's starry pattern.

Application & swatches
The really cool thing that attracted me to this lip tint was the claims that it could change colour according to 'your passion', ie however many coats you apply. The lip tint is a minty green colour, but that's only a fancy trick, it actually applies to the lips clear and turns pink a few moments later. How nifty is that? It adds a little bit of quirky fun to your beauty routine~

The Follow Me tint claims to be able to change from soft pink to intense fuchsia depending on application, so below are my swatches. Actually, the colour is more vibrant in reality, but this is how it was captured on camera.

L-R. Bare lips, 1 swipe
L-R. 2 swipes, 2-3 swipes
Colour sample from 4 swipes on the outer left to 1 swipe on the outer right

Of course the intensity of the colour may also be influenced by the pigmentation and colour of your lips, and this tint might be more lighter or bolder in accordance. 

  • the lip tint glides on smoothly, and it feels quite enriching
  • colour intensifies with each coat
  • has a pleasant fruity/candy scent
  • has SPF 13 
  • staying power is quite good - make-up remover is recommended
  • costs less than $8 = pretty good value

  • colour can be quite intense even at one coat, despite what the packaging says - those like me who personally favour soft pinks over bright pinks might want to skip this
  • can't be reapplied too often unless you want a more vibrant pink, which may inconvenience those with who need to constantly moisturise dry lips

Thanks for reading, and hope everyone's having a lovely weekend ^_^


  1. I love fruity scent ^^ maybe I will try this if I come across it :) thank you for the review ~~

  2. Thank you for this really good review! I've been wanting to buy it, but was afraid it wouldn't work on me. xD

  3. Love this review, my lipice lipstains are exactly like that, looks like a lipbalm but is actually a balmy stain :) moisturizes too ^_^

  4. Eva_Chic_Professional2 April 2012 at 01:26

    Wow it's great that it lasts pretty long! Haven't tried lipstains from Etude House before.
    You look lovely by the way!

  5. This looks like a cool product. I have a sample of the Smashbox O-gloss that does the same thing, supposedly. The color looks really pretty on you!

  6. Yeah me too! Thanks for reading~

  7. Thanks Kai! It's definitely a fun lip tint, but not really my style :)

  8. Oh, I'm not familiar with Lipice products, gotta check them out sometime. Yeah, it's like a 2 in 1 product, and better for dry lips :)

  9. Yeah, it lasts awhile and it feels moisturising too - a big plus :)
    Thanks Eva, hehe it's been a while since I really put on some make-up and falsies 0_o

  10. Ooh, the O-gloss tint sounds interesting - I'm kinda interested in trying other moisturising lips tints like this in the future, since the colour is just a tad too bold for me~
    Thank you <3

  11. Mayor thanks for reviewing this
    product <3 I think it's great for
    a night out, since the color is
    harsh :P

    I think it looks quite sweet and
    natural on you tho!


  12. its so cool how the colour changes! great review :P


Aww, thanks for your comment! I'll be replying or visiting your blog soon ^.^

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