Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Latest Shopping Haul - Rubi Shoes, Jay Jays, Forever New & Valleygirl

Hi lovely people, I've got a shopping haul to show you (yeah, another one!)

Seems like the end of Summer sales are really starting to ramp up, and I managed to pick up some bargains here and there. 

First stop of the day was Cotton On/Rubi Shoes, at Harbourtown (direct outlet shopping). They were having a pretty massive sale on shoes! Heaps of sandals, ballet flats & sneakers 3 for $10, or $5-10 a pair, and boots and heels around the $10-20 mark~

Actually Rubi Shoes' ballet flats seem quite flimsy - they DO NOT last long, and feel like there's only a thin piece of cardboard between your soles and the ground, which can't be healthy for your feet. Therefore I just got some sneakers instead :) Because I've started taking 30 minute walks again (cos I put on weight these past few months).

My sis got the third pair, so a total of 3 for $10.

Some pics of the stuff on sale

Luckily there weren't many shoes I really liked, so I didn't go overboard! Even dirt cheap, I wonder how they're going to sell all these off...

Jay Jays was also having a sale, 50% off marked down items, so I picked up this polka dot tank top for $2.50 (from $15>$5), and two other tees for my sis. This top has a massive pocket on the side, and an uneven hemline - how weird, but I love it!

Dotti was having an awesome $19.95 sale on super-high, flirty, platform party heels, but I managed to resist - I have an abundance of impractical heels, already! And there was a cute floral dress at Chica Booti which I really wanted, however my jiggly arms meant my normal size was too tight around the sleeves, so I told myself I shall not buy any new clothes until I get my weight back down :P

Forever New was still having their 40% of marked sale items promotion (another FN bag purchased was shown in this haul post). This time I found this lovely cream handbag for the final price of $24.95 (from $69.99 > $39.95). It looks a bit plain here, but that's probably the lighting.  Look at the cute tassel embellishment - I have an unyielding love of anything embellished with tassels! But I think after this one I shouldn't need to buy any more bags for awhile...

And finally, these cute little loafer-inspired heels are from ValleyGirl, and were selling for the princely sum of $6.95 (down from $30). I love the cute polka dot inner lining and oh look, more tassels! 

Actually, it's been months & months since I've seen ridiculous sales like these, even at direct outlet stores - or maybe it's just because it's been ages since I last went!

So, is anyone else having luck with end of season sales? And anyone else share my weird fixation fondness of tassels? ^____________^

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  1. Wow, Good deals! And they're all really cute :o Especially the shoes!

  2. I'm on shoppingban! So didn't buy much lately...
    Love summer bargain sale :) but you have to be fast
    with these if you want to buy something good <3

    Love those floral printed shoes, and
    polka dot tank top is just cute!!


  3. Ohh floral print shoes, too cute. I also have to stay away from sales causing I can go overboard too.

    I really like the bag and last pair of shoes great deal you got on them :)

  4. cool haul:) i love sale-shopping lol:) <33

  5. floral shoes and polka dot tops? i'm jealous! :)
    i nominated you by the way!

  6. Rubi shoes are cheap but I don't trust them - I heard their durability is shockingly low. The pair from Valleygirl looks lovely, a great snag for the price you got it at! The top from Jayjays looks cute <3

  7. I'm not a fan of Rubi shoes - agree they are terrible quality!
    Great haul though, really need to check out the bags at Forever New..!!

  8. Yeah they were good finds :)

  9. Hope the shopping ban's going well for you :)
    Yeah, the right timing is important too!

  10. Oooh, thanks Donna! Will check it out soon :)

  11. Yeah, I heard! That's why I got the sneakers :) They're much better quality than the heels or ballet flats~
    Thanks Shen ^^

  12. Haha their heels look cute on the website, but then I heard some reviews where the heel snapped off after one wear so I definitely only feel comfortable getting the sneakers :)
    Thanks, hope you find something cute @ FN <3

  13. Those Rubi shoes look so cuteeeee!!!! Shame about them being a terrible quality though! <3

    Btw I nominated you too! I didn't realise Donna had nominated you first! haha

  14. the shoes are pretty but too bad they don't last, then again if it's only $3 for a pair then lol if you can wear them through a season that's already amazing!

    btw I followed you love your blog!

  15. Eva_Chic_Professional16 March 2012 at 01:58

    Those are really cute loafers. And that purse is adorable.
    Wow you got really great deals on these! I've never tried Rubi shoes.
    I think tassels are cute. They add a nice touch to accessories =)

  16. OMGOSH love the floral sneakers, SO ADORABLE! ♥
    and dirt cheap too! totally jealous ;)


  17. too bad the floral shoes aren't durable, but still look cute!

  18. Yeah, but for that price it's not a big loss :)

    Haha, thank you anyway!

  19. Hehe, yep I'll be happy if they last a month or two :)

    Thank you!

  20. Thank you :)
    Well the price definitely reflects the quality - I wouldn't trust the heels or ballet flats, but sneakers seem alright...
    Yep, they do. I find them really fun <3

  21. Hehe, I don't like to wear sneakers but if I must, they need to be cute and girlie!

  22. they're holding up so far but we'll see how they fair when winter gets here!
    thanks for dropping by Jill :)

  23. those are some good steals! :D i like the bag especially.

  24. Great shopping haul~

    I Agree Rubi shoes don't last >_< But the flowery Designs are so cute <3

  25. wow! really cute shoes >.< i find your blog very interesting *-*



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