Friday, 23 March 2012

Cosmetic Love Haul + SKIN79 Oriental Gold bb cream

Hi, just a quick post today showing my Cosmetic Love haul which arrived about 2 weeks ago. 

Cosmetic Love operates on eBay and have also recently opened their own online website, selling a lot of popular Korean beauty brands (Etude House, Missha, etc). 

I bought a white pearly eye liner, a pink lip tint, a dark brown/black eyebrow colour and a bb cream. All items are from Etude House. And they were quite generous with giving samples too.

Here's a review of my shopping experience with them~

Website design and navigation
  • the layout is clean and bright, with good quality photos of the product and it's swatches
  • navigation through the website is easy, with search categories according to brand, type of product, or price
  • the one con however was that the website pages load quite slowly - I don't know about other users' experiences though...

Products and pricing
  • huge range of products (everything looks so cute!)
  • they stock some of the more well known and popular brands, everything from skincare products to cosmetics
  • pricing is (in my opinion) affordable and competitive, compared to their eBay competitors - they even have a 'under $10' section!

Service, packaging and shipping
  • emails notifications were sent from time of purchase, when payment successfully cleared, and when the package was shipped out
  • package was shipped out 3 days after payment, and arrived about 16 days later
  • every item was bubble wrapped quite sufficiently 
  • generous amount of samples were given to me - 6x samples for a $36 purchase
  • shipping is free! No minimum purchase required. If you want the package registered there will be extra fees
  • a tracking number was provided, but I never used it so I don't know how reliable it is

Will I re-purchase from Cosmetic Love? Most probably, but I think if I only want one or two products I might shop from their eBay store instead, since the slowness of their website really bugs me 0_o

*edit - their website loading speed improved a lot the last time I visited! I have no issues with the loading time now*

Etude House Tear Drop Liner #1 White Tear

I'm going to use this to line the inner corner of my eyes. It's a wet, glittery formula which can be applied several times for a more obvious look. 

Etude House Follow Me tint #1 Pink

I've been leery of wearing lip colours since I don't really like the shape of my lips - so I thought I'd try coloured lip tints to ease into lip colour. While I love the bright and fun packaging of this Etude lip tint I have to say I wish I had gotten the tangerine colour instead :(

Yep, the stick is a cool, minty green but it applies to the lips clear before turning pink!

The tint claims to get bolder and pinker with each swipe, but I was hoping that if I just used one swipe I would get a soft, pretty pink...I still found that one swipe was a little too bold for my taste. But I've only tried it with a bare face so far, so maybe if I put on some make-up it'll look more nicer.

SKIN79 Oriental Gold bb cream

This isn't a Cosmetic Love purchase, but an eBay purchase. It's a bb cream I've been wanting to try for awhile~

I'm pleased with the shade match with my skin, but not so pleased with the lightweight coverage - it seems my journey to finding my HG bb cream is still to continue...

Hehe, not long now till the end of my 30 day online shopping ban finishes ^_^

I feel like I should go longer but I'm running low on face masks, and my cleanser's nearly finished. Hmm, maybe I should organise an 'amnesty' period for me to quickly buy what I need and then go back into another 30 day shopping ban? We shall see.

Thanks for reading, and happy upcoming weekend!


  1. I didn't know they had the shop on Ebay :O haha the eyeliner looks nice :3 Do review~

  2. ooh I do like the prices on their website! very comparable to Ebay. And hmm the website doesn't load that slowly for me >_< thanks for introducing the site to us though, I'm browsing it now xD

  3. wow I'm really interested with the skin79 Gold BB cream.please please do a review on it! ;D

  4. I'll definitely have to check out the site once I feel less guilty about spending!! Great haul :)

  5. Lovely haul, everything is so cute! That Etude House lip tint is pretty cool, I can't believe it changes colour :o

  6. Yep, I wonder how they'll cope with 2 different selling sites...

    I hope to do a review soon :)

  7. Aww, maybe it's just me then, I tried it in IE and Chrome but both seem to load slower compared to most webpages >_<
    Have fun browsing!

  8. Yep, I hope I can get a review on it done soon! Thanks for dropping by :)

  9. Thanks :)

    Yep, Etude's packaging is quite nice, and the lip tint is pretty cool, even though I'm not a fan of the shade~

  10. Aww, the guilt will fly away once there's a package of pretty things in your hands (well, it happened for me!).
    Thanks for visiting and commenting Sue :)

  11. That lipstick sounds cool! Color is mint
    but it turns pink after aplied? Sweet c:
    Great haul! xx

  12. I love Etude House. Wish they had it here in the states!

  13. I've wanted to try a bb cream forever! I wish they had them in Canada!

  14. can you do a swatch on the lip tint? i've been wanting to try the etude products lol. check out our site for a review on dr jart bb cream. you might like it. lol i'm not meaning to plug our site but since you said you're still on a search, it's worth a try? cool blog, keep in touch <3


  15. Yeah, it's quite cute in terms of packaging and design :)
    Thanks for dropping by~

  16. Wish they had it here too. It'd be so much easier to test swatches - but at I guess online shopping's better than nothing ^_^

  17. Not a prob, should be able to get some swatches up this coming week~
    Thanks for the rec, will be stopping by soon :)

  18. lovely hauls...I love most of your hauls..^_^~

  19. Lovely haul!! I have been wanting the Etude House glitter liner but I can't find them in store.



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