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CIRCLE LENS REVIEW - GEO Super Angel Grey XCM-215 (14.8mm)

GEO Super Size Angel Grey (XCM-215)
Grey lenses with black outer ring

 Natural bright indoors lighting
Extremely bright natural lighting ^0^
 With flash

These lenses give cute, dolly eyes with it's nice 14.8mm diameter and black limbal ring. They will suit Asian eyes quite nicely I think - but that may just be my personal preference! I just find grey eyes and black hair so intriguing~

The design is more obvious than my current fave grey lenses (Super Nudy Grey), and the contrast between my brown eye colour and the grey lens is slightly more obvious in bright lighting. But it's not a terrible thing since I don't mind a more obvious patterned lens - as long as the result is dolly.

They enlarge the eyes nicely

Quite comfortable, but on tired eyes they won't be comfortable. I'm a regular contacts wearer so I try to give 1-2 days off from wearing contacts per week. And if I don't my eyes feel really tired and dry.

Those with normally dryer eyes should keep eye drops close by. 4/5

These lenses have a nice, large pupil hole so comfortable vision isn't compromised, However this will mean a more noticeable contrast against your natural eye colour. It shouldn't be too obvious in indoors lighting, but under bright light it may become obvious that coloured/patterned lenses are being worn. Design-wise I probably favour my Super Nudy greys more, I just think the intricate patterning is prettier on the eyes. 

I still like these Angel Greys a lot, since I like an unnatural effect sometimes. 3.9/5

The colour is a dark grey on my medium brown coloured eyes, but can appear blue-grey in very bright lighting. I like how the colour complements my skin/hair colouring too. 3.9/5

When I first started wearing circle lenses I thought my eyes would be too small for anything above 14mm. Now I don't want to wear anything below 14.5mm because they really do enlarge my smallish eyes. My eyes aren't smallish per se, but since my nose is big, and my cheeks wide they do appear small in contrast!

Enlargement from 14.8mm lenses is quite good! They're great for big, pretty dolly eyes. 4/5



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Hope the review was helpful! Thanks for reading & have a great day <3


  1. they look pretty <3
    But the diameter is sooo big.
    I could never use anything beside the 14mm's one. Hahahahaha

  2. i really like how bright the grey color is, some grey lenses look too dark after putting them on but these are really bright and dolly :--D they do suit you, but i agree with the comment below that the diameter is too big for my taste ^__^''

  3. They look kind of natural. Looks good on you =) <3 Followed your blog

  4. Mai P. Mergili9 March 2012 at 04:21

    So great, I would actually also love to have some contact lensees which make my eyes look bigger but I am scared that they could be dangerous for my eyes. Where did you buy them?

  5. the color looks great! does it feel uncomfy when you first put it on? I havent tried circle lenses before

  6. Wow, they are so cute!

  7. pretty~! with the blue-grey eyes you look caucasian~ i really thought you were half aussie but then i saw your about me section and i found out you're full asian~ cool^^

  8. The safety of your eyes is quite important! I only wear circle lenses 2-3 days a week, for less than 6 hrs per time.

    If you have concerns I would recommend you stick to GEO branded lenses because they come with unique authentication codes that you can check on the official GEO Korea website. Once you have found a seller selling authentic lenses you can branch out to other brands they sell :)

    This pair I bought from icandystylelens, the owner is closing down the store, and selling at 50% off! The website is difficult to navigate though...

    I really recommend, perfect service, packaging, reasonable prices and the website is easy to navigate~

  9. Thanks :)
    Yeah, at the beginning I thought anything over 14mm was too big, but now I really like the bigger diameters~

  10. Yeah, in dim lighting they're dark, but otherwise they're surprisingly noticeable ^^
    I'm pretty sure they have this style in 14mm too!

  11. Yeah, in dimmer lighting they just look dark. Thank you, I'll visit your blog too <3

  12. Thank you :)

    Unless you have dry eyes they shouldn't hurt. A few minutes of blurriness at the beginning is normal, but after that they should feel like regular soft contacts, ie - practically can't feel them in your eyes at all~

    If there's stinging, extended blurriness, can feel the edge of the contacts in your eye, it could be the lenses are not thoroughly cleaned, flipped the wrong way, or there's a small rip in the lens. Other than that I can't think of any other reason to be uncomfortable~

  13. Thanks :)
    Lol, I always had a hidden desire to be a Mixed Asian, I think they're sooo attractive~

  14. Looks lovely on you. I like grey lenses, too.

  15. Great! Thanks for dropping by~

  16. Awwww you look so pretty! <3 I like grey lenses with black hair too! It just feels much more mysterious.

    Might try these out, but I always chicken out when it comes to lenses with bigger diameter!

  17. love the lenses :D looks so cute!

  18. Gambateruuu with shopping ban, I'm going for 1 May shopping ban :) go go go us!
    The lenses looks really great on you ^^ and I 'wowed' at the extremely nature light
    photo, so bright!


  19. hey! <3 great that you want to be my friend! :) you have skype? You are beautiful! Also I would like to visit Japan and Korea. I thank you, you also have beautiful hair!

    WOW! I love, love, love this circle lens and you're eyes! <3

  20. so pretty!! you've lovely large eyes so the 14.8mm don't look too unsuitable on you. I would totally keep getting larger diameter circle lenses if only they didn't dry out my eyes so much >_<

  21. So pretty!! I have never tried out 14.8mm lenses before worrying that it might make my eyes look too unnatural like this --> O.O but these looks great on you!!


  22. Thanks Anna :)
    I was really nervous about trying bigger diameters too, but they don't feel that much different to 14mm to me!

  23. Thanks for dropping by Elisa <3

  24. Yep, Fighting! I'm sure we can do this no probs :)
    Thank you! Yeah, I was surprised that this photo came out so bright!

  25. Aww, sorry I don't have skype~

    Thanks so much :)

  26. Hehe, my eyes dont look large without makeup/lenses, what a pain~
    Aww, too bad larger diameters are too drying for you! But health & comfort is more important than fashion!

  27. Thanks! I think 14.8 is a nice diameter compared to 14mm & 15mm.
    I guess I like playing with unnatural, dolly looking eyes so the diameter & pattern don't bother me, but yep wouldn't wear this look to some occasions/places.

    Thanks for dropping by Liz :)

  28. Haha you're so cute! Love the last photo! :D

    Theses lenses are really pretty on you though - I like how they give your eyes a bluish grey color. And they make them look so dollylike and big ^^ I have very little white space in my eyes, so I think 14.8mm lenses might be a little too big for me ><

  29. haha, thanks. It's fun to make fun of oneself every now and then!
    Thanks, yeah my iris is quite small, so more white space for me to fill 0_o

  30. Hi I love the contrast with your natural colour! You look so pretty! My eyes are a green/grey do you think they would look odd? I had some before but they turned out to be too dark :( p.s your so pretty!


Aww, thanks for your comment! I'll be replying or visiting your blog soon ^.^

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