Tuesday, 27 March 2012

BB CREAM REVIEW - SKIN79 Oriental Gold

Brand: SKIN79
Store/Price: eBay (a Korean seller), about $15 AUD 

The Oriental Gold bb cream has been on my 'to buy' list quite a few months now, ever since I noticed my beloved Etude bb cream acting a bit temperamental, the shade darkening throughout the day! 

This product is aimed towards more mature, dryer skin complexions with focus on whitening, wrinkle improvement and SPF25 PA++. It boasts a number of brightening and firming properties such as white tea, black tea and green tea. We all know drinking green tea is good for the mind and body, and now we can incorporate it into our skincare routine too~

Well, I'm not too concerned about wrinkles and such yet, and I don't particularly have dry skin, but I still wanted to try this because the shade is much less grey, or beige-pink toned than many of the bb creams I've come across. 

Click to enlarge

The bb cream comes with the lid safely sealed, so it's nice to know it hasn't likely been tampered with.

This is my 2nd SKIN79 product (I also have the Hot Pink beblish cream - review later), and I have to say I really like their packaging, more specifically I like how their products look and feel more expensive than they are. The Oriental Gold comes in a nice heavy cannister, and looks pretty sitting on my dressing table - a bit classier than squishy plastic tubes that curl into themselves the emptier they get :)

The gold coloured lid tends to get dirty with fingerprint smudges, so I'm constantly wiping it down because otherwise it looks a bit gross.

Design & functionality
The Oriental Gold bb cream is produced from a pump function which I'm not really a fan of. You have to press down, and the cream comes up - I find it a bit fussy and feel it was an unnecessary attempt to make the product seem more fancy or innovative. It doesn't help that I can hear the springs straining and creaking every time I press down :)

The pump hole area should be wiped down after each use to avoid old formula blending with new formula the next time you use it. 

The Oriental Gold bb cream also differs from others with the addition of a cute little pot of lip and cheek tint found in the lid. It's a nice little bonus, and would be quite convenient to carry around as a two in one product (depending on the size of your handbag!)

Blush tint swatch - slightly blended out

The product is a little thicker in consistency compared to other bb creams I've tried, similar to a rich moisturiser. It definitely has less of that greyish or pinkish undertone so common in bb creams. This has a more warmer/pale yellow tone.  

The Oriental Gold also has a noticeable scent, something floral-y or perfume-y? It's quite pleasant but for those who don't like scented products, I didn't notice any scent after application. 

The Oriental Gold can be applied with fingers, but lately I've been using a foundation brush to try and get a little more coverage. I don't see much of a difference in the smoothness of application with either method. Primer beforehand does seem to make a difference for me, in terms of a more smoother application around the nose/cheek area, where my skin pores are a little more obvious.

Bright natural sunlight
 Highlighter used, no finishing powder

Since the Oriental Gold is targeted towards a more mature skin demographic, which tends to mean dryer skin, oil control may be a concern for those with oily or combination skin.  Finishing powder on top of the bb cream would be recommended for these skin types. 

Those who require a little more coverage due to skin blemishes, might find the coverage of the Oriental Gold a bit disappointing. Though the consistency is thicker, it does not equate to fuller coverage. I would say the coverage is lightweight, and only slightly buildable. 

After patting additional bb cream on problem areas my redness and acne scarring was minimised, but not significantly. But then again if I wanted full coverage, foundation would be a better choice. BB cream is a much better choice for daily wear rather than foundation, due to its skin care benefits. I'm happy to incorporate the Oriental Gold into my normal beauty routine, and simply switch to a better coverage bb cream or foundation when the occasion for a more flawless look arises. 

This bb cream may appeal more towards those who are looking for something to even out the skin tone, and brighten the face.

Didn't completely cover red blemishes, even after building up

With flash - some flashback due to SPF
Why do I look so tired? Haha.

PROS: pretty packaging, more yellow/warmer toned, bonus lip & cheek tint, easily accessible online, smooth and even application

CONS: very little oil control, coverage won't be enough for those with blemishes to conceal, too pale for darker complexions

Overall, I don't regret buying this, and I'll keep using it to the end. 

That's the end of this review, thanks for reading ^_^

I've got a Fairy Drops bb cream review almost ready, as well as one for the Etude lip tint I recently purchased, so expect those in upcoming posts.

Hope everyone has a fabulous day!


  1. hm very little oil control huh? I got oily skin so I guess this isn't for me! thanks for the detailed review!

  2. I tried this at a nearby Korean Store and the cream is so pretty and smooth! But like you said, little coverage >.< But it's so pretty T^T haha

  3. I've been wanting to try this out! But damn it might be a tad too pale for my tanned skin! Thanks for the review :)

  4. hi honey! how are you doing?:) thanks a lot for the comment on my blog <3
    i heard a lot of those BB products, but where I live they don't sell it... have to buy it online, but i'm not sure if i should.. i have very oily skin.


  5. oh nice review, thanks!! Unfortunately it's lack in oil control which I need the most :/
    I prefer to buy the pink skin79 and I've been eye-ing on it for so long, I will order 1 as soon as I finish my exam week, as a reward for myself ^^

  6. very nice review, I def. like the packaging of it!

    I recently did a review on a pretty Lulu's dress, would love for your to stop by and check it out, Thanks =)

  7. It's a shame that is not very good with oil control :( otherwise I'd definitely have bought it!

  8. Thanks for the review! :) I've never actually heard of this brand before. But after reading your review, I'll definitely consider buying this. I'm currently trying out Etude House's BB cream (a sample I got from my previous shopping spree at Etude House :P).


  9. Thankyou for your comment! =D i also love to use BB cream! feel free to follow me ;) i will follow back! =D let me know =) xx

  10. Yeah, it starts off dewy on me but gets oilier later on >_<
    Thanks for dropping by ^^

  11. Aww, I wish my local Korean store stocked more bb creams (only Missha), so I could test the shades rather than guessing when I buy online >_<
    Yep, at least it looks good on my dressing table~

  12. Yeah, I wish bb creams had greater skin tone ranges!
    Thanks for dropping by :)

  13. Hi Nee, thanks for dropping by :)
    I'm doing great~ Yeah, I have to buy online as well - it's so hard to narrow down the choices.

    Hmm, unfortunately this particular bb cream won't suit oily skin. I think SKIN79 still has a few other bb creams more suitable though.

  14. Thanks for reading ^^
    Yeah, oil control is quite important, second to coverage for me!
    I look forward to your opinion on the hot pink bb cream! I have it too, but it makes me look ashy >_<

  15. Thanks Thu :)
    The packaging is a big plus for me too!
    Thanks for letting me know, I'll stop by soon!

  16. Yeah, since it's mostly for mature skin. But it looked so pretty I couldn't resist getting it!
    I definitely have to use pressing powder right now, but I'm hoping it'll be better in winter :)

  17. Glad it was helpful! I also have an Etude bb cream in my collection, and I loved the coverage it gave, but too bad the shade was not quite right...

  18. BB cream has become a beauty staple for me :)

    I've already followed you from a little while back ^_^

  19. I don't have the hot pink skin79 bb cream >.< but I've been wanting to try since there're a lot of good reviews going on.. I'm currently using Missha Perfect Cover BB cream and I like it so much ;D

  20. Also this BB cream does make
    your skin look abit lighter as
    well? Or is just me....

    Anyway thanks for showing us!
    I don't think I will try it since
    it's oily~

    xx http://icepandora.blogspot.com

  21. I have this and love it so much. I use it everyday. I agree that it is really lacking in oil control properties. I have really dry skin but by mid day I already have some shine in my Tzone area. The bb cream looks like a great match for your skintone :)

  22. It does make my skin a bit pearlier and radiant, yep. My skin is a little more yellow toned, but this bb cream blends well on me.

    Yeah, I'd love it more if it had better oil control!

  23. Wow, I have normal combination skin so I thought it was just slightly lacking oil control. It's surprising it makes dry skin shiny too~
    Yeah, it's one of the closer matches I've found so far! And for that reason I'll keep using it :)

  24. LaPetiteTortue8 April 2013 at 11:42

    Thank you for the review! I've been wanting to try this BB cream, but I have slightly tan skin. Do you think that it will oxidize enough to suit my skin color?



Aww, thanks for your comment! I'll be replying or visiting your blog soon ^.^

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