Saturday, 11 February 2012

A small shopping update~

Hey, how's everybody doing? 
I went to Garden City with my Mum yesterday, since I needed to sort out some paperwork at Medibank (private health insurer). Luckily there was hardly anyone queueing up so it was all sorted very quickly! 

I also took the opportunity to return a scrub that I had bought at Lush. Despite rave reviews, the scrub actually freaked my skin out, giving me small bumps around my mouth and chin, and on my cheekbone after about 2 weeks of using it. Not sure the salesgirl believed me, but she was friendly enough and helpful with the refund process, and conceded that some people could get reactions from the essential oils (e.g. lavender oil) used in the product. I'm happy that Lush has such a good returns policy otherwise I would be too timid to return a product I had already opened and partially used. 

After that Mum and I didn't go to many other shops, mostly because I wasn't in the mood to look at clothes, and also because I need to save my cash to buy some storage drawers for my wardrobe. The drawers I found were a bit small, so I still need to check out a few other places first. 

I did buy some clear top coat nail varnish for $3 at the Reject Store which I'm going to need when my eBay nail art supplies get here in the next few weeks~ I'm pretty excited, I love looking at nail art, but never really bothered with my nails since it'll interfere with my part time job. However when I was browsing online, I saw that false nails can be applied with nail tape instead of glue, which means I can wear pretty nails and easily take them off when I need to. I've already ordered false nail tips, sticker decals and various deco pieces, and I've been browsing nail art tutorials so I'm really looking forward to giving kawaii nail art a go.

My other two purchases of the day are from Kmart. I'm being totally stingy on clothes and such lately because I want to save all that lovely money for my online beauty buys *0*

Anyway I saw these smexy black wedges for sale at $10, and I wasn't going to get them because my shoe collection is kinda scary big, but Mum said if I liked them I should just get them so I did. When I have time I'll show you my shoe collection, and you'll see that Mum should not have encouraged me XD

I like these because while most of my shoes are black, most of them look too heavy for summer wear. By heavy I mean with closed in toes, which don't look good with light, summer clothing, and which are too hot for sweltering heat. These have a more summery look to them.

And my final purchases were two pairs of grey-wash jeggings, on clearance for $5. 

Some snacks I got at the Asian supermarket <3 Not all for me though, I'm sharing them with my lil bro and sis~

Happy weekend everyone! 


  1. Love the heels dear. Hello Panda is also my favorite since I was little. =)

  2. Can't wait to see your nails!!
    Nice wedges :) and omg I loveeeee Hello Panda. My favourite is the blue box!!! Yum yum yum.

  3. Hello~ I love eating Hello Panda's choco-filled biscuits as a kid, so it was a delight to find it on your blog :D
    I really want to know how you add the Poupee Girl widget on your blog because I've been trying to do that since I saw it on your site but I just can't figure out how TAT

    I am just passing through to let you know that I really appreciated that you passed on the Liebster Blog Award to me that I have given you the award, too :D

    Hoping for your insight on installing the Poupee Girl widget,

    Juchin <3

  4. Hello Panda! Those things are heaven, I love having them every now and then. That's quite the haul, the items are super cheap. Love the wedges!

  5. Btw, i like hello panda! Please visit and follow me if you think interested. Thanks darling!

  6. Thanks for stopping by :)
    Me too, I really like the chocolate filling~

  7. I hope I can do a cute look, hopefully I have steady hands!
    I really like the normal chocolate flavour XD

  8. Aww, thanks Juchin :)
    And I answered about the widget at your blog.

  9. Yeah, they're really fun and yummy to eat ^^
    Haha, my shoe collection just keeps growing!

  10. I love the Hello Panda Vanilla flavor!~ <3
    The small shopping looks awesome too ^^~

  11. $10 for a pair of wedges and $5 for jeggings?! So cheap! I was just at Kmart yesterday with my friends, haha! We were bored in the A.M. so we drove to the nearest 24/7 Kmart -__-
    I haven't eaten Hello Panda since high school! Aws!
    Take careeee ~

  12. HELLO PANDA! i love them things :)
    i like your blog
    wanna follow each other?

  13. Nice mini haul ^___^ I love wearing these tracking pants!
    Also what a bummer about the Lush scrub :o I have heard alot of good
    reviews about Lush products, because it's natural~ I will try
    but I hope I don't get any weird spots or something haha!


  14. $10?
    That's such a steal!
    Also I've never heard of nail tapes
    That sounds really awesome
    I hope you have fun blinging out your nails, and you should definitely share pictures!

  15. Yep, me too ^^
    Thanks for dropping by!

  16. Yeah, they're cute and fun to eat~

  17. Wow, I didn't know some Kmarts open 24/7! Don't think there are any here in Perth~

  18. Thank you~
    Yep, I've visited your blog and now following ^^

  19. Yeah I was really disappointed since almost every review I've read were positive :(
    I guess it's only a issue for a small amount of peolpe~

  20. Yeah it was, another pair to add to my sdary big shoe collection ^^
    I'm definitely looking forward to doing some nail art! Hopefully they'll be nice enough to share online.

  21. $10 for those wedges! a steal!
    ohhh those chocolate biscuits <3 i love little asian snacks :D!

  22. eeeee hello panda! :3

    i have prety sensitive skin too -_- so i have to be careful when it comes to trying any sort of exfoliating products.

  23. Sounds like you had fun with your mom and the wedges are great buy for sure! I'd love to see your shoes collection :) xo akiko

    Style Imported

  24. Oh I looooooove Hello Panda!! My fave is the one with strawberry filling..
    I love your blog! <3 I'm following now..


  25. Yep they were a good buy~
    Haha, me too - thanks for visiting!

  26. Yeah, it's good to be careful since sometimes popular products will react differently on different skin types.

  27. Yeah, it was a pretty fruitful day ^^
    Thanks for dropping by!

  28. I think I like the original choc best ^^
    Thanks for visiting, I'm following you too <3

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