Monday, 27 February 2012

Shopping haul + Trying something new + FOTD

Hi, hope everyone's well. ^_^ 
I went and did a little bit of shopping today, so here are some pics of the stuff I ended up buying. Nothing too exciting, just some basic items~

This stuff was purchased at Target - I had only gone in to browse, but I saw a lot of clearance stickers around so of course I ended up buying a few things. These studded ballet flats were less than $6 each so I bought a pair in pink/nude for me, and a black pair for my sister. 
And since all of my handbags are pretty large I bought this small tan shoulder bag too, for just under $7.

Beauty buys -  my second stop was at Priceline since I had a voucher I wanted to use up. Got some contacts solution, styling mousse, a magnifying mirror and petroleum jelly for my chapped lips.
The nail varnishes (white, pastel pink) were purchased from a pharmacy.

Also, last weekend I went and got a haircut...I wanted to try something new but of course it didn't really turn out the way I envisioned. It's not a terrible haircut, but I'm not 100% satisfied either. I'm not too concerned though, since my hair grows fairly quickly ^_^
The only thing that really bugs me is that if I want it to look even vaguely nice, make-up is a must!

Mushroom head? Lol

As you can see I got a straight-across fringe, and chopped off quite a bit of length. I've wanted a straight-across fringe for the longest time, but it seems to make my face appear larger since my cheekbones are the widest part of my face. My layered hair is gone too, and the blunt cut again makes my face look bigger/wider. My previous hair style, I could make my face appear almost oval...
Please excuse the mess in the background, I'm in the middle of cleaning out my closet! Hehe I'm standing on my bed since I found a new spot for good lighting from my window. 

Dug out my curling tongs to see if it made a difference to the hair cut, but since I'm not used to using it, the curls are limp and all over the place XD

Well, at least now I know that I'm more suited towards long layered hair, with subtle side bangs...

This counts as a FOTD post too right?
-Etude Precious Minerals #2 bb cream
-Naris Up Acmedica translucent powder
-Princess Mimi Chocolate Brown circle lenses
-3 brown shades from my cheapie Sasa eyeshadow palette
-Pearl shimmer pen on the inside corners of my eye
-Diamond Lash Angel Eye falsies
-Koji Spring heart black eyeliner
-Physician's Formula face highlighter 

Oh almost forgot, this is probably stupid, but look at my eyelids~
3 days ago my right eyelid crease changed after a short bout of crying (nothing major, just relieving some built up stress) and now it matches my left eye! I'm so stoked, since now it's so much more easier to put on eyeliner & falsies evenly. Please, please I hope it's a permanent change >_<

After - oops, sorry for messy make-up, it's been a long day...

That's all for today, thanks for reading~


  1. Nice target finds, I like the flats! I saw some clearance boots at target but my boyfriend didn't like them too much on me. I really like the lashes and lens combo, the lashes are super long.

  2. omg $6 for ballet flats :O!!! thats a steal! ivent seen any shoes in target less than $20 in melbourne >:(
    heheee i love going to priceline to browse around though i always end up getting heaps of useless products

  3. You have lovely eyes! I think your haircut looks very cute, even if you don't like it :P
    And great Target finds! So cheapppp! I must go in more often.

  4. I love your lashes!! really pretty and dolly like!
    great haul btw! xx

  5. Marija Rosehorseshoe28 February 2012 at 00:48

    Those flats look so cute! And the eyelashes look great on you!

  6. Ohh.. Cute ballet flats. You got them at a very reasonable price. ^_^

    You got a haircut too, hehe. I think the haircut looks fine on you. You look younger with the bangs. (nothing bad though.) I've had blunt bangs before, they are hard to maintain because they get into your eyes when they get too long, hehe. I'm also not 100% satisfied with my haircut either because it's shorter than I expected, it doesn't reach my bum anymore, haha. D': Well anyways your hair will grow back sooner than you know it. I hope mine does too, haha.

  7. Sweet_Cherry_Cola28 February 2012 at 06:28

    Super cute hair! I can never pull the super straight bangs really well since my hair likes to divide like the red sea. Your makeup is uber pretty as well ;)

  8. great haul, and i love your eyes! absolutely stunning! you are just so pretty! i am now following you. :) hoping to stay connected with your blog, and thanks for the inspiration!


  9. Yeah these lashes are pretty long! Thanks for commenting and visiting :)

  10. I know right? These were a pretty good find ^^
    I also spend way too much time in Priceline! I love looking at the mascaras and blushes~

  11. Thanks! They're quite long and take some getting used to though :)
    Thanks for visiting~

  12. Thanks for your nice comment :)

  13. Yeah, they were a good find :)
    Aww, thanks! I guess it's so different to the same hairstyle I've always had that it takes some getting used too~
    Thanks for dropping by <3

  14. Aww, thanks ^^ I'm still trying to get used to a fringe though!
    Thank you for dropping by and commenting <3

  15. Thank you <3
    I'm visiting your blog now~

  16. love the ballet flats, so inexpensive! the circle lenses and eyelashes look so cute on you! ^-^
    i nominated you for an award ;)


  17. You look pretty on your new hair..

  18. First- I love those studded ballet flats especially the beige pair and I think it's so sweet you got your sister a pair too! Second- You look adorable in bangs! I felt the same way too when I got my bangs but after a while you grow into them and start to know how to style them a bit more =) Third- I also use vaseline for my chapped lips! =D

  19. Omgosh! Those flats are so cheap!
    I need a mirror too! I always have to go to the bathroom to put on makeup or try on clothes. My room has no mirrors in it...
    I am scared of hair salons! I cut my own hair and dye it myself too. Last time I went, they chopped ALL my hair off! I had boy hair and it took 3 years to grow out again!
    I like your lashes ~

  20. Thanks so much~ I hope I get used to having a fringe soon ^^

  21. Hehe, it's because my sis doesn't like to shop so I just do it for her~
    Thanks, I think the new style needs some getting used to, but I'm starting to like it a bit more now :)

  22. Yep, they were a good find!
    I don't like hair salons (or dentists!) as well, but it'd be worse if I cut my own hair, lol. It's good you know how to style your own hair ^_^
    I've stubbornly kept my hair long since I was 12 due to some pretty terrible hair cuts in my childhood!

  23. I think your hair looks fab :) You look really pretty, it suits you!

    And your eyes are amazing. Congrats on the amazing finds! I love the ballet flats.

  24. awww, i love your new flats! they're pretty. and you're also pretty! :D

  25. u look awesome seriously!!! Love what you did to ur hair!

  26. What happened to your crease is so cool hahaha! I think your hair looks better after being curled! ^_^

  27. Thanks Alysha! I'm starting to like it a bit more now :)
    Thanks for dropping by~

  28. Thank you! I'm starting to like it more now ^^

  29. Haha, I thought so too!
    Thanks, I like curled hair but it takes a long time to get it done X(

  30. Those flats look so cute, they are such a bargain buy ^__^ Your hair looks good dear!! Maybe you are just not used to it at first.

    Thanks for visiting my blog. I love cute names for products too, especially of yummy food. The lip butters retails for $22 in Australia according to another blogger and I think it's so overpriced there, mine only cost me $8.


  31. Ive never liked the idea of curling my hair before going out so I permed it. At first it was too small then it was perfect then now its too straight. lol I guess you just cant really satisfy girls

  32. you look super cute with fringe :3

  33. Super cute. Great Target haul. I love Target.

  34. Your eyes look amazing!!

  35. Yeah, they'll be worn a lot! Aww, thank you Liz, I think it'll take some time to get used to it, but I'm starting to like it a little more now~

    $22 really?! That seems quite overpriced :(

  36. Thank you ^_^
    Target has some great sales sometimes~

  37. i love the flats and bag you purchased! I must go check it out next time i'm at target if they're selling those at my local one lol! aww i think your haircut looks so nice on you but of course i know what you mean. it is a pain to get a new haircut that doesn't necessarily meet one's expectation! I know the feeling~ lol! my eyelids do the weird creasing thing when i'm stressed and don't get enough sleep! ahh, but the falsies look really pretty on you! keep in touch. great blog~~


  38. Thanks, I love snagging a bargain or two ^^
    At least I'm starting to sort of like the new style now, I just need to learn how to maintain it~
    Thanks, have a a great weekend!

  39. oh woooww those lashes!!!:)


  40. Well, I think the white and cream satchel is just lovely! Basic , yes, but pretty nevertheless! And what a cute name your blog has!

    Visit me:
    LeeAnne, Style N Season


Aww, thanks for your comment! I'll be replying or visiting your blog soon ^.^

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