Saturday, 18 February 2012

REVIEW: My Beauty Diary - Strawberry Yogurt Amino Acid Cleanser

Today I'm bringing you a review on a cleanser I recently purchased from Sasa. It's one of the most adorably packaged and presented cleansers I've ever come across, let alone purchased, and looks perfectly cute in my bathroom! A lot of Asian brand products really do hit that kawaii factor, which isn't commonly found in western brand goods (referring more towards drug-store brands, rather than luxe brands). 

BRAND: My Beauty Diary (Taiwan brand)
PRICE: $11.20 AUD 

PACKAGING: Just look at it, it's absolutely darling~! The cleanser is safely ensconced in a plastic box printed with fluffy clouds, sparkles and delicious looking frozen yogurt cones. The cleanser itself is contained in a pastel pink tub with a twist cap that highly resembles a small tub of frozen strawberry yumminess. 

The one little con I have is that the sticker label on the tub is bound to eventually peel off with contact with water. I would've loved it if the label itself was directly printed onto the plastic tub so that it could retain its cuteness. However that would probably drive up the retail price so I shouldn't complain ^^

I also love that the container is re-usable, it'd be perfect for holding stud earrings, or other little bits and bobs. 

PRODUCT: The tub contains 90ml of cleanser and while it may appear to not be a lot, I've found that only a little is needed per cleanse. 

The cleanser looks and feels like softened whip cream, and it even comes with a little plastic spatula which is great for convenience and hygiene.

There are tiny particles in the solution to aide in giving a more thorough cleansing. How much water is added will determine the texture of the cleanser. More will create a foamier solution, while less will create a thicker, more scrub-like consistency. I like foamy cleansers so I lather it up with more water ^^ 

And not only does it look like strawberry yogurt, this cleanser also smells like it too. It is a very sweet and pleasant scent, but it can smell more artificial the deeper you breathe it in. I generally prefer unscented products but this does not bother me, since it smells quite nice. It may not suit people who prefer unscented products, since I could still smell a trace of strawberry yogurt while applying my make-up later on. 

PERFORMANCE: It works well, and incorporates the two things I like to have in a cleanser. Tiny micro beads - similar to those found in face scrubs - and a foaming solution. 

I use it once a day only - my general routine is to use a no-fuss, extra gentle, foamy cleanser in the morning and then follow up with a cleanser with gentle exfoliating beads to help lift away dirt, oil and bb cream at night, after a long day. My face is left cleansed and smooth after usage, and I have no complaints with its performance.

So to conclude

  • a nice, gentle cleanser
  • can be a foamy or 'scrubby' texture
  • thorough cleansing (but not harsh)
  • cute packaging

Cute and effective, I will most likely repurchase this when it runs out :)

Thanks for reading, and happy upcoming weekend!


  1. Marija Rosehorseshoe18 February 2012 at 02:13

    This looks wonderful! Wish they sold it around here!

  2. very cute packaging! Never purchased any cosmetic stuff online before.

  3. Strawberry Yoghurt? That sounds nice! The packaging is adorable as well. Thanks for the review!

  4. Yeah, it's hard to get if one doesn't like to shop online~

  5. It really is quite cute~
    Yeah, it's hard to know if what you're buying is genuine/safe, so I always like to read reviews first ^^

  6. Thanks for dropping by~
    It really looks and smells cute so I'm glad it's functional too, lol ^_^

  7. Karina Dinda Rachmawati18 February 2012 at 22:48

    Hello pretty! Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog :) I love this post, strawberry yogurt seems yummy! Cute packaging ^^

  8. haha what a cute name strawberry yogurt. makes me want to eat it~~

  9. My Beauty Diary is a famous brand!! and Strawberry Yoghurt sounds good! :)

  10. You're right, it looks almost edible ^^

  11. Thanks for visiting :)
    I never heard of MBD until I started blogging, haha~ But yes, it seems so popular!

  12. Man, I would accidentaly eat this as yogurt lol, I mean look at the packaging!
    I want to try this stuff, I've been reading it how soft and gentle (and delicious) this
    product is ^^


  13. Nice review. I've always wondered if the MDB cleansers were good :)

  14. I love MBD masks! I haven't tried any of their tub masks yet though. I love the cute packaging of this and it looks good enough to eat :D

  15. Looking at it, my mouth is salivating. Haha. =)

  16. foamy and scruby at the same time? sounds AWESOME :)
    oh and
    i just gave you an award!!

  17. Lol, yeah it looks almost good enough to eat~
    Yep, it's pretty gentle, but works to remove dirt etc too ^^

  18. Thanks for visiting ^^
    This is my first MBD product but I'm very content with it~

  19. Ohh, I'm trying the MBD strawberry yogurt one, and it smells so delicious! They seem to brighten the face a bit too~
    I agree, the packaging is very cute ^^

  20. It looks almost good enough to eat, doesn't it?!
    Thanks for visiting ^^

  21. the packaging looks like a yogurt omg it's soo cute! and thats great that the product works well :D

  22. How adorable! I've been eyeing this in my local supermarket but wasn't sure how it performed but I do now! Thanks so much for the review!

  23. This product seems interesting, I might try it after using up my cleansers :D!

  24. this product looks divine, I am sure it smells wonderful too ;)

  25. The packaging is so sooo cute! I love how it looks and SMELL like you can eat it! you make me want to purchase it now hehe. I'll have a look next time I am shopping on Sasa.

  26. I agree that asian cosmetic brands have that cuteness packaging that draws me in as well. The cleanser looks like it smells super good. I'd definitely try this out based on your review but I have quite a few etude house cleansers to go through first.

  27. Hi dear! i just found your blog, i thing it's really nice, i am following now, would be glad if you follow mine too :)
    great post!

  28. Oh, I hope you do some reviews on the Etude cleansers ^^ I'm curious about them~
    Thanks for dropping by!

  29. Western products should seriously consider making their packages cuter. I would most likely purchase them.

    This is adorable though! I just might get it.

  30. gosh~ this one looks too cute~ so cute i could eat it hahaha~


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