Thursday, 23 February 2012

Filler post 003 - random pics [image heavy]

A photo dump of the random pics gathering on my camera since the last filler post. 

These are from when I went out for a walk. The pink-purple sky looked so pretty as the sun was setting. 

 Laksa - yum, yum~
Black pepper udon
 Fried dumplings - frozen & store bought kind
Ingredients for quick and easy lasagne - Mum coached me, since I'm near hopeless in the kitchen!

...but I'm thinking I've overindulged in too much rich food lately T_T

Some snacks I saw at the Korean store -  the packaging is darling, but I have no idea what exactly is inside - donut flavoured biscuits? Sushi chips? 

Selca - can hardly be motivated to 'doll up' recently, even though I have some new lashes & other cosmetics to play with *sigh* 

I really like these spiky eBay lashes  

Actually, I haven't done anything really interesting lately! Sadly the highlight of the week for me was going out to buy sandwich bags and various other kitchen utensils with my Mum...
Luckily she made my bro & sis come along too ^^

One of the confectionery aisles at Cash & Carry, a funny rain hat my bro & sis randomly found
I took this photo because it sort of looked like my bro & sis were trailing behind my Mum like little ducklings! I'm way behind because I was dawdling in the lolly aisle XD
Lol, I have way too many random pics of Mickey on my camera
Pinhole effect
A make-up look I really like and want to try <3 It's from the January issue of Ageha
Got some more lower lashes since the ones I bought last time aren't very natural looking

Well, I hope to have a little more interesting pics to post next time ^_^
Happy nearly weekend!


  1. Mickey is so cute!! I really like the photos of the purply sky. I used to love sitting around and watch the sunset because the colours are just incredible.


  2. All those food pic look so yummy!! <3

  3. Sweet_Cherry_Cola24 February 2012 at 06:28

    Love those pics!! I want that Laksa!!

  4. Mickey is really cute! Your selca photo is really pretty too - I love the lashes you're wearing in it ^^

    Thanks so much for following my blog btw! I hope you'll visit again soon :)

  5. Food pics made me hungry!!

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  6. That purple sky looks great indeed <3 Mickey is as always, adorable. And all that food!

  7. I love your eyes and lashes. Looks like you have some fun shopping with your mom and siblings. Those foods you posted looks very delicious. I would like to learn how to create a lasagna also. It's one of my favorite. =)

  8. Eva_Chic_Professional25 February 2012 at 01:51

    NIce pics! I especially love the lashes. Looks cute! And the food is making me hungry.

  9. Beautiful scenery photos! And haha those chip packets look awesome!

  10. the pink-purple sky is beautiful, but i was sad to find out that it's actually due to pollution! :(

  11. gosh you are so uber pretty. you have the loveliest skin and eyes! loving the spiked falsies from Ebay too haha. and yumm laksa, you're making me drool now :(

  12. LAKSA!!!!!!!! I'm still confused,where are you from? lol.

  13. love, love your circle lenses! what brand is it? enjoyed looking at the photos and that laksa sure looks yummy

  14. It's the Princess Mimi Chocolate brown ^_^
    Thanks for dropping by!

  15. I'm an ABC (Australian-born-Chinese/Vietnamese) ^_^

  16. Wow, you look so pretty in the contact lenses ^___^
    Those sky pictures are really pretty! The colors are so dreamy...
    The food looks amazing, so hungry :c


  17. Oh wow, the sky looked beautiful! All the food in here is making me so hungry ><

  18. I love the lashes you're wearing and your circle lens. :)

  19. Cool pics! The food looks so yummy, especially the laksa! You look sooo pretty with those lashes!!


Aww, thanks for your comment! I'll be replying or visiting your blog soon ^.^

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