Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Filler post 002- random pics [sort of image heavy] + Thank You for 50 followers

Egg faces~ my sis drew all of them except the moustache one on the far left, which is my own original design...it's kind of scary isn't it? 
These are cute ^^

While I was trying to arrange the eggs they all rolled over and then I was confronted with Angry Egg! 
Salt-water aquarium - we have 2 clown fish & 4 electric blue fish. Did you know that female clown fish are the dominant ones, and are bigger than the males? And if the female dies, the next biggest male will change gender! They never mentioned this in Finding Nemo...
Mickey lying on my lap. Look at my shirt - it looks like the tablecloths you'd find at an Italian restaurant, lol! 
Chinese New Year's decoration in our living room - taking them down tonight
Stuffed tofu and chillis (with mince beef filling), fishcakes, and meatballs - home-style cooking is the best ^^
My sister's umbrella. We had to walk to her school to buy her uniform - waited in line for an hour
One of the school hallways
Late night snack
These eBay falsies were ordered in Dec, and only just arrived - I thought they'd been lost in the mail.

Last week's Sunday Market's buys
These gift boxes were only $1 each! I bought 5 - they're a bit smaller than  tissue boxes, and I'm thinking of using them to store all my make-up, circle lenses etc

Went onto the Lolly Bus (an actual mini-bus, with candy coffers), paid $3 for a cup of candy~ the range wasn't great but I thought it'd be awkward to leave without buying anything

...and that's all the random pics on my camera, from the last week and a half - hope it wasn't too boring!

Take care, have a great day!
(Also, a quick thank you for 50+ followers <3)


  1. That fact about the clown fish is interesting. And I love all of your pictures. =)


  2. Wow so many awesome pictures!
    Your life looks so interesting and awesome :)
    haha, a wild angry egg appears!

  3. Congrats on the follower count. I hope you post pictures of you wearing those lashes, they look great!

  4. Cute, I love these random posts with a bunch of different pics! The eggs are so cute! And that Lolly Bus sounds awesome hahaha

  5. I did that to our eggs too! My mom got angry cos she thinks the ink will seep through and spoil the eggs -_- Those lashes are really bold and thick! I hate it when it takes forever for mail to come. Congrats on getting 50+ followers :D

  6. PS. Awarded you the Liebster blog award ! Yay :)

  7. new follower
    come and visit me on i love shopping

  8. Yep i found it so fascinating! Thank you ^^

  9. Haha, I'm a bit of a homebody so I try to look for interesting pics in the mundane stuff I do ^^
    Thanks for visiting!

  10. Thank you ^^
    I hope I can soon, I've been feeling a bit unmotivated with make-up lately, for some reason.

  11. Aww, too bad. My mum thought it was cute, but then we used the eggs straight away to make omelettes...
    I hate waiting too.
    Thanks ^^

  12. Drawing faces on the eggs is such a cute idea!! I love all of the expressions! OMG! WHAT?! Clown fishes can change gender? That's so crazyyy!!! And you have a crazy fish tank, it must be really hard to keep it clean and what not, we have gold fishes because they're so hardy and easy to care for hahaha

  13. I always draw faces on my eggs. :3

  14. This is such a fun post and the eggs are so adorable! xo akiko
    Style Imported

  15. The eggs were fun to play with, lol.
    Thanks for visiting ^^

  16. It's really fun isn't it? There are some really cool and ingenious ones all over the web~

  17. Haha it's mind boggling isn't it? But the fish can only change gender once, no take-backs XD
    Yeah it's hard to maintain the correct salt level and stuff! But having aquariums is my dad's hobby ^^

  18. Yep a Lolly Bus sounds cool but this one didn't have the lollies I like :(
    And yay! Thanks so much!

  19. those eggs are so cute! ^-^ and your doggy is adorable. my cat's name is Miki too lol.
    love the random snap shots ;)

  20. Thanks for visiting ^^
    I think the name Miki is incredibly cute!

  21. congrats on 50 followers!!! wow your puppy is so cute!!! when puppies are sleepy they are ultra adaorable!

    The Ugly Moments

  22. Thank you~
    Yeah playful puppies are cute, but sleepy puppies are even cuter!

  23. ahh cute egg faces :] following

  24. Thank you, I've visited your blog, and now following too ^^

  25. Awwww I love your blog! So cute! Definitely following you! <3


  26. Have you seen the range on the Lolly Bus now? it's huge

  27. Ooh, not recently. Will have to check it out sometime ^^


Aww, thanks for your comment! I'll be replying or visiting your blog soon ^.^

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