Sunday, 15 January 2012

Sunday Markets Bounty

Hi everyone, it was so hot last night that I couldn't sleep, so I got up earlier than usual this morning. Ended up going to the Sunday markets with my parents, and came home with some nice stuff. Mum must've been happy that I came with, because she bought 2 pairs of denim shorts and a top for me <3 

Or maybe she's just tired of me only wearing dresses lately! I'm a dress girl at heart, but when it's hot and sticky it's better to bum around in shorts and a thin cotton top. I only have one pair of shorts that I wear, so it's good to have a few more. 

They were brand new, and super cheap! Although a lot of the stalls are selling second-hand goods, there are a lot of boutique/small business sellers trying to get rid of extra stock. These denim shorts were $5.00 each, and there were so many cute styles to choose from tooI guess they're cheap cos they're from Thailand. They fit - but just barely. I've been a total slob lately, need to get out and exercise >_< 
The bleached pair has colourful stitched letters and zipper detail on one side, and the other pocket has a cute cherry fabric patch. The dark denim pair has a balloons motif <3

The white cotton top was $2, it's actually a plus-sized top but since it comes with a waist tie I got it anyway. It's kinda long though...

Lunch- chicken, tomatoes and cucumber in spicy Korean bbq sauce. Sooo yummy!

I think I'll go back to the markets next week because I saw this awesome tee shirt that I want to get. I couldn't decide if I wanted it, and then when I decided I did want it I couldn't be bothered walking all the way back to the stall. Yay for laziness! It'll serve me right if the seller isn't there next week...

So, thanks for reading, and have a happy Sunday ^^


  1. Sweet_Cherry_Cola16 January 2012 at 04:09

    Love the clothes! :D I wish the markets we have here were as good :/

  2. Those are a great find. I used to buy my clothes in thrift shops but nowadays I often do that because I'm busy with my work. Oh I love that white Top and it looks good on you because of your complexion. Hehe. Have a great day! =D

  3. Wow! How lucky!!! Those are really cute shorts & top.
    Chicken + sauce looks yummy! *O*
    Have a great day ^^

  4. Thanks. Usually the markets here aren't good, it all depends on timing. Sometimes there's lots of interesting sellers and sometimes there isn't.

  5. Shopping thrifty is pretty fun ^^
    Thanks, and have a lovely day!

  6. Yep, they were good buys.
    Thanks, have a lovely day!

  7. The shorts are very cute! I've been looking for cute shorts lately because I only have a couple of pairs in my closet :P I'm the opposite of you, I'm so not a dress girl so I always stick to jeans which I wear almost everyday :P The denim shorts are perfect cos they're cute and cheap! :D Your lunch looks delicious, I love almost any food from Korea :DD

  8. Wow those shorts are so cheap and cute! I need more shorts too XD

  9. Wow! The top was only $2? I'm jealous :o
    I'm also jealous that you found such cute and cheap clothing xD

  10. Charlotte's House18 January 2012 at 12:31

    Cool shorts :-)


Aww, thanks for your comment! I'll be replying or visiting your blog soon ^.^

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