Thursday, 26 January 2012

A silly tee shirt I actually want to wear...

A while back I blogged about stuff I bought at my local Sunday flea markets, and how there was a tee shirt I wanted to get. Well, I went back and got it. Normally tees are not my thing, especially funny print tees, but when I saw this I thought it was kinda fun and cute. 

Phở refers to the popular Vietnamese beef and noodle dish, which I really love. The 'app' buttons picture a bowl, a cow, noodles, and a pair of chopsticks - all the necessary components for this yummy dish!
I ended up buying one in black, and also a dark blue one for my sis ^^
And I also came home with these adorable patterned stockings for $3 each. Can't wait for the weather to get cooler so I can wear them.
These are my recent beauty buys. A exfoliator from Lush, called Angels on Bare Skin, and some moisturiser. The exfoliator was recommended by fellow blogger Hyaoka, from Tokyo Loves Colour. Will review this in a few weeks time.

Stuff I ate yesterday
 Garlic and butter seafood and noodles (don't worry, I didn't eat this whole bowl!)
Chilled peaches and custard, topped with vanilla ice-cream 

And finally, Mickey wants to wish everyone a Happy Australia Day! 

It's likely to be a scorcher today, so I'll be trying to keep cool. Take care, have a great day!


  1. Sweet_Cherry_Cola26 January 2012 at 07:00

    Omg the food looks amazing. And I'd totally wear that shirt.

  2. Haha that shirt is neat, I do love me a good bowl of pho on a cold day. And your pup is just an adorable little thing :) I love fluffy dogs.

  3. Yeah, it was really yummy :)
    Thank you ^^

  4. Your dog is so cute! I've always wanted a dog, but my mom wouldn't let me, haha.

  5. I like the Chinese New year food. Happy Aust day to you.

  6. yum food and nice stuff!! :) I like that noodles with shrimps!!

  7. Aw <3
    Such and adorable tee-shirt ^_^
    I love tee shirts with cute graphic designs on them, even though they're so expensive usually
    I'm so jealous you got those pretty stockings for only 3 dollars >_<

  8. Hehe, thanks.
    Aww, hopefully maybe one day you can get a dog~ they're great companions <3

  9. Thanks, yep the noodles were really yummy <3

  10. I thought the tee was quirky so I had to get it! And the stockings were a lucky find <3
    Thanks for your comment ^^

  11. Naw that top is adorable (and hilarious!) Also, Mickey is so cute! Happy Australia Day to Mickey too!

  12. oh the bowl of garlic and butter seafood noodles look so yummy
    & chilled peaches and custard with vanilla ice cream sounds delicious!
    you're making me hungry, haha

    & unlike you, you'd probably end up eating the whole bowl of noodles!! lol


  13. the ice cream sounds nice (: and the top ive seen before it jokes!
    CMPang x

  14. i loove that t-shirt! some of my friends have it:) so funny!


  15. omg that tshirt hilarious!! Wow $3 for stockings - so cheap!

  16. LOL at the shirt. I would wear it too xD
    The stockings are cute and sooo cheap... here they are sold for $10-$20
    Mickey is soooo cute ^^

  17. Yeah the stockings were a good buy ^^ I had to get them even though it's still summer here and I can't wear them yet.
    Thanks <3

  18. I was surprised they were so cheap! I just had to get them ^^

  19. Yep, they were really yummy ^^
    Lol I made myself hungry visiting your cute blog <3

  20. Thanks Nee, the humour in it really attracted me for some reason ^^

  21. I use a scrub from lush too! their products are so good!

  22. They'd look cute with dresses/skirts/shorts! ^.^
    It's winter here :/

  23. That shirt is so cute hahah! And the socks too, love the front bows! The food looks sooo delicious, the pasta is making me hungry!!

  24. This is my first Lush product, but I'm really liking how fresh and bright my face looks after using it <3

  25. I love pho! surprisingly we have tons of good vietnamese restaurants here in san diego!!!


Aww, thanks for your comment! I'll be replying or visiting your blog soon ^.^

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