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CIRCLE LENS REVIEW - EOS Candy Magic King Size Circle Browns (14.5mm)

EOS Candy Magic King Size Circle Browns
Bought for $25.90 AUD @
Medium brown with black limbal ring

 Candy Magic vs Angel Brown

This pair is very similar to the GEO Angel Browns, with tiny variations in pattern and colour. In fact I quite like this pair, and will probably repurchase these instead of the Angel Browns because I like the bigger diameter and lighter colour. 

COMFORT: I've experienced some dryness, so eyedrops would be recommended. I'd say these are not as comfortable as the Angel Browns, since they feel more drying. Otherwise the comfort and vision is fine. 3.5/5

DESIGN: Very similar to the Angel Browns. There is a thick black limbal ring for that dolly-eyed look, and dark speckles and spikes surrounding the iris to create more striking eyes. Though they can look unnatural depending on the lighting, there is no obvious pixelation. 4/5

COLOUR: In the vial the lenses look yellow-brown, and some of this colour does transfer onto my medium brown shade eyes. People with lighter coloured eyes may see a more radical eye colour change. I'm quite pleased with how the colour turns out in photos, they are more obvious than the Angel Browns. However in person, and in indoors lighting the colour is darker, and the design more subtle, which is a little disappointing. 4/5

Random pic! Nerd glasses! I borrowed these from my brother's room~ My falsies are way too long, so I can't wear these comfortably 0_o But you can see here how the lenses look almost yellow in this lighting.

ENLARGEMENT:I first started wearing circle lenses with 14mm diameters, but I'm much beginning to prefer diameters between 14.5 and 15mm. These lenses give noticeable enlargement and my eyes look bigger and more striking ^^ 4.5/5

TOTAL 16/20

Necklace~ Diva
Floral print dress~ Jay Jays
Chocolate ankle boots~ Temt

I like the randomness of this necklace! There was one with 'I love you', but I must've been feeling emo because I bought this one instead ^^

Well, hope the review was useful. Thanks for reading~ I'm gonna have my Sasa haul post up in a few days time, can't wait to show you the stuff I got <3

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  1. Thanks for the review! I love the ankle boots you have, and the necklace. I wholly expected it to read 'I Love You' but was surprised to see 'Hate' instead, but in a way it's funny like that!

  2. I want to buy cons too but this may be too dry for me :( thanks for the review :)

  3. Sweet_Cherry_Cola30 January 2012 at 22:08

    Super pretty!!! Love the dress as well!

  4. hi, nice blog.
    I am following you now - check mine blog if you like

  5. Your lenses are so pretty!
    They make your eyes look very doll like and sparkly :)
    Love your eye makeup in this review. You eyes look so big!

  6. lovely eyes~! and your outfit is really nice!! <3

  7. I love these lens.
    The color looks like a really nice golden brown.
    I think I may have to give these ones a try someday. :)

  8. You have such great cute dolly eyes ^__^
    Also love the floral dress you are wearing!!


  9. loveeeeeee your lashes! xxx

  10. Thankyou for your comment @my blog =) beautiful eyes & outfit! i am following you now, follow me back? =D xx

  11. Cute dress and boots!

  12. Thanks for reading and commenting ^^
    Yep, I think this necklace has more 'attitude' and it's a cute little detail~

  13. Thanks for reading and commenting ^^
    Yeah, it's a pity these feel a bit dry because I quite like the colour...

  14. Thank you ^^
    Lol, wish I didn't have to go through this much effort to have bigger eyes~
    But somehow I feel like my eyes look more bigger in pics than in real life, weird T_T

  15. Thanks for reading and commenting ^^

  16. Yep, the colour is quite nice, and not too unnatural ^^

  17. Thanks for following, now following yours too ^^

  18. Thank you ^^
    If only I didn't have to put in so much effort to have bigger eyes...

  19. You look so pretty! xo akiko

    Style Imported

  20. I have the geo angel browns and love them, these do look similar but I think I'll stick with the geo angels since I don't want anymore enlargement that 14mm.

    But those do give you such cute dollie eyes and you definitely can pull off the big nerd glasses, you look great in them! Cute OOTD , the floral mini dress is my type of dress and that necklace is wicked cute!

  21. Your outfit is so so so cute here! I love it! Hahahah and that necklace too! Totally unexpected! You look super cute with the contacts and lashes! Omg don't you hate it when you have lashes on or mascara and then go to a 3D movie and have to wear those 3D glasses but your lashes are hitting them!? UGH! I hate that, it is sooo uncomfy, which is why I have to plan my days when I watch 3D movies lol

  22. Your eyes are gorgeous! Is your contact lens case little piglets?

  23. Ah, good to see a new post from you girly:) Everyone keeps posting amazingly adorable circle lens reviews and I don't know what to choose for my next pair! hahaha. I must say you are terrific at applying those bottom false lashes though...I bought my first pair recently and it was horrible. haha. I really stink at applying. Which brand do you recommend?

  24. fashionandmore912 February 2012 at 21:25

    with these you look like a doll!

  25. Karina Dinda Rachmawati2 February 2012 at 21:58

    Great review dear, thanks for sharing :) I have this lens too ^^ Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog..

    Join my first giveaway, open internationally ˆ⌣ˆ click here.
    Karina Dinda R. ♥

  26. The angel browns are great for a natural look, super easy to wear with and without make-up.
    I'm just going after something more dolly ^^

    Thank you! I'm really into floral prints lately~

  27. Aww, thanks ^^
    I hate that I can't wear falsies with my glasses since I try to give my eyes a rest from contacts a couple days each week!

  28. Thank you~! I think these are hippo contact cases ^^

  29. I know, it's so hard to choose which lenses to buy, I want to try them all!
    Haha, I'm glad the lower lashes look okay, they are difficult to apply but practice makes perfect. I only started using them last Nov/Dec so I recommend practising as much as possible - add more lash glue because one or both of the ends tends to 'pop' back up up, use tweezers to help with precision, place them under the real lashes (and leave more space for eyeliner if you want a heavier make-up look).
    I recommend practising with the cheap Taiwan falsies from ebay (10 pairs for about $2-3). I just cut them up and experiment with different lengths along the lash line to see what suits.
    You can cut them up and apply them in 2 or 3 parts too~

  30. OMG! you're gorgeous! :D I love the lens!:D and your OFTD too!! <3

  31. Your makeup looks great!! I really like hoe these lenses look, I will definitely keep them in mind when it's time for me to repurchase my circle lenses.


  32. Thank you! These lenses are probably my 2nd fave pair right now, after my super nudy greys <3

  33. Ahhh great:) Sorry I hadn't responded till now, been super busy and juss now got around to updating my blog with a new post and reading what you wrote. haha. But yeah, I think you're right about the practice. I'll try the taiwan falsies and see if I can't get a little bit better before I buy the expensive ones:P Talk to you soon! <3

  34. Those are really nice! When you wear it ;)

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    Perhaps you can check it out. it's FREE ;)

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    p/s: Hopes my message is not annoying

  35. Xiang Jiao -- Pursiko11 March 2013 at 16:32

    Cute blog! I always want to wear circle lenses but I'm blind so I need prescription contacts instead!


Aww, thanks for your comment! I'll be replying or visiting your blog soon ^.^

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