Monday, 19 December 2011

A random post of randomness...

20 cents @ Coles! I guess not everyone can appreciate the 'unique' taste :) I bought 5 to hoard in the pantry.

Had to use up a $40 Big W gift voucher about to expire. I didn't find anything I wanted! So I got some Olay moisturiser for my grandma, some shampoo and these cheapie eye-shadows and lip gloss sets. The eye-shadows look quite good with 6 powder, and 6 cream shadows. The lip gloss set was a waste of money, none of them actually show any colour >_< I guess they're meant to be layered over lipstick.
The weather was beautiful today so I hung out in the backyard awhile. This is my dad's DIY koi fish pond <3
 Mickey looking cooly nonchalant in the summer breeze
My unicorn print dress <3

Probably going shopping tomorrow or Wednesday to finish my X-mas shopping. Next time I'll try getting everything online since I can't really stand the crowds. 

After a month of no online shopping I let myself buy a few things. One of the packages I'm expecting is from Sasa, which should be arriving within the next week or so. Also eyeing a few things from Cotton On's online store, but I'll be checking out their DFO stores first.

Not long till Christmas now! Hasn't the year just flown by?


  1. Cute post! I love weird flavored chips and food. >_< The koi fish pond looks so cool did it take long for your dad to make it? Oh and that dress looks awesome :D

  2. Cute dog! And I love your unicorn print dress :)
    Ps, The Koi fish pond looks too cool!

    And yes, 2011 just few right by. Can't wait for Christmas!

  3. @Confetti_hearts

    Thanks :) I think the pond took the better part of a weekend and he's spent the past few years improving, ie the landscaping, getting different plants, doing the water feature etc.

  4. Wow..ur dad did the fish pond?? That was so cool!!

  5. @Pinkbuble

    yeah, my dad's 2 main hobbies are plants and fish, and he's pretty into DIY stuff so it was a fun project to keep him busy :)

  6. Your dress is so cute! I love the color and print ;)

  7. The year has definitely flown by! Cute dog, btw :)


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