Thursday, 22 December 2011

Present Shopping + Circle Lens Order + Sasa haul

Okay, went shopping at Garden City yesterday, surprisingly parking was pretty good. But there were definitely crowds inside. Expecting lots of sales but actually nothing special, was kind of surprised since same time last year there were bargains galore. 

I bought a handbag from Equip and a summer nightie ($5!) from Cotton On Body for my mom, and scratchies for dad. I've already got Olay moisturiser for grandma, and two boxes Chinese medicine drink for grandpa. 

Went shopping at Harbourtown with mom and sis today - I didn't buy anything for myself, everything just looked so lacklustre T_T 

Did get 2 tees for my lil sis (took her to Jay Jays, sussed out which ones she liked and told her I'd take her to buy them when they're cheaper after X-mas, then snuck back to buy them while mom distracted her)

My order from icandystylelens arrived earlier this week (they're having a 50% off closing down sale!)

$14.00 per pair 

And my Sasa order arrived yesterday. Merry X-mas to Me! So quick... it came in 6 days and it was free expedited shipping. 
Too many lashes I know. But I was $6 under the limit for free shipping so I just tacked a few more pairs on :)
Of course, after I'd placed my order, the products out of stock that I wanted came back into stock !

On the other hand, that does give me a reason to shop again some time :)

I bought:
JEALOUSNESS. Comes with 8 different pairs 
 Cute looking lower lashes
 I got a bonus pair free :)
NOYL - party lashes, lower lashes 
 Double eyelid tape, medium and large. Never used these before but I hope I can figure it out

Two face products. I don't generally like to buy products for my skin online (aside from bb creams), but these had good reviews, and they don't seem to contain ingredients that worry me e.g mineral oil, fragrance, alcohol. Left: Sana Soya milk make-up base. Right: Naris Up oil control powder.
 Koji Spring Heart eyeliner

The packaging of all this stuff is so cute! 

Only a few more sleeps till X-mas! I hope everyone else's present shopping/preparations is going okay. 


  1. Love your haul! I especially like the ravenclaw shirt, and the lashes :). I love buying lashes because there are so many styles online. >_<

  2. wow thats a lot of lashes~ ^^ and the summer nightie looks so cute :)


Aww, thanks for your comment! I'll be replying or visiting your blog soon ^.^

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