Thursday, 15 December 2011

CIRCLE LENS REVIEW - GEO Super Nudy Grey XCH-625 (14.8mm)

 GEO Super Nudy Gray (XCH-625)
$21.90 AUD @
Dark grey lens with black limbal outer ring

indoors - front of window
 indoors lighting
 flash indoors

This is currently my top favourite coloured lens! I think it looks really pretty and dolly, and I will be definitely wearing these often. These make me want to try more grey coloured lenses. Highly recommended <3

No issue with comfort, as is the case regarding most GEO Medical's products. 4.5/5

In the contacts case the design looks really pretty and intricate. When worn it is no less pretty, even though the pixelated design becomes much less obvious. It looks like a speckled grey patterned lens on the iris. 4.5/5

The colour and pattern blends well with my dark brown eyes. The pupil hole is generous, yet the brown of my eye doesn't really show up in stark contrast against the grey, which I really like. The lenses look light grey in the vial, but on darker eyes will appear darker. Without the dark ring they would probably look almost natural! 4.5/5

Until I checked the vial I thought these were 15mm diameter lenses. They're very enlarging and give a cute dolly effect. I think I like the 14.8mm diameter over 15mm, despite the minuscule difference. In some pics I noticed a bit of the 'halo' effect, due to the bigger diameter, which is pretty cool. 4.5/5


Thanks for reading, have a great day ^^

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  1. Very pretty! I love grey lenses a lot :)

  2. The lenses look super pretty!

    Too bad I'm afraid of putting on contacts. One of my irrational fears. Anyway, I love your blog <3

  3. These lens look really nice on you. Gray is actually really suitable for Asians. I love gray lens, they are my favorite.

  4. i think these are amazing - you literally look like SUCH a doll! if i wasn't so scared to touch my eyes and put something in them - i would definitely try something like this. i want violet eyes! lol

  5. Very pretty, love it.

  6. pretty~! you have lovely eyes^^ <3 your eye makeup

  7. Between Super Angel Grey and Super Nudy Grey, which should you choose? I'm really torn between these two >,<

  8. Hi Lyn - personally for me I prefer the Super Nudy Greys! The Angel Greys have more of a obvious striking pattern if that's what you're looking for, while the super nudy's are less striking but more naturally pretty. The enlargement and the colour of both are pretty similar otherwise~ Hope this helps!


Aww, thanks for your comment! I'll be replying or visiting your blog soon ^.^

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