Friday, 2 December 2011

Circle Lens Review: GEO - Bambi Princess Mimi Chocolate Brown (15mm)

GEO Princess Mimi- Chocolate Brown
Red-brown with dark brown limbal ring
$23.90 AUD @

 Very intricate pattern and design

 Blends well with brown eyes, with 3 distinct shades
Indoors lighting- will look a little more reddish-brown in brighter lighting

As expected, a product designed and endorsed by popular Japanese model Tsubasa, these Chocolate Browns are a beautiful pair of circle lens. Personally, the red-brown colour is not quite what I'm looking for in a brown lens. They come off as more 'sexy' or 'alluring', rather than 'dolly' or 'cute' <-- but it probably depends on make-up too. I'm kinda simplistic with my make up looks (upper falsies, little eyeliner, face highlighter) so I'm yet to wear these lenses out of the house. Once I master more gyaru/dolly type make-up looks I'll be on my way XD

From the first time I wore them I had no issues with comfort at all. This was my first 15mm lens so I wondered if there would be discomfort, but there has been none. I think the quality is quite good. 4.5/5

I love the intricacy of the design. There are 3 distinctly different shades of brown- a dark, chocolate brown limbal ring with 'spikes', a red-brown speckled ring, and finally a yellow brown ring.They all blend nicely together with my dark brown eyes.

I highly recommend that they be worn with make-up. Eye-liner and falsies (top and bottom for best results) at the very least anyway. 

These lenses don't look natural in appearance, but that doesn't mean they're ugly. Depending on the make-up they will look either 'sexy' or 'dolly'. 

On the plus side, the design of these lenses don't look pixelated. 4.5/5

My biggest gripe about this lens (apart from the need for more make-up), is the reddish brown colour. I really wish there was more of the chocolate brown shade. It's not really an issue in indoors lighting, but under brighter lighting the lenses appear red-brown. Sometimes they make me think of vampires *0* 

I guess I'm just after a more doe-eyed, liquid brown colour? 3/5

At 15mm in diameter, these are noticeably enlarging on me. 4.5/5 

TOTAL: 16.5/20

Actually, recently I'm beginning to like these lenses a lot more! I think the more I improve my make-up application, the better they will look~

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  1. Very pretty! I used to wear colored contacts all the time until I got my lasik surgery. Now it's really hard to use my contacts which are plaino prescriptions. :/ ah well.

  2. Ah! Great photos for the circle lenses. I actually juss bought this kind. I am excited about how they will look on me:) Thanks for showing a review! I am now a follower! Check out my beauty blog at

    I'll have to check out some of your other circle lens reviews cause I'm looking for other pretty lenses to buy next:) Which are your favorite or what would you recommend?


  3. Thank you. Answered at your blog ^^

  4. Oh, thanks! Ya, I've been looking at the ones you mentioned. I've only had grey circle lenses one other time before and they looked almost blue which I wasn't too fond of:/ But I checked out the geo super nudy grey that you recommended and they look much nicer than I had imagined:) Thanks for the opinion! Visit you again soon^^

  5. Thanks for the great photos and the review :3 I always thought these lenses would be really vivid but I guess not that much. You look really dolly with these lenses and the enlargement seems to be really big on you c: I think they're really pretty and made for the gyaru look :D

    btw, I nominated you for The Versatile Blogger Award :D It would be nice if you'd check it out and post random facts about you , too~ ^~^* I think it would be really interesting to read a bit more about you :D Here's the link c:

  6. Thanks Mindy! These were definitely very enlarging on me, and they did need more noticeable makeup too, lol.

    Thank you for nominating me! I'll check it out now ^^

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    Enjoy and stay pretty :)


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