Thursday, 3 November 2011

Shopping update! + Random Ramblings

I went shopping with some old friends today, and my gosh, check out what I came home with!

Isn't it boot-i-ful? Haha, sorry for the corny joke- couldn't resist XD

These AMAZING peep-toe booties are from Forever New (one of my absolute fave stores to browse in, beautiful stuff but on the pricey end for a poor uni student such as I). What really caught my eye, aside from the lovely, attention-grabbing floral piece was the neutral, taupe colour. A great diversion from my usual black shoes. The best part? On sale for $34.95. The bestest best part? My friend bought them for me as a very belated birthday gift. So happy...

Of course we head to Dotti and what do I see? A very sweet pair of heels that I just couldn't resist. These were $29.95 so I snapped them up. Well, I have been pretty good lately- my clothes shopping has really decreased this year so I don't feel too bad about coming home with two pairs of shoes that are a teeny bit similar. 

 Very sweet details: floral cut-outs, lace-up ribbon and scalloped trim detailing.

There was also this really adorable floppy hat in orange-red that I really wanted but I restrained myself since I can't envision getting too much use out of it. It was $19.95 but if it drops further I will buy it :) At Sportsgirl there was this SUPER COOL mint green blazer that I just had to try on, and to my surprise it looked really nice. But at $110 it was way out of my budget. Will be keeping an eye out for sales time though. 

Also, it was my dad's birthday so after work I headed back to the shops with my younger sis and bro to buy a present. We bought a bucket of peanut M&M's and $20 worth of scratchies. Dad gave us each 1 or 2 to scratch but no big winners-did recoup $18 back through 4 ticket wins ranging from $4-6. Haha, I will go back and use this to buy more :D

Overall, a very busy, but fun day. Tomorrow I need to stuff sort out so I can get to selling some things I don't want any more on Ebay. TTFN.


  1. I love the first pair of shoes. The embellishment on the side is really pretty. Best of all, the color will go with a lot of your outfits.

  2. the first pair is BOOT-I-FUL :D

  3. The details on the first pair reminds me of cherry blossoms~

  4. I love the first pair of shoes.


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