Wednesday, 9 November 2011

More parcels+Shopping Haul+Random Ramblings (Pic heavy!)

I'm two days into my voluntary one month, no online-shopping ban, and two parcels arrived to tide me over till December. 

 Koji Spring Heart 03 Volume Up & 02 Natural Cute Lashes

 BB Creams! Skin79 Hot Pink Super plus & Etude Precious Mineral, shade #2
Plus free samples. Nice customer service :)

I went shopping at Harbourtown (a direct factory outlet shopping centre), with my Mom today. She wanted to start looking for a nice outfit for Christmas, and I was just tagging along, not really expecting to buy anything. But! Turns out this is the right time of the season to go bargain hunting. These are the things I came home with...

 Looks a bit Lolita doesn't it? It was $10 @ Temt, and Mom paid for this for me :)
 A knit sweater that looks a little like a poncho. I love it- looks perfect for a Mori-girl dress-up. $6.95 @ Valleygirl
 Yes, yes, ANOTHER pair of boots. I am boot obsessed. $6.95 @ Valleygirl- seriously though, where can you find shoes for the price of a MacDonald's meal?!
A lovely, ruffled blouse. $7.99 @ Chica Booti

My Mom got some jeans, a top, 2 cardigans, and some new underwear. It's a good haul, particularly since the last few times I went to Harbourtown, I came home with nothing. Haha, I know it sounds like I shop a lot, and that used to be true, but this year I've been pretty good. And these clothes are the only new clothes I've bought since June<- I used to shop pretty much every other week! See, I'm a good girl now :P 

I'm kinda scared though, without my little ebay purchases, and with uni over for the year, I now have a lot more leisure time, and I hope I don't fall back into shopping just for the sake of spending :( For me, the best strategy to minimise buying unnecessary stuff is to avoid it completely! So I'll try to keep myself busy by doing lots of blogging and reviews of the stuff I recently purchased.

I've got another circle lens review drafted, and I hope to do one on a bb cream soonish.

I'll leave this post with a random pic of my dog Mickey and a screenshot of my cute poupee avatar. 

*Poupeegirl is a Japan-based fashion community where users have an avatar to dress-up everyday. I credit this site for my decreased need to constantly buy things in real life, since I can satisfy my spending urge on pixelated items, using pretend currency instead! If you love playing dress-up and want to show off your real life clothes (upload photos for virtual currency), you might like this site. Right now the site is having a 'rose garden cafe' themed event! So cute <3


Click my avatar at my blog sidebar to check out the site if you're interested :) 


  1. WOW they are some insane bargains! Props to you for banning online shopping, I wish I had that willpower :) x

  2. awww again beautiful boots ! :)


Aww, thanks for your comment! I'll be replying or visiting your blog soon ^.^

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