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BB CREAM REVIEW: Etude House, Precious Mineral, Sheer Glowing Skin (#2)

*REVIEW RE-WRITTEN 03/05/2012*

This range has 4 different types:
#1 Sheer silky skin- for oily skin, and a fresh make-up look
#2 Sheer glowing skin- for dry skin, and a moist and glossy look
#3 Sheer flawless skin- for any skin & for redness and blemishes, high covering effect
#4 Sheer shiny skin (All Day Strong) - zero oiliness, bright skin tone

Just like many other bb creams Sheer glowing skin boasts UV protection (SPF30), anti-wrinkle properties, and whitening properties. In addition, this one claims to have a hypo-allergenic and oil-free formula (oil-free is almost always a selling point for me for many of my cosmetic purchases!). Quoted from the package, "Precious Mineral BB Cream promotes silky complexion and brightened look with pearl infused sheer coverage." 

  • the packaging falls in line with Etude's usual cute and 'princess-y' style packaging
  • the bb cream is packaged in a squeeze tube with a pump function, which has to be handled with care to ensure it doesn't squirt everywhere
  • 60 grams worth of product - overall value for money is excellent, as it takes me about 4-5 months to finish a tube

    Ingredients list - click to enlarge

  • nice consistency with a beige - yellow undertone
  • easy to apply with either fingers or foundation brush
  • buildable coverage - I just pat extra on problem areas rather than apply a second layer over the whole face
  • it does apply quite pale, but should adjust over a half hour or so
  • this bb cream gives a dewy finish - avoid if you have an oilier skin type
  • primer and finishing powder recommended - particularly during the hot summer as it may end up feeling 'sticky'

Beige-yellow undertone - the shade will darken slightly as it oxidates

    • coverage is fairly good, it reduces redness and scarring quite a bit, but not completely - I'd say it offers almost-medium coverage, despite the packaging's claim of 'sheer coverage'
    • it offers better coverage than my SKIN79 Oriental Gold & Hot Pink
    • avoid photo flash as the high SPF factor will give the face a ghostly white cast
    • lasting power is quite good for at least 6 hours
    • personally I get a number of comments on how fair and nice my skin looks when I wear this - I guess the pearl powder in the bb cream gives skin that luminous type of look?

    Up-close. Blemishes not totally hidden, but significantly reduced, skin looks even and smooth too.  
    Natural lighting

    • better than expected coverage
    • affordable and easily accessible on-line
    • makes skin look even and luminous
    • doesn't have that ashy/grey tone that some bb creams have

    • dewiness can lead to stickiness on the face in Summer - not recommended for oily skin
    • looks pearly and dewy in good lightings, but tends to look a bit darker in dimmer lightings

    Thanks for reading! I have more bb cream reviews under my Beauty Reviews page so feel free to take a look ^^


    1. I have the etude house BB in white tube. It's for oily skin, but it kind of accentuate my pores. x.x

      I might give the pink tube a go~

    2. Love your stripe dress, so cute!

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    3. lovely blog!:) i'm following you now, hope you like my blog too:)


    4. great review, love the striped dress xx

    5. Do u personally prefer Skin 79 or etude?

    6. @Pinkbuble

      Personally I really prefer the etude bb cream <3

    7. I didn't know this until recently but there is a color difference in the regular Etude House Precious Mineral and other one labeled "All Day Strong". I didn't even realize there were two versions of it^^

    8. Molly Littleford-Schacht14 April 2012 at 23:04

      Which seller on ebay did you get it from?? Im also in Australia and 2 weeks shipping sounds good!! ~

    9. Hi,
      I purchased this from idea_sellerkr

      alternatively you can try

      Hope this helps :)

    10. I love all your reviews... I also did a review but on #3 Sheer Flawless Skin.. check it out~~ ^^


    Aww, thanks for your comment! I'll be replying or visiting your blog soon ^.^

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