Saturday, 22 November 2014

Save the Children x Etude House - Make a Pink Wish Christmas Release 2014

Ahh, time flies fast. I can hardly fathom that it's time to introduce this year's Etude House Christmas collection again - I mean, it feels like I only blogged about last year's collection not so long ago! 

This year is a little different, with Etude House teaming up with the charity organisation Save the Children, for their Christmas collection. 

Make a Pink Wish is definitely a festive collection with it's primarily green, red, or gold packaging. And each purchase from the collection results in a 100W (equivalent of around USD $1) being donated to Save the Children (where the proceeds will go to primarily Africa I believe). 

There are no new products, but instead Make a Pink Wish is a festively repackaged collection of some popular Etude products. I think these would make lovely affordable Christmas gifts for friends, coworkers, and family. 

Image Source

First up we have a duo set of hand creams - these Make A Pink Wish Tree Bouquet Hand Creams are mini sized (25ml ea), which are perfect to carry around. Each set contains a   Rich Butter cream and a Rich Collagen variant, which makes them sound lovely for dry hands especially. 

Image Source
Image Source

You can also purchase the hand creams separately, in the full portion size of 100ml if you prefer. 

Image Source

This is the Petit Bijou Cotton Snow Body Set, which contains baby powder scented body wash and body lotion. These products contain Aloe Vera and Chamomil, as well as baby powder scent to soften skin and relieve stress. 

Image Source

This cute little lip care set contains three 3.5g lip balms in Cherry, Peach, and Strawberry scented variants. With three balms you can keep one in your handbag, one on your desk, and one at your makeup table ^^

Image Source

Next up is a skincare item - the Moistfull Collagen Cream, from Etude's popular Moistfull Collagen Skincare range, has been repackaged in tube format for this X-mas collection. 

Formulated with Boabab extract and marine collagen, this is a cream that provides hydration for bouncy skin. 

Image Source

Packaged in gold is the Moistfull Super Collagen Cream, for skin that needs a bit of an extra boost. Formulated with a 63% Super Collagen, this cream makes skin smooth and elastic. 

Image Source

And last but not least, the only makeup item in the collection. It's the repackaged Precious Mineral Any Cushion compact. 

Image Source

Available in two shades, the bb cushion offers all day radiant and moist skin. The formula brightens, controls sebum, evens out skin tone, and even has anti-wrinkle properties. 

If you're after gift ideas or stocking fillers, definitely check this collection out!

You can take a look at the collection at Cosmetic Love, though I'm sure more sites will be selling it soon. 

Thanks for reading! 

Do let me know what are your thoughts on this Christmas release ^.^

xoxo Tulip

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Thursday, 20 November 2014

Mizon's Snail Repair BB Cream

Hi Loves, I'm back with a bb cream review tonight~

Since discovering snail filtrate skincare, and because I was such a fan of Mizon's Snail Repair Cream, I decided to try the bb cream from the range too. I featured the Snail Repair BB Cream in my March Beauty Faves, but it's only now that I get around to reviewing it >.< 

Anyways, it's fairly affordable in my opinion - I got mine off Beautynetkorea, where it costs about USD $11.

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Loot of the Day - Priceline 40% Off Cosmetics Haul

Sooo, I just couldn't resist popping into Priceline since it was the final day of their 2 day 40% off all Cosmetics Sale >.< 

Although I kind of prefer their 40% off Skincare sales more, I decided to pop in anyway just to 'browse' and of course since Priceline is like a money sucking vortex, I somehow left the store with a slightly lighter wallet, LOL

Here's my haul!

Essence Silky Touch Blusher in Life's A Cherry ($5.10 --> $3.06) Australis Cray for Colour Lips crayon in Strawberry Shortcakes ($7.95--> $4.77) Face of Australia HD Liquid Eyeliner in Brown ($11.95 --> $7.17)  Essence Powder Brush ($6.15 --> $3.69) Models Prefer Angled Eyeliner Brush ($12.99 --> $7.79)

Total Before Discount: $44.14
Total After Discount: $26.48

I feel like I would've spent more if I had prepared beforehand, searching up reviews and such, but since I went in blind I was more hesitant about what to buy, so I guess I'm happy I was relatively restrained?

Anyways! This is just a short post, and I will have a Mizon BB Cream review up for you tomorrow ^.^

Thanks for reading! 

xoxo Tulip

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Sunday, 9 November 2014

Skinfood Black Sugar Perfect First Serum Review

Hey Cuties! Time to jump into another skincare review, this time with a Skinfood serum. It's been ages since I last did a Skinfood review I think. I have very little Skinfood products in my possesion for some reason, but because I read many good reviews on their Black Sugar Serum I decided to give it a go! 

The Black Sugar Perfect First Serum is part of Skinfood's Black Sugar skincare range, using Brazilian black sugar extract. 

It kind of has an obnoxious name, but Skinfood states that the serum is 'Perfect' as it has a number of incredible benefits. Not only does the serum help gently exfoliate dead skin cells away, it also hydrates, brightens, and increases skin resilience as well as fighting wrinkles. All in one single formula.

It is made of glass, and has a screw top lid

I must say I do very much like the packaging! It has a vintage look to it, though it really resembles a bbq sauce bottle to me :P 

Anyway, the serum is quite decently sized - bigger than a lot of other serums I've seen. But yes this bottle of serum lasted me about 5 months!

The small opening controls the amount of serum that comes out

The serum is one of those watery type formulas - it could be mistaken for toner water, but with slightly more gel-like slip in texture. It's colourless, but sometimes the formula crystalises into yellow tinged lumps on the outside of the bottle, which is interesting! 

Scent-wise there's a slightly sweet scent, and it absorbs into the skin very quickly due to it's watery texture.

It's cooling on the skin, and isn't gritty at all. It also doesn't leave my skin sticky afterwards, and I find that it helps my creams absorb better when I use this. There is some brightening to my skin complexion after using this, though not a huge difference in my opinion. I read a lot of reviews that praised this a lot, especially with brightening, but maybe because I already use a lot of brightening products I couldn't see a huge difference o.0

There is alcohol in the ingredients, but I never noticed any negative effects while I used it - it doesn't sting or dry out my skin at all. But, and I don't know if this is related to the alcohol or not, some creams made my skin itch a bit bit when applied over this serum. Maybe I applied the cream to soon after the serum, or maybe the something in the ingredients just don't gel, but luckily the serum is compatible with my main creams and other skincare. 

Overall I like this serum a lot, and have repurchased a second bottle as I like how hydrating this serum is, and how it gently exfoliates the skin too. My skin's also definitely smoother and hydrated with this in my skincare routine. 

If you are on the lookout for a multi all in one serum, rather than an intensive anti-ageing serum (which make up most of the serums on the market at the moment), then check this one out! 

Thanks for reading! 

xoxo Tulip

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Tuesday, 4 November 2014

EGLIPS JolieBéBé Lip Treatment and Lip Polish

Hi ya! I'm back with more EGLIPS reviews ^^

Last week I reviewed the primer and concealer, so today I have the lip polish and lip treatment to show you. 

Unlike the sleek and trendy packaging of the primer and concealer, these two products have a more girlie packaging instead, with its pastel blues and pinks. 

Both products come packaged in simple squeeze tubes, with a net weight of 15ml. 

The packaging looks slightly childish to me hehe

The JolieBéBé (Jolie Baby?) Lip Polish is essentially a 3 minute lip scrub, able to remove dead skin off the lips, while the addition of shea butter in the formula nourishes and moisturises. 

L-R: Lip Treatment, Lip Polish
Lip Polish spread out

The scrub comes out of the tube as a thick white paste, and once you apply it to the lips you can feel the graininess of the formula. After leaving the formula on the lips for 3 minutes, the lips become softer and then you can start exfoliating the lips to remove dead skin and loose flakes. 

It definitely made my lips feel softer after using it, but I wish it came in a bigger size as you use quite a fair amount to cover the lips in a thick layer - if you apply too little the scrub's not so effective. 

I also would've preferred a more grainy formula - this EGLIPS polish is more for not so dry lips I think. Having a more grainy formula or more bigger size of exfoliating beads would be more effective for the removal of more dry or flaky lips. 

As for the JolieBéBé Lip Treatment, it's described as a pudding gloss type lip treatment for smooth and moisturised lips. It contains shea butter and aloe, and essentially it's a glossy finish lip balm.

Texture wise, the treatment is thick and indeed does have a glossy feel and finish on the lips. It does feel very hydrating, but due to the thick texture it can feel a bit heavy and sticky too. But you can reduce this heavy sensation by using a more delicate touch with the application - I tend to squeeze the tube too hard and often end up with more gloss than needed :P

This gloss also looks great over lipsticks or tints! And you can have both a glossy finish as well as added hydration by layering this over lip products. 

Just a warning to be very careful not to get a taste of this lip treatment - I tried once and it was quite gag-worthy as it tastes like bad oil or grease T.T 

Both items are fairly inexpensive and decent for the price, though to be honest I'm not blown away by what I've experienced from this brand just yet. 

You can grab the lip treatment here, and the lip polish here, on Beautynetkorea if you want to check them out ^^

Thanks for reading lovelies <3 

xoxo Tulip

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*the product/s featured in this review was provided for review purposes - but opinions expressed are honest, and still 100% my own. For further information, please see my disclaimer & disclosure policy

Monday, 27 October 2014

Introducing EGLIPS - Multi Unique Primer and Multi Unique Concealer Review

Hiya lovelies! Hope you are all well ^^

Today I'm reviewing a few things from a Korean cosmetics brand called EGLIPS. Bit of an unusual name, huh? I wonder if it's pronounced as Egg-Lips or if it's a play on Eclipse with a 'g'?

Anyway, I believe EGLIPS is not so well known as a brand internationally, but Beautynetkorea stocks them, and kindly sent me a few items as they seem to be gaining a bit of popularity amongst Korean beauty bloggers as a budget friendly makeup brand.

Here I have the Multi Unique Primer and Multi Unique Concealer to show you~

Packaging wise, the concealer and primer look near identical with its sleek black packaging and bold white font. It kinda reminds me of NARS lippies hehe. The only way to differentiate between the primer and concealer is the teeny tiny font on the bottom of the tubes, or simply by taking the lids off. 

Etude House Giveaway + Instagram Winner Announcement

Hi Lovelies, 

Thanks to everyone who joined in my mini Etude House giveaway to commemorate my 3 year Blogversary :P

The winner has been generated, so congratulations to Arian! Please respond to the email I've sent you within the next 48 hours to claim the goodies ^^ 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

As for my Instagram giveaway, the lucky winner is @awesung13 ^^

Thanks again for all your support <3 I hope to bring you more kawaii giveaways soon! 

xoxo Tulip 

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