Sunday, 8 March 2015

Seoul-ful Travelling

Hello Lovelies! Just a quick update to let you know I'm on my way to the airport~

I'm going to Seoul for 6 days! Omg, this has been on my bucket list for many years and now I finally get to tick it off my list ^^

There won't be any blog updates while I'm travelling, however do keep an eye on my Instagram @kawaiibeautycorner for updates. At least I hope so anyways, I'm renting a WiFi egg so I should have internet access while I'm gone...

Chat to you soonish! 

xoxo Tulip 

Friday, 6 March 2015

5 Fave Lip Products For Spring/Summer

From L-R: CB Peachblow Lipstick #5, Etude House Dear My Blooming Lips Talk [Pink Talk] #015 , Etude House Fresh Cherry Tint #PK001 , Etude House Fresh Cherry Tint #PK002 , Benefit Benetint

With the warmer months of Spring and Summer slowly fading as we head into Autumn (well, those of us in the Southern hemisphere!) I'm starting to crave richer, deeper lip colours to suit the coming colder months. 

Before that though, let me show you the lip products I have been favouring this past Spring-Summer~

From L-R: CB Peachblow Lipstick #5, Etude House Dear MyBlooming Lips Talk [Pink Talk] #015, Etude House Fresh Cherry Tint # , Etude House Fresh Cherry Tint # , Benefit Benetint

As you can probably tell, I do tend to stick to pink shades, and it's lip tints that make up the majority of my faves. 

For day to day makeup I do like lip tints as they feel comfortable on the lips, take no time to apply, and suits my more natural and minimal makeup. I like both Etude tints on their own, and they work great used together for cute gradient lips, so they're both a staple in my handbag. 

Occasionally I want statement lips, and when I do I like to reach for vivid pink shades - I tend to gravitate towards similar shades of shocking pink - when I first got into makeup I would have never thought I could wear such shades! But nowadays these sorts of bright pinks make up a large majority of my lipstick collection :P

When you find something that works for you, you stick with it right? Lol. 

But I'm much less braver when it comes to exploring reds, nudes, baby pinks, or corals...I really like and want to wear these sorts too, but the few I have don't make me feel as confident as when I have a bright pink lippie on~ 

I guess I just need to keep searching for the right shades! 

Do you have any Spring/Summer lip faves lovelies? 

Thanks for reading! 

xoxo Tulip

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Sunday, 1 March 2015

February Beauty Faves

Avéne Thermal Spring Water Mist

I'm really obsessed with this Avéne mist at the moment! I bought a few while in Kuala Lumpur as it was more affordable than prices here in Aus (I wish I'd bought more!). It has a super fine mist that feels really cooling on the skin, which was great for battling the heat and humidity in Malaysia. 

Back home I've been using this in place of toner before I go to bed, using it to hydrate my skin before applying moisturiser, and my skin has been so soft and smooth recently. 

Definitely recommend this! 

Innisfree Waterproof Sunblock

I bought this to take with me to KL, and was super impressed with it when I started using it. I usually hate the greasy feel of sunblock, but this one didn't feel bad on the skin at all! 

It's creamy and moisturising for a sunblock, and it doesn't have any heaviness to it - it almost feels just like putting on lotion. It also doesn't ball up under makeup, and it doesn't leave a white cast on the skin either (as long as you don't apply too much at once). 

While it does have that trademark Innisfree herbal type scent, I personally don't mind it, but those who prefer unscented products might not like it. 

Innisfree Skinny Waterproof Mascara

Another Innisfree favourite! This mascara has a super skinny comb applicator, which is great for coating each lash - a lot of mascaras tend to clump my lashes together, but this one is able to separate and coat my lashes from root to tip. 

It's also super waterproof and smudge proof - I tested this while in Malaysia and it never smudged in the heat and humidity! It removes easily with waterproof eye makeup remover too. 

It's more of a natural daily mascara as it doesn't lengthen or volumise, but nevertheless I loved the smudgeproof formula! 

Yesstyle Brow Pencil

This is just a random no name brand (I think) brow pencil I bought off Yesstyle because it was pretty cheap, but I ended up liking it better than my normal Etude House pencil. 

Sadly it's not as long wearing as the Etude House pencil, but I like the shade better as it suits my hair colour better. 

Etude House Fresh Cherry Tint 

The EH Cherry Tints are my go to every day lip tints - I already have and love the two pink shades, and I decided to get the red too. 

The red shade is buildable, but already fairly pigmented at first application. It's not quite a true red - it has some pinky tone to it, but it's still a pretty colour. I have all three cherry tints on rotation in my handbag <3

What are your Februaury favourites, lovelies? 

Thanks for reading! 

xoxo Tulip

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Friday, 20 February 2015

Kuala Lumpur Travel Diary 2015: Wonderland Valley and French Village

After a few hours exploring the colourfully wacky Genting Highlands (blog post here), our driver took us down the mountainside and to an out of the way restaurant called Wonderland Valley. The scenery was so beautiful, with lots of lush greenery <3

Take a look! 

Such a pretty location! 
Where we sat - right next to a stream
Tranquil and pretty scenery
The bridge is wide enough for cars to travel across
An aquarium and koi fish pond
Cute stray kitty 
Fresh passionfruit juice - the juice itself is not very sweet, but the seeds pack a lot of punch as they are sour!
The tofu is so darn good in Malaysia I swear! No matter where I ate tofu, it was always delicious

After lunch we continued onto a French style village nearby. There were quite a lot of different attractions in that area, including Japanese botanical gardens, and a rabbit farm, but we only had time to visit the French Village. 

Here are the pics I took ^^

Mini-castle *o*
Pretty water feature with lush greenery
Entrance of the French Village
One very colourful horsey...
Ta-da, a French style village~
Love that shade of blue on that building
Pretty, pretty buildings
It looks so quaint and sweet
A wishing well
Just when you begin to think you're not in Malaysia, you see this mountainous scenery! 
So much pretty greenery - it's a nice place to relax
It was nice to just to walk and explore
Time to leave...

And that was how I spent one day of my two week holiday in Malaysia ^^

Malaysia Travel Diary: Genting Highlands
Malaysia Travel Diary: Melaka *coming soon*
Malaysia Travel Diary: Food Food Food *coming soon*
Malaysia Beauty Haul:  *coming soon*
Malaysia Fashion Haul: *coming soon*

More travel posts to come! But I think I'll be able to get back to beauty related posts next week, so it'll be a mix of travel and beauty posts~

Thanks for reading! 

xoxo Tulip

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Monday, 16 February 2015

Kuala Lumpur Travel Diary 2015: Genting Highlands

Hi Lovelies! Sorry I've been MIA - I got back from KL a week ago, but it's taken this long to prepare a blog post (guess I was still in holiday mode) T.T 

Anyways, this was my first trip back to KL (my mum's hometown) in 12 years *o*

It was really hot and humid, but the food was amazing and the shopping endless, lol. 

There will be more Malaysia related posts to come, but for now please enjoy the pictures I took when I went to Genting Highlands. 

Genting Highlands is about an hour's drive out of KL, up in the mountainside, and it's like a resort/theme park? There is an outdoors theme park which is under construction for another year yet, as well as an indoors theme park.

Beautiful lanterns and fairy lights display in the First World Resort foyer/entrance
Genting Highlands is popular with both young and old~
Hello Mr Superman ^^
All the interesting sights are found when you look up!
Lots of interesting eateries at Genting Highlands...
We went and rode on one of those cart things! There's lots of different styles to choose from - some with flashing lights :P
So many little details to look at - such as those gargoyle statues...
Little Big Ben? It's the entrance for Snowworld, and the casino is right next door. This casino is Malaysia's one and only legal casino *0* 
The Chinese New Year lanterns look so pretty strung up like this
Reminds me of Venice/gondola rides...or an imitation of Vegas' imitation of Venice :P
Sugarcane drink at one of the good! 

Gentings seemed a bit dated to me - there aren't many attractions for older people (asides from some shopping), but I guess since the outdoors park is under renovations it's less fun since that's where all the more thrilling rides are? 

We didn't stay long - went into the haunted mansion, rode one of the cable cart things, did a little bit of window shopping (I bought two hand mirrors), and then we were off to have lunch elsewhere, as well as visiting a French style village nearby. But I'll save the pics for the next photodiary post ^^

Thanks for reading! 

xoxo Tulip

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Friday, 23 January 2015

Packing for a holiday...

Hi lovelies! Sorry for not being very active lately - my internet's been very on/off these past days, plus I'm amidst some frantic packing, as I'm getting ready for a two week holiday ^.^ 

I will be in KL, hopefully doing nothing but eating and shopping, lol. I'm not much looking forward to the hot and humid weather, but I am very excited to check out stores and brands that aren't available here in Perth. 

For example Sephora - I predict I will be doing a lot of damage to my bank account there! I will be checking out TooFaced, Soap & Glory, NYX, Urban Decay, etc etc, which are brands not easily or not at all accessible back home :P

Then there's also Sasa, Watsons, Forever 21, and H&M, which I'm dying to check out too...

Ooh, and I can't forget Etude House! Very excited overall. 

Anywho, I'm having the hardest time deciding what *ahem* necessities to take...

Even though I am a beauty blogger and beauty addict, I had no idea my toiletries bag would actually turn out to be three bags? Oh boy. 

Looks like I need to go back and do some culling...

Blog-wise, I had planned to schedule some posts during my absence - unfortunately due to internet problems and general procrastination on my part (in favour of looking up places to go, eat, and shop) I haven't got enough materials to publish T.T

I don't know if I'll be able to update my blog during KL, but I will be trying to update my Instagram at @kawaiibeautycorner as much as I can (might be tricky as I'm staying with relatives, so I don't know what the wi-fi situation is >.< )

But yes, I hope you understand I may not be very active for a few weeks, but when I get back I'll have plenty of things to blog and review about <3

Chat to you later 

xoxo Tulip

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Thursday, 15 January 2015

Pretty in Pink - A Little Yesstyle Beauty Haul

Hi Lovelies! 

Just wanted to show you a little haul I recently ordered off Yesstyle ^^

If you take a close look, you may notice a certain theme? Well, yes most of the items are Etude House, but there's something else...

Do you know? Yup, all but one item is eye brows related! 

I am hating my brows so much at the moment - or rather the better word is struggling? I'm pretty bad at doing my brows, which is annoying because I need my brows to look great since I'm wearing minimal makeup looks lately. 

Out of the 7 days I do my brows, I'm probably only satisfied 3 out of 7 times. For some reason, every morning I do my brows, they tend to turn out differently shaped to the day/days before. It's kind of strange and kind of tragic, and I have no idea why it happens!

Ugh, but anyway, I figured maybe if I bought some brow related tools, it might help? 

I've seen this Etude House brow stencil floating around, and I finally decided to buy it since it's affordable, and since I'm not getting anywhere freestyling my brows :P

There are 3 different stencils in the kit - a natural curved, yet straight brow, a defined arched brow, and a very straight brow.

Although I like the very straight brow, I think the first stencil will suit my facial features the best. The stencil is made of floppy rubbery material, which is washable. You just line it up on your brow and fill in the shape with pencil or powder. 

Next up is the Etude House Flamingo Eyebrow Shaver. It is very cute how they made it look like a flamingo! I used to pluck, but not in recent years, as I found it discourages hair from growing back. Shaving is painless and quick, though you need to groom more often. 

The shaver looks kind of menacing now, lol. 

I've also heard that this type of shaver is good for creating a straighter eyebrow, which is my ultimate goal. I will see how the stencils go, and if it looks good, I may end up using the razor to straighten out my eyebrow arch 0.o

Real Like Eyebrow Pencil in brown was my next purchase. Truthfully I only bought it to get me over the limit for free shipping. 

I use Etude's brow pencil, but it might be good to try something new. This is slightly more expensive than the Etude pencil, and it has decent reviews on Yesstyle, so hopefully I'll like this.  

And lastly, for the non-brow related purchase - a packet of oil blotting paper~

I'm off to KL next week, so I expect I'll be needing this! 

I lost my other blotting papers, so I picked the Etude one as a replacement, because it's pink and cute :P 

So there we have it - my small, but pink and cute Yesstyle haul ^^

Thanks for reading. Are you good at doing your brows, lovelies? 

xoxo Tulip

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